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I love the teachers and the principal who work their.They have been very nice and the principal is always saying hi to you when he’s walking down the hall.The bad thing about this school is that their is a lot of cliques and not everyone gets along at this school.
This school is amazing and it has so many opportunities, I am so glad I went to this school. It has outstanding teachers and staff. Everyone who works there is super nice and very helpful. One huge thanks to the principal Loving he's just always there for everyone and he is always caring about all the staff and students.
I very much enjoyed attending Ridgeview High School. The education was as good as I could have hoped for, the facilities - even better. The teachers and faculty are very fun and easy to connect with. There were so many well-planned and entertaining events all year for students to have a well rounded high school experience.
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The teachers are so caring and enthusiastic. They make one class period go by so fast, and are always there to help the students!
I love Ridgeview's enthusiasm and passion. Our principle, Lee Loving, was named the state principal of the year for Oregon in 2019, which is a very suitable position for him. Mr. Loving truly makes Ridgeview High School a fantastic place to be. He does this thing at assemblies, and sporting events called the Raven Stomp, in which he gets all the students and faculty to stand on their feet. Altogether he leads us in continuous stomp that begins slow and gets progressively faster, shaking the gym and the bleachers. In the end, he counts us off, and we all yell RAVENS!!! Mr. Loving's Raven Stomp is such an amazing thing to see and experience at Ridgeview. It makes the sports teams feel supported, it gets the crowd excited, and it brings chills to everyone around, feeling the passion and enthusiasm that the Ridgeview Ravens have for their school.
Ridgeview is a great school with really helpful, hard-working staff. Its teachers, custodians, administrators, and other employees are invested in the future of the students and put in so much effort to see them succeed.
Most of the teachers care about you and your grades, attendance, and behavior. Our music and art programs are getting more involved in the school's community every year. Our science classes are relatively high tech because of our resources.
At Ridgeview High School, you can tell how much the staff and administration really cares about its students. They have built an environment that is less High School, and more College Advancement. I have never had a complaint about a teacher, as their hiring process includes extreme input from students. The only thing I would say they need to do better is equal funding for successful programs.
Ridgeview is a great school in almost every aspect. The teachers are some of the most caring and respectful, always wanting to see you succeed. Achievements both in sports and academics are a big part of the school culture. Students come from many different backgrounds which creates a welcoming atmosphere. The building itself is one of the best high schools out there and is sustainably built. Every single day you walk into a clean environment thanks to the custodians and everyone who helps out. This school offers a wide array of opportunities in terms of classes, clubs, and activities you can partake in. Overall exceptional school!
Overall my experience has been excellent, however I would like to see college searches starting earlier. It was my senior year before there was an emphasis on looking at colleges but by that time I already had my college figured out. It would have been nice to not be on my own for that process.
Ridgeview has been a great place for me to learn and grow as an individual. The teachers and faculty are wonderful most of the time and I feel welcome and supported in all of my classes.
My experience at Ridgeview was a time I will never forget. My first two years of high school were spent at Mountain View and although that was a good school, I've never felt so welcomed and appreciated until I switched to Ridgeview. The staff truly want the best for you and will do everything that they can to lead you in the direction that you want for your future. They also understand that everyone learns in different ways and at different paces and so all students have the opportunity to alter their schedule to their liking. The students are so involved with school and one thing I loved so much about Ridgeview is that everyone is included in any sport, club, group etc. We all support each other in any activity and that is what matters in any school. The support of students who come to school and try to make everyone's experience the best it could possibly be is exactly what high school should be about.
Overall pretty good, large diversity in teachers, most extremely Awesome, a few just want to see you burn. I wish College readiness was a class because that would have helped me very much.
When I think of Ridgeview High School, I think of a chance to embrace myself and one another. This school has never doubted my safety or my academic powers I contribute to my classes. The teachers are fulfilled with enjoyment each day, bring new information that motivates the class. My personal option, that is one of the most beautiful attributions a school could have, a teacher who is eager to teach, giving us motivation. But all great things have their weakness. Coming from a latino heritage, diversity and culture is very important to me and its something the school lacks. I would love to see people from around the world loving this school as much as I do.
Ridgeview is a great school to attend for high school. It has many options for extra curricular activities while still being a relatively small school (which studies have shown to be positively correlated with student success.)
Ridgeview does a great job on ensuring that students safety and learning always come first. Their staff members are very involved and passionate, bettering everyone’s learning experience.
Because Ridgeview is a newer school it provided me with several opportunities that I might not have had if I had gone to a different school. Most of the teachers I had were very supportive and wanted to help you with anything that they could. They loved their jobs and built mature relationships with the students that, for some classes, could help a student find their passions. It was always possible to find a teacher that was willing to help with homework even if it wasn't their teaching subject. I liked most of what happened at Ridgeview. They gave a lot of support to pursue academics after graduation. While that is a good thing it was also kind of suffocating at times. Sometimes it felt like the school was shoving college down kids throats. Which can cause some students to stress further about their futures. Supporting kids to go to college is good but forcing them into doing things they don't want to do isn't.
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Supportive teachers and vice principals. My counselor was key for assisting with college preparation.
Good for techy kids. If you want a more greenhouses-and-woodshop style school, go to Redmond High. Very nice, newer school, college and career center to get kids ready for college, not too many smart people though. Excellent technology and videography courses
I experienced a very effort filled staff. The activities and effort put into engaging students was great. Though it did not work amazingly, the effort was admirable. My classes had for the most part, caring and helpful teachers. I did in fact learn and had an above average experience.
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