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The close-knit community here is extremely welcoming and kind. The town is very small, so everyone knows everyone, and you're guaranteed to have the same teacher at least twice at some point, which is actually nice, as you form a tighter bond with them.
My experience at Ridgeview was amazing. I went to Ridgeview k-12 and loved every minute of it. The teaching staff is incredible for a small, rural school. The staff always made sure you were reaching your highest potential. I loved the atmosphere of the school and the positive energy that flowed through it each and everyday. Each day teachers were prepared to teach new lessons and provide new activities. Most students were prepared to learn and take in new information each and everyday. Clubs and activities were limited due to being a small school, but each club had many opportunities. Many of the opportunities included volunteer options and giving back to the community. At Ridgeview the club leaders lead by example and I think that is why Ridgeview becomes a better place each and every year.
When we moved into the area, we moved into this school district due to the system. Even though I may not agree with every move made by the district, overall and compared to area districts I feel Ridgeview is a standout.
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The after-school activities are fun because you can spend time with your friends.
This school was a great place to get an education. I enjoyed learning from the teachers and having some of the same classes with my friends. I'm not sure if I could do it all over again, but the memories that I made will last a long time.
The teachers at this school are willing to help students who are struggling with homework. They go above and beyond to find a solution and teachers are leaders, they lead students on the right path.
School is great. Teachers will help and it is lovely.
We are very highly with health.
If you want to be challenged you can.
We have spanish club, outdoor club, sports and more.
They all help us very much.
It is not the best but it is food.
We are starting to get better technology but we are getting there.
With any school you will have problems. Word gets around fast in a little school.
We have the basic sports that we can play. I feel like it would be nice to have more.
I always brought my lunch
Being a small school, the only sports offered are: football, basketball, track, baseball/softball, golf and cheerleading.
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This school has plenty of resources available for students.
All of my teachers were great - very knowledgeable! They made it fun to be in class.
I felt very safe at school.
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