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I really enjoyed my time here. While homework can be quite a bit at times, most teachers will help and listen to issues with both homework and any problems one may have. The community here is strong, and if one is willing to be involved in the events and clubs, the experience here is one that one will cherish for years to come. Ridgeview really does want to help and shape a person, and while it might not be the right school for some, it is for many, and I am proud to be a Hoplite!
There are a lot of things I love about Ridgeview, but there are also things that bother me. Most teachers are absolutely wonderful, but there are some, especially in the administration, who act very pretentiously. For a public charter school, they don't generally act the part. It is a very conservative and even religious establishment. Many students are not conservative nor religious, and they are looked down upon and argued with by faculty members. The mental health of students are low priority to the school. It is taboo in the "higher" Ridgeview community/administration. Mr Carpine seems to be one of the only admin on students' side. Students have to learn to stick together and to lean on each other in order to survive the school. With that being said, there are many great things about it. Most teachers are wonderful and take a personal interest in their students. Many courses are interesting, and I have learned much while attending. A word of warning though, it is not for everyone.
I have always loved the community that is at this school. Students are able to know their teachers and peers without trouble, which makes learning a lot easier. If there is ever a question, all the teachers are happy to answer to the best of their abilities. I especially like that the school has many clubs to choose from: Science Bowl to Writing, Math to Robotics...There is a club for almost any interest.
I think I would like to see the Ambassador Program change the most, though, because in the past there have been problems with the members being overbearing and uncourteous to fellow students. I would like to see the Ambassadors be the leaders they are supposed to be and models of the character pillars. I have faith that time will change it for the better.
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We have been very fortunate to have been at Ridgeview for the last five years. Our daughter has enjoyed all of her teachers, and has learned so much from being in their classes. We have benefited from the school as a family by learning Latin together, going to plays and musicals and madrigals, running adventure races, attending parent book groups, and so much more. It has changed all of our lives for the better and we can't imagine being anywhere else. The curriculum is substantive, there is very little busy work, our daughter is in art and music and martial arts. The teachers and administrators are open in their talks with students about character and morality, and we have meaningful conversations at the dinner table and on car rides as a result. It is a very full experience and we are grateful to be here.
Student load is too heavy (very hard to figure out for many kids, especially those who have not been attending since elementary)
Little understanding seems to be given for missing class due to health reasons unless you are a "faculty favorite". This obvious favoritism creates unfair advantages to certain students simply because they:
A) have been at the school longer
B) are deemed "smarter" or "better"
C) only live for schoolwork and recognition
D) have a good/unstressful home environment
Lack of mental health resources available to students who are struggling emotionally is pathetic.
I loved the small size and the unique experience of class discussions but almost everything else during my 4.5 years there was a disappointment. Overall, I think that more intentional measures need to be taken to incorporate the students who have not been a part of the "RCS experience" for as long, and that the faculty need to be better trained on how to properly handle mental health among students.
Though Ridgeview did provide me valuable public speaking skills and the ability to craft a sound essay, the workload went far above what should have been expected. It was an arduous four years. The Ridgeview experience should be undertaken by students who want to study through high school and have time to do little else.
There isn't a better school in northern Colorado for both academics and character development.

The school gives kids a challenge and teaches them how to think and hold intelligent discussions.

The teachers are amazing and since class size is under thirty, they know all their students.

Sports are available for middle school but not high school. However, the kids can and do participate in sports at other local high schools.

While the classical emphasis of the school sets it apart, the outdoor program is a completely unique experience. The amount of time the kids spend learning outdoor skills is something that you typically would only find in a scouting program.
Ridgeview Classical Schools is truly a classical school that enriches their students with great literature, excellent faculty, character development, and foundational principles in all subjects (including Latin, cursive, art, and music). It teaches the students to think, not what to think with teachers that are experts in their respective fields. The teachers are caring and passionate about teaching. The students truly thrive in a culturally rich environment with great works, planned curriculum and sequencing, safe facilities, and respectful administration, faculty and staff.
THIS SCHOOL IS MISERABLE. STUDENTS LIVE IN FEAR AND ANXIETY ALL THE TIME. While they are teaching really good things, so much is thrown at students in so little time that it is impossible to retain all of it or to enjoy learning. Bullying is also a huge issue. If a student is not on high honor roll they are thought of/called stupid, dumb and lazy. The faculty have this mindset where they are always expecting kids to be doing something wrong. Out of the tiny graduating senior classes, this school breeds depressed, anxious, burnt out individuals who think of themselves as bad kids since they got in trouble for literally everything anyone could possibly think could have a tiny bit of wrongness in it. This school is ok in middle school, but in high school it is a literal hellhole.
I received a fantastic education at Ridgeview, however I think the strain of receiving the education was too much for a minor.
This school is filled with passionate teachers who work hard every day to bring an excellent education to all of their students.
Furthermore, the school culture is rich and the students support each other and push themselves to be the best they can.
We recently enrolled our son in elementary school at Ridgeview after touring many schools and sitting in on many informational meetings. We are so happy with our choice. Teachers have gone out of their way to challenge and support him in all of his subjects. Art has been especially great. Our son would never take an interest in any sort of art or craft at home, but he has brought back so many great pieces of art. His most recent was an imitation of a Cezzane still life. It is so great to know that he is learning about art history in Kindergarten! We are so looking forward to having our daughter join him in the future.
This is a bizarre school. They use shame and humiliation as "discipline". The teachers spend all day overwhelming the kids with topics both outdated and completely unimportant. Every subject matter is taught at a level that's completely age-inappropriate. There is a ton of homework even in the lower grades. The elementary school kids are all HUGE as the school holds so many kids back. If your kid needs help they repeat the same info, louder, in smaller groups and with someone crabbier. I've never seen such stressed out and depressed children. SHAME ON THIS TERRIBLE SCHOOL! Do not buy their baloney about it being a great school. The kids who survive this abuse would excel anywhere. It's an overparenting nightmare.
It’s very academically focused and competitive. If you are a student looking to be honored for academic achievements, this is the school for you.
Ridgeview, while having a good education, I feel deters children from certain forms of expression. Certain teachers give the impression that they have the right answer and therefor the only way of thinking is theirs. While this is not all teachers it is some. With the past couple years there has been some problems and key teachers have left the school, being replaced by teachers that do not add to the ridgeview expirience.
RCS is a shame. The administration is characterized by abuse. The administration breaks protocol to convenience themselves. Failure committed by the administration is placed upon others. Favoritism runs rampant. Faculty training at RCS are not for improving teaching, but are ideological tests to weed out dissent. The freedom RCS boasts for teachers manifests as administrative lack of accountability. There are excellent teachers at RCS despite the administration. RCS’ administration has a warped view to teaching history. The administration creates unreachable idealized caricatures, rather than present individuals who did great services despite their faults.
Be aware of the recent purge of veteran faculty, suddenly deemed unfit. Some were bullied, some for hearsay, some left in reaction to the state of this school. Poor treatment is also placed upon the children. Nothing is done for the bullied and nothing is done to prevent bullying.
I was at Ridgeview for a year it was the worst year of my life some people say there is not bullying well I would disagree if you were new and nobody knew you its all bad news (I had 2 friends who went) I was still picked on for being slow and talking too much and for the groups its not like at public schools the popular people are nerds who look cool the smarter you are the cooler. one of my friend I made there had AS (Aspergers Syndrome not a disorder) he got made fun of by almost everybody and the teachers made fun of him for not doing well in school and they would do it in the middle of class. only a few teachers were kind and they all were fired or laid off this year, one of the substitutes was kind and all the others were angry and grumbled about everything my math teacher was sexist I am by my birth certificate a boy and she gave us weekly 10 page math sheet things and I got 90% every time but in the grade book I failed.
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It teaches a hands on approach to learning. It is demanding and rewarding. It gives you a solid background in Math and Science with a great balance of English and History. There are so many clubs to join you will find more than one you like. Great choir program too.
Ridgeview offers a well balanced and rigorous education. When I applied to college, I found that colleges took my application more seriously because I had come from Ridgeview. I am certain that my Ridgeview education is the reason I was able to participate in my college’s honors program and take advantage of a full-ride scholarship.
The administration is not open to any suggestions or criticism. There is an Us vs. PSD mentality that is unfounded. Most teachers are excellent. Children are given challenge. The homework load is excessive.
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