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What makes Ridgeline High School such an excellent school is its strength in every area. The teachers at Ridgeline are amazing and not only do they teach with passion, but they also care about each student individually. Because of this, Ridgeline is one of the top academic schools in the state of Utah. The sports at Ridgeline are also top of the state, and there is so much participation and support for each team. There are 31 clubs at Ridgeline High School, and each is greatly supported, enjoyable, and beneficial. Student Leadership at Ridgeline High School makes an effort to reach out to each student individually and to unite the school together as a whole. Because the student body is united together as one, the school spirit at Ridgeline High School is unparalleled. Ridgeline has no boundaries. There is no limit to the things that each student can accomplish, and Ridgeline High School provides the perfect environment for students to succeed and then go on to change the world.
It is amazing how nice everyone is to everyone else! I also love that the teachers and administration really care about the students and are helping them when they need it. When I missed a day all of my teachers instantly helped me figure out what I needed to do to catch up. Also the counselors are always willing to help with schedule changes or personal matters. I would love a bigger student parking lot and better parent pick up places. It just gets so congested.
Ridgeline has some amazing teachers and provides a safe learning environment. The design of the school is very open and full of light which is encouraging and creates a peaceful environment for the students.
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It was a new school. Totally new teachers and students and staff. It was clean and SO much fun! I was the first freshman class that went through and graduated all four years. That was incredible to be a part of. The students and staff were SO nice. I had just moved to Utah before my freshman year, and I made so many new friends because everyone was so nice to me. I loved the environment, the teachers, the support from everyone at the school. I liked how we got to define Ridgeline. We got to set the standards, win state, win region, cheer on our teams, and make our own history. Our administration was incredible, and did a great job taking care of all of us. If I could go back, I would. I loved it so much.
It is a great school! Ridgeline helps prepare students for future education through numerous programs offered in many areas such as science, math, music, and art. They also offer several clubs and extracurricular activities for all types of students so that every student at Ridgeline feels like they have a place at the school.
I love Ridgeline! We have an incredible student body and faculty. Our teachers are very informative and open to answering any questions you need.
I love Ridgeline High School! I have attended Ridgeline for the last 3 years of high school and have had an amazing experience. Ridgeline High School blends great academics with many opportunities to participate in various clubs and sports that help all students at Ridgeline feel like they are welcome and have a place. Ridgeline has one of the best student cultures ranging from our student section at games to the support of other organizations that in other schools would not get the recognition they deserve, such as the theater and robotics clubs. In conclusion, Ridgeline High School is an excellent school with a rich culture and definitely deserving of a 5 star rating.
I loved Ridgeline!!! Our school has the best school spirit and incredible unity! The teachers are amazing and the principal is awesome! I love going to Ridgeline and I never want to leave!!!
Most of the teachers, counselors, and administrators at Ridgeline High are very dedicated to creating the best learning environment for students as they can. They all care about their students very much, and they go above and beyond to make sure everyone feels safe in the classroom. A few teachers lack discipline, going off topic in the middle of lectures, and then test their students on material that the students never learned. But most teachers at Ridgeline High School do not do this. The student body is full of positive students, and as a student, you feel constantly supported by your fellow peers. The Student Body Officers and Class Officers provide fun opportunities for students to get involved in. Ridgeline High School is just an all around great school.
Great teachers and education but far too many pointless assemblies and activities we are forced to go to that take away from our learning and chance to get work done.
well my experience at Ridgeline was very much no less than amazing. Actually i really enjoyed every moment that I was there. It wasn't really all that easy, but it was good and enjoyable. The teachers and the students all very good.
I liked the class sizes and the AP classes, but I would like to see a change in rigor. I never felt challenged and I had to pile on the difficult classes in order to somewhat feel challenged. Our school was very good at sports and we almost always went to state in every sport. However, if you don’t play a sport you’re kind of left out. Some decided to do arts but every time the band, orchestra, or choir made an accomplishment it was never recognized like sports are.
The school is very invested in their students best interest and they do their absolute best to give them the best education and prepare them for their future
I have had a great experience at Ridgeline, a lot of the teachers are great, but like all schools there are few not so great ones. A lot of the teachers are passionate and care about the students. They have many after school programs to get students involved, a ton of different classes to assist you to figure out what you want to do beyond high school. I think the one thing they should change is to start representing the diverse population in the school. I am a latino student apart of a 10% diverse population and I rarely see someone of the same skin color on the announcements, on stage during assemblies, even on the student body. Overall I think this is a great school to attend to, it has got great teachers, classes and much more.
Ridgeline is awesome and it was an easy transition from middle school. I wish some bathrooms had paper towels though because the air dryers don’t dry your hands fast enough.
Ridgeline has an amazing education system with the highest overall test scores in the state. Teachers work overtime to aid the students not only in the present but in preparing for the future.
The atmosphere is really great at Ridgeline. I felt a connection from each of my teachers and it's easy to see the love the faculty has for the students. They offer many college credit classes and the food is delicious with many options to choose from and the student officers work really hard to make each student feel included. One thing I would change would be out school spirit. We always have a large student section at our sports events but it's hard to get everyone in on the cheers and I think if we could fix that we would feel a little more united.
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Terrible admin and no good to the students. Completely against fun and do not want anything but good grades to ensure pay. Teachers are kind but do not want to do anything outside of school. I love Wing and dislike Peterson.
It's a new school, and we've been able to build new traditions with our student body. The people and the school spirit that we share make school fun and exciting, and because we support each other, we feel supported.
I absolutely love Ridgeline High School. I moved to Logan, Utah the Summer before my Freshman year and I was so excited to attend a new high school. When I began attending this school, I immediately noticed the amazing atmosphere it had. After joining the cross country team, signing up for Key Club, and starting my classes, I felt so accepted. I was able to participate in learning from incredible teachers, make very good friends, and participate in organized service projects. The extracurricular activities, sports, and academic levels were exceedingly high. The administration and staff know what they’re doing, the maintenance crew keeps the school clean, inside and out, and the students are hardworking, diverse in talent, and enjoyable to be around. Over the years, I was elected to be on the Representatives council for my senior year. While working with my peers, teachers, and community, I have loved being at Ridgeline and I am so thankful that I could attend this high school.
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