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I meet a lot of cool people and teachers that I will cherish forever. Classes sometimes got kind of hard but that is because teachers expect a lot from you and they think you have the capacities to do it. It definitely motivated me to work harder and get to where I am today. Now looking back, I wouldn't change a thing and I am grateful for everything that happened that has led me to become successful.
The teachers really care about their students, and were always a big help. Also, the STEM department is very advanced.
My experience at Ridgefield Memorial High School is very good. Just like other schools, there's always room for improvement but the staff and teachers do their best to ready us for college.
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Ridgefield Memorial High School is a high-spirited, welcoming environment. Since it is a smaller school, you will have more interactive class time and really get to know all the teachers. Also, this school is musically talented as in terms of chorus and marching band. This school also incorporates classes with student with disability on the first floor, showing philanthropy by so they can receive equal opportunities of education and socialization. However, I feel that this school needs to add more AP classes or college level equivalent classes to help students reduce time and money on college credits.
Growing up in this town might make me bias to a certain degree, but being as transparent as possible, the school was subpar at best. However, that was only in terms of academics and college readiness. In my opinion the academics were not challenging enough for the students, and did not prepare me for college. On the flip side, the community was great, people are amazing and passionate and all in all great people.
Ridgefield Memorial is a wonderfully diverse school, filled with bright students with plenty of potential. A mix of races and people with different interests is something Ridgefield prides itself on. This brings people and culture together through the joy of learning. Clubs, sports, and music programs are heavily involved in Ridgefield Memorial's range of fun things to do. With my experience, I was glad to have it. Creating memories with my beloved friends and learning new things every day has caused me to have a deep appreciation for the school. Their staff is so welcoming and makes students and parents alike feel comfortable. There is no need to be shy of being unique there because Ridgefield welcomes all.
Although hearing that Ridgefield Memorial High School is bad, I personally don't think so. But, there are a few things I would like to see a few changes throughout the years. First would be the sports: there should be more sports than we have now. Second there should be senior trips. Most schools have a senior trip while our school does not (technically except the marching band/men & women choir).
I started my studies at Ridgefield Memorial High School as a junior, on October 2, 2018. The school provided me with all the tools necessary to improve my academic, and sports abilities. I was able to fit in very quickly and surpass all the obstacles presented to me as a new student thanks to the help and support of the staff and my new friendships I created. This was nothing but a very positive and frutefull experience.
My years at RMHS were great. I was especially inspired by my language arts teacher. Mr. Mac gave me the tools I needed to succeed in both reading and writing. His approach was to get the students interested in the topics for which he had no control over, because it was a common core curriculum. He related outdated materials or stories to current day.
It's not a bad school! I think as long as you try your best to succeed you can stand out and get into many good schools!
The school has a close-knit community in which everyone essentially knows everyone. The teachers are kind and genuinely want what is best for you. It is a very safe school, prioritizing safety above all else. The education is fairly good.
Ridgefield Memorial Highschool is a decent high school. It has some great teachers and excels in music & arts. However, I do not think it necessarily prepares students to be ready for college. Some of the classes that are offered, in my opinion, are useless.
Ridgefield Memorial High School's overall small class size allows students to be more interconnected with each other. The music program is phenomenal due to the great teachers. However, the school fails to effectively prepare students for college. Many teachers have a habit of holding the hands of their students through every assignment, which inhibits the students' ability to learn on their own. Teachers often tend to assign an excessive amount of homework, which can be counterintuitive at times. Aside from a few teachers, most fail to prepare students for the independence associated with college.
In addition, the school should implement free periods into students' schedules as they give students more independence and time to finish their assignments. Although some students may use this time to fool around, it is wrong to generalize this assumption to the entire student population.
small school with 122 students. honor classes prepare you for college. class size is about 25 students or less in each class. teachers there care about how you are with your school work. there are many honor and AP classes.
Ridgefield Memmorial Highschool is as the name provokes thought. Who are we? Moreover, Where are we? However dont let that fool you, I've been a Ridge field Memorial Student all my life I can couch for what the school has to offer. With that being said, the people are very friendly, the teachers get to know you as a person and not a number, and the faculty is reachable at all times.
One word to describe it is mediocre. The school gets the job done. Just do your work and the school does a solid job preparing you for college.
The high school was small and not too big. Students knew mostly everyone in their grade and/or other grades. The teachers were mostly proficient in teaching, with the exception of a few. The school provided resources to expand students' knowledges and to guide them in the right path for college.
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This school offers a variety of memorable staff and students. There has been no incident in which i did not feel that the environment/community was unsafe at all. Despite the schools shortcomings, members on the on-site staff are more than kind and offer much more beyond their services.
I would like to change the discipline system. Most students do things and get away with it and continue to ruin school property with no repercussions. However, everyone is friendly and since it is a small town, everyone knows everyone.
Like any other public high school, the food was absolutely terrible. It's a small school in a small town. My only qualm about this place is that I wish there were more courses offered whether that'd be an elective or an AP course.
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