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Ridgefield is a small school however it offers great teachers who are willing to teach anyone and make learning enjoyable. The location is lacking with nothing around it but North Salem.
Good classes, mix of great and okay teachers. Some passionate teachers really make the whole hs experience.
It was a very good school. There are many passionate teachers and students who help guide the learning experience.
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The teachers are all so passionate about their students and always give 110% of themselves in our experience! My daughter has grown so much since freshman year and I know RHS has planned a huge role in that!
Ridgefield High School has been a highly rigorous and motivating high school experience. As a junior, I feel that I have been thoroughly challenged by the classes I took over the past three years. With that, I feel that Ridgefield High School has offered a wide variety of courses and opportunities that are not at other high schools. My experiences with teachers has been incredible, and I find that they are extremely dedicated to their work and their students. Not only this, but the school has always been a fun place for students, offering a wide range of athletics, clubs, and other extra curriculars. Students are given many opportunities to get involved in not only the school, but in the greater community, especially through our highly selective National Honors Society. I have had a truly incredible experience at this high school, and I can't wait to hopefully return in the fall!
My experience at Ridgefield High School was great! There was a nice balance between sports, theater, and education. The teachers were kind and for the most part, very considerate.
This school definitely prepared me for college. The staff was hit or miss, however, they were mostly really nice and understanding. If you are looking for a diverse school this one is NOT for you. This school is a very good academic school and is very rigorous.
I am currently a senior at RHS. My overall experience was a rollercoaster, but the education I am coming out of the school with is unmatched. I feel prepared for my years outside of high school. There is hardly any diversity, the school is prominently white. The sports and school spirit is like the classic high school is portrayed, football, basketball, hockey, and baseball games are always packed with students. Many get involved with the girls sports as well.
Ridgefield High School does an excellent job at building a tight-knit community and fostering a lot of school spirit. Most teachers are very passionate about their jobs and invested in their students. Overall, I would say I have gotten a great education at Ridgefield High School, and I have had a lot of opportunities and experiences. However, on occasion, you may get a teacher who is really inadequate, and administration is often reluctant to respond in a way that makes the situation any better.
Ridgefield high school is a excellent school that pushes the kids to there max to do there best. It can be as rigorous or as laid back as you make it. Although in the completive atmosphere kids tend to make there schooling experience quite rigorous. Overall this school will prepare your quite well for college and will excel you above the other public high schools.
I enjoyed my years at Ridgefield High School very much. I enjoyed the after school activities such as the sports and clubs I have made many friends from those activities. Some teachers are easier to connect with than others. I have had a lot of fun experiences from sporting events, fundraisers, and club meetings. Some of the experiences that I enjoyed was the exchange program when I hosted an exchange student from Argentina and I am very excited to travel with my spanish teacher to other places to make a difference.
Great experience and teachers who definitely put time and investment into your personal growth and success. However, there was always a big divide between the really really good teachers and the decent and bad teachers. Also the college application process can be a bit cut-throat in Fairfield County but the school does do a good job of keeping your expectations realistic but again, it's hard not to get caught up in the hysteria of college applications here.
There are many activities to get involved, with clubs and sports for all students. Great teachers, who care for their students. High pressure for students to take AP classes and to go to a prestigious university. Teachers prepare students very well for college and life later on.
Education is good, the teachers are really hit-or-miss. Some are educators that I don't think I will ever find an equal to but some just sit behind a desk waving a stick at math problems all day. Also, the guidance department is a complete joke. They leave at noon or maybe earlier which means that students with afternoon free periods only can't meet with them until the next day or later.
The academics were really good (if you're on the right track), but the culture is pretty bad. Students are driven to the ground because they're pressured by the community to overextend themselves with APs and extracurriculars. Mental health takes a serious toll from this, and everyone just kind of swept that under the rug. If you're on the AP/Honors track you'll get good teachers and a solid educational experience, but otherwise you get worse teachers and fewer resources (which is arguably where they need them the most). It seemed like the special ed program was isolated, the only time the rest of the student body really saw kids in speced was when they were doing janitorial work like emptying garbage
I thought most of my high school teachers were great. RHS also has Chromebooks to check out which is very helpful. RHS also has a weight room available free for students. Another great quality about the school is the programs and events. One of the cons are the bathroom facilities disgusting conditions. Another problem with RHS is how the administration handles school issues.
Our overall experience as a family of 3 children who have gone through Ridgefield High School is mixed. Most of the teachers are highly qualified and provide a rigorous learning experience for their students. But that has come with an expense. The students are overburdened with homework. Today, with the competition to get into college students must be involved with after school activities, athletics, volunteering, and jobs. So when 2 hours or more of homework is added, the kids are stressed. They start their day at 7:25am and my children were usually not home until 12 or 13 hours later with after school sports practice and homework. There is very little diversity within the student body which limits their experience and understanding of other people other than themselves.
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I loved Ridgefield High School, and I I will always remember my high school years as some of the most important and memorable years in my life! Virtually all the faculty at RHS are so knowledgeable about the subjects they teach, and they are always willing to offer some help. For example, I had some trouble in math during my junior year at RHS, so I contacted my teacher and she offered for me to come in and see her for extra help, so I saw her a few times after school, and I got an A on the exam the next week! This is just one example of how caring the RHS faculty was, and still is! The faculty—and truthfully, everyone at the school—just cares so much about the environment and everything they are doing, and it really is a wonderful place. The only thing I wish were better is the food. During my four years, the food seemed to get progressively worse. I believe this was due to budget cuts, but the food was just not very good by my senior year. Overall, though, RHS was just great!
Ridgefield High School is similar to the town of Ridgefield. Wealth is seen and displayed everywhere, which could lead to those with less money feeling slightly excluded or ostracized. For the most part, there are standard high school cliques, and those who don't follow every trend are sometimes dubbed "weird." The lack of diversity is also extremely apparent. Despite these negatives, there are many positive things about the school and students. Spirit is relatively high, and the athletics and academics are amazing. Half of the student body participates in a sport, and almost 30% take an AP class at some point in their 4 years. Most of the teachers are extremely competent, and those who aren't, still get the job done. The school does what it is supposed to, and prepares its students well beyond average to be ready for a 4 year school after graduation.
Overall a good high school. The only reason I knock it down two stars is it's lack of diversity and indulgence to helicopter parenting. It gives kids a good foundation but expects too much and can be out of touch. But what highschool isnt guilty of this.
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