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Rider High school is located in Wichita Falls Texas and provides their students with a great place to learn and strive in academic areas. Rider has a wide variety of classes and offers dual credit and AP classes for those interested in getting a head start. There are many different clubs and activities for everyone to be involved in and there is a large diversity of kids. Everyone feels welcomed and the teacher are very helpful. The administration is very friendly and helpful.
They honestly need to get better certified teachers for certain subjects (such as those who are not coaches). You also should not be afraid to ask a teacher a question, you shouldn't feel tense in their presence. Some of them are very hypocritical in their teachings. Also, during corona, their sanitation is poor and online students are at a great disadvantage. The counselors are kind but expect your parents to get called for every single little mistake that is caught through Go Guardian & Gaggle (which monitor students' activities online). And if there is some sort of harassment report that you file, it will only go so far.
I enjoyed my time here. There were a lot of extra activities to do and the teachers all seemed to care.
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The school is only as good as you make it. If you wish to be an academic scholar, for example, they definitely have the courses to make it possible; however, dedication to your studies is very much needed as well since there are some teachers not as adept at teaching as they should be. That being said, there are also many teachers that are capable of not only creating a excellent learning environment, but making friends with the students. The lunch is about as average as it gets. The safety is above average, with one or two police officers, locked doors, and only being able to enter through the front doors. The racial diversity is also limited. There are more than a couple clubs, enough for anybody in the school to fit into at least one of them.
The school spirit surrounding the Rivalry Rider currently has with Old High always brings the community together. However, the school's physical conditions could use more sanitizing and rebuilding.
I've only been here for a year, but I've already been given so many opportunities! Most teachers genuinely care about you and you learning, rather than just tests. Everyone is super invested in sports, and our band is successful as well.
The school has excellent teachers that are really committed to helping their students. The faculty is understanding and that helps build a connection with students.
It was alright. The school culture was good but poor facility and weak college readiness. Overall not the best.
I’ve attended rider highschool for 3 years, and these are my opinions of what this school had to offer
My experience was okay. I made the mistake of not participating in any school activities which made it hard for me to become social and involved! Overall my time was well spent on grades and just trying to better myself for the future I want. The only issue I had was that it took until my senior year to actually figure out what I want to pursue for college! I didn’t know my school offered classes for it either!
Classmates and teachers were friendly. Overall a learning experience on how to treat others with respect and how to make good friends. Softball and PALS was very enjoyable for me. Great 4 years where I learned a ton about who I wanted to become and what I enjoyed doing in life.
Trifling amount of hallway traffic. Some teachers are absolutely exceptional, yet a select few believe they have all the power, allowing themselves and their offspring to harass fellow peers. It's disappointing that though many have made deliberate attempts to reach higher ups, their concerns were ignored.
Rider high school is a good school with diverse teachers who care about their students. the teachers always want to see their students succeed through school. They are always willing to help you if there is a problem that you are dealing with.
Rider has been great! I moved there my junior year and have been very pleased. All of the teachers will put in effort to make sure you are learning and want you to be successful. Administration is a little... extra?
It's been a great experience and a blessing to have been able to attend this school right after moving from a new country. It is well organized and you're made to feel comfortable.
I love rider for many reasons. I could type them all out but I think they can be classified through tradition, education, and preparation.
Rider high school isn’t a terrible school. This school is very old and things are slowly falling apart. I feel like with a remodel or a new start this school could blossom tremendously. My experience was normal nothing special.
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I have had a very good experience throughout my time at Rider. I made marching band as a freshman, started varsity soccer as a freshman and have participated in many group activities. I am a member of the PALS group as well as a member of the Principals leadership team. I help work with the special needs kids and go to the elementary schools to read to the younger children. I can say that I have had many good experiences and grown as a person. I would also like to include that I have taken AP classes and started earning my college credits.
I enjoy most of my classes but I am forced to take a few classes that are completely unnecessary to achieve my goal in life. Also some of the teachers are mean
It’s not the best, I find the rules are more towards the woman in this school and that the men can do and wear whatever they want. I also think the teaching has lowered, the teachers don’t care enough to really help us learn.
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