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My experience was one of a kind because of the navy structure and the fact it was a small school. Being in a navy school means I was able to wear uniforms and have standards to uphold. This made me grow more responsible over time, I learned how to maintain my appearance, be responsible for the things I own and what I need. The size of the school also affected how everyone got along with each other. My school has around 500 students, what this meant for me and all of my classmates was that we were able to get along well. In this school it is easy to know one another which made a great school to make friends and a safe one as well. I love my time in this school I was capable of feeling in a confortable space and a growing one. Here is where I took a class which forced me to bring the best of me and to grow academically. This class was AP Language and Composition which had led to me to many long nights of studying, but in the end it was worth the skills I had gained.
Rickover Naval Academy's staffing is truly so caring and friendly for their students. Administration works hard to know its students and so forth.
Overall, it is such an amazing school which offers many opportunities to take a part of leadership and better themselves. Offering many courses to the students as well as a loving community and a welcoming school staff.
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It's a great school if you are into the military the structure. We have formation and military activity throughout the school year weather it me academically or physically. The staff and teachers are very thoughtful and involved in the students life.
I attended Rickover Naval Academy in 2012-2016. I was able to travel to 12 different states with Rickover, I was also able to visit many monuments. All of this for FREE. This school has many opportunities for the students to take advantage of- the student just has to show an interest of getting involved. On regards the school only has two counselors who help with college ready-ness, last I checked.
I loved that they had free uniforms and that the teachers were all great. I had really great high school experience here.
I have been going to Rickover since my freshman year, and boy was it a ride. Most people are friendly and are willing to be your friend, we even have seniors going out of their way to make sure underclassman's feel welcomed. The teachers are accommodating and willing to help you with any questions, and you could easily build a strong relationships with the staff because they are caring and friendly. The counselors are a major help and always makes sure their students are on schedule and making the right choices. There are many clubs students can participate, and if there is not anything that seems to their liking, they can always make a recommendation to the administration to include it into the schools programs. They are a bit strict on student privileges and they are not as fair to certain students when it comes to rules and regulations. Nut overall, Rickover is a great place to go if you are looking for more homely place.
Rickover Naval Academy is a very small school full of great opportunities for everyone. The teachers and counselors really do care about the students and the education they are given. The classrooms aren't full of 30 to 40 students which makes it easy to focus in call and get your learning on. I'm glad I made the decision to attend this school because not only am I disciplined, but I can consider myself a leader because that's what this school wants, all of of to lead from the front in the real world.
Great school and staff. The staff is very involved with the students and available to them anytime. Highly recommend this school
I liked the leadership opportunities that were given the students, but the school needs a little more diversity.
Rickover Naval Academy is an NJROTC military school for those that are interested in a program that can give your life structure and good benefits if you were to be interested in following a career in the military, but also as a student the small then average school size allows you to meet almost everyone in the four years that you will be attending the school.
Rickover provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and readiness for college.
So far this school has been good to me. The teachers provide us with lots of help and the school in general provided many opportunities for students.
I generally enjoyed the amount of diversity in the school. However, I wished that tutoring could of been more of an option instead of being scared to ask. Sometimes students need a little more help.
My highschool experience at Rickover Naval Academy was one that I can say I could not get anywhere else. From the faculty to the staff to the students and the alumni, my time spent there was enjoyable. Being a small school, it was easy to find balance and feel at home.
My experience at Rickover Naval Academy was probably one of the best because, I looked to join clubs and sports teams. My four years that I spent there I was always actively involved and the coaches and teachers are always glad to help you out.
I spent all my four years at Rickover Naval Academy. In my opinion, that school is different from other Cps schools due to the military format and authority. Rickover is based on leadership and we give the students to have certain leadership positions dealing with military based instructions. Apart from that, this school has been a great experience for myself and my peers.
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What I liked about Rickover was that it was a small high school that offered a lot of activities and it gave me the opportunities to travel even out of the country. The school helped me mature in a way I never thought I would ever see myself.
In Rickover Naval Academy I have learned many leadership skills and have developed more confidence. Trough out the years I have learned from my mistakes have made better choices. This high school has disciplined me in various ways and now I am more comfortable in making smart choices. Also, I have developed myself into a more independent human being. Majority of the time I take my own chances and hope for the best results. I learned that everything is possible if we just put more than 100% effort, instead we should put 110% effort. This high school is also preparing me for the real world, a lesson that I learned is being on time is considered late and being there early is considered on time. Physically I have built muscles and more stamina. I am now a better athlete and currently I am the boys varsity volleyball captain. I have also developed leadership skills and have played the role of a leader in my school.
Having been at Rickover Naval Academy for almost 4 whole schopl years now has been an exciting experience. I went into that school on hopes of being able to break out of my shell a bit. Gladly , that did end up happening. Little by little i was able to face my fear of publicly speaking and speaking louder than I should when asked a question at any given time. It's a school where a lot of discipline is given and although I wi it wont completely change you into becoming a perfect invidual it will change you into becoming better than what you were a couple years ago. Academically there is a lot of help pffered to students. The students will be able to get a lot of one on one with teachers when needed. The one thing I will say I hope to see a change in after I've already graduated are the coaches who coach the sports at that school. We stand very low in our division against other schools.
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