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What I liked most about my school is the administration, teachers, and staff all were amazing to get along with. The students here are all great to get along with as well. My school years so far has been full of amazing experiences. I have been involved with the National Honors Society, the Student Government Association, ULM TRIO Male Mentoring group, and the Chase Leadership Academy. All my classes I have been able to excel in. My school has been an integral part of getting me ready for my future. I would recommend this school to anyone considering to go here. I am a proud Richwood High School Ram.
I love how close the teachers and students are it's amazing how much they care. All the clubs and activities are open to all the students. They care about us going on to do great things in life they prepare us and encourage the whole way.
for a person who change schools so much and almost every time experience things i didn’t like , i actually liked richwood everything was soo calm and relaxing i didn’t really complain about going to school the only thing i didn’t like was some of the dress code rules but other than that it was okay
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I have enjoyed my year here at Richwood. I have encountered some great teachers and staff. They have taught me many things that I am sure I may use next year once I start my college career.
Richwood is a predominantly black school. There is plenty if drama but this school is like home. Everybody is family there. This school is somewhere where you can be yourself with out being judged. Though the teachers and faculty may be a little rude they mean well and push you to do your best.
Richwood will go above and beyond in order to make sure the kids who have joked about school have another chance in actually being able to get their work done. However, the school is more about passing, rather than learning. It is vocationally inclined. The turnover for employment over the course of two years has been relatively massive, the students feel like prisoners due to the lack of relative freedom the school used to have, and there is almost no diversity due to the mapping of the school zone and where the school is located.

The school is effectively segregated. There needs to be more integration and more funding. The school is neglected and more attention is needed. As academics go, they are in decent shape. As far as other demographics, you can immediately tell that there is a problem, and nothing is being done about it. there is a "keep it under the desk" mentality between the upper echelon and the local education board.
I have been at Richwood for 4 Years and it is one of the best schools that anybody could attend. Me being a senior with the class of 2018. I know that the upcoming seniors will have a blast.
I actually hated this school. The teachers really didn’t care much. They only cared when they were forced to give us work. The school did have good programs such as nursing, dental, and music. Other than that the adults around the school did not care. They allow kids to run the school and run the teachers. They would suspended kids for 5 days just for a phone. The administration would always have attitudes about everything and never wanted to help parents and students. They would also discuss personal things about students which is very unprofessional. The overall school was horrible and I only attended for two years.
Richwood High School is a wonderful school the attend in Northeast Louisiana. The teachers 👨‍🏫 would help you if have problems in or out of school. In my opinion I would call it a “second home”. Growing in a single parent household the male teachers, administrators.
I like that Richwood offers classes that allow you to get a job right after graduation or during the school year.
My experience at Richwood High School is of nothing but pure joy! The teachers really care about us and our education. If their is something we don't understand, they'll teach to the best of their ability and even beyond until we fully understand what is being taught. They never overlook the students that work really hard and make excellent grades and have great conduct. Richwood is a race welcoming school, although we're a predominantly black HBHS. Our sport teams is amazing! Our school spirit is high and can even be called excessive. I love my school! I'm looking forward to the rest of my years there.
My experience at Richwood High school was amazing. Everyone is friendly and super helpful. If you need anything , the administrators is there to assist you. There are tons of events that you can attend.
I liked that RHS challenged and exposed students to community resources according to their needs. RHS also continue to grow and offers more opportunities to expand our minds by improving school standards and subjects.
I would like to see more parent involvements.
My experience at Richwood High school has been a great significance! I love the learning environment and all the great teachers we have here helping us to thrive in our education. At Richwood, we learn how to prepare ourselves for the real world. Our Principles and teachers go out of there way to provide tremendous resources that would help us in the future. Here at Richwood High School,we have a Career building that provides a various amounts of career paths to choose from such as cosmetology,dentistry, welding etc. Richwood is one of the most motivating schools I have attended so far and I am proud to be a senior at The Richwood High School!
RIchwood High School has the potential to be a great school. The things I would like to see change would be the administrative and football coaching staff. Also their cafeteria needs improving and the way the "top" people treat their staff.
Richwood High School is not one of the best schools in the district but it is an ok school. The teachers teach you everything you need to know except things about the real world. The faculty and staff are not really helpful. This is not a school I would recommend but I have no choice but to attend the school.
What I like about my high experience are the things I got to learn, see, understand, band, pep rally, sports, drama club, teachers, and honors breakfast. I like these things because they were the best part of my high school experience and sometimes the food and administration too. But what I would like to see changed is the food menu, more pep rallies, kids leaving off campus to get food just in case they don't eat the other food that is cooked. And that is it.
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Our academics are good, they could be better.
Richwood High is a predominately Black establishment. Some of my classmates and I refer to our school as an HBHS ( Historically Black High School )
Richwood High offers a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities. Each organization serves a different type of person, meaning, everyone can do something.
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