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Richwood High school has had a difficult run. In 2016 the town of Richwood was flooded. When the flood hit, it ruined many business and building through out the town. One of these buildings was our high school. We were then put into pods and I have attended my entire high school years in these small building. Through out my four years of high school I have learned many things. One of these things is to try your hardest and never give up. Richwood has taught me that no matter the circumstances, you always push through and be the best you can be.
The experience at Richwood is pretty good. Everyone gets along the teachers are amazing and they help you understand things one on one if needed. Honestly in my opinion nothing really needs to change.
Not the worst place to be, after the flood and having to transfer location there are some troubles. To no fault of the school.
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My four years at Richwood High School have been a blessing. Our school got destroyed in a flood back in 2016 so i started my freshman year out by going in pods. (which is basically just a mini trailer park) They promised we would be out of the pods by the time we graduated. Well it’s my senior year and we’re still going to school in pods.

Even though these past four years of High School has throwing us many curve balls, we’ve still made the best out of it. The staff at Richwood High School are amazing. The students well I guess they’re some what okay too! Who am i kidding? I love most of my fellow classmates. We’ve made the most of our four years. And even though not having a normal High School got rough at times we still made the most out of it!
Richwood High School is a very average school. I feel like I haven't gotten any opportunity options: academically and through sports.
Richwood high school has some of the most devoted teachers. If a student is struggling they’ll be sure they aren’t left behind.
I absolutely loved going here and miss it horribly. The teachers were so caring and didn't want anyone to fail. I was in their band and I made so many friends it's crazy. All the teachers are nice and I really do wish I could do my high school career.
It will be much better when they get the news school built. My junior and senior year we attended the pods, due to the flood that destroyed Richwood High school and middle school.
The school had potential to go somewhere and be something, but the faculty and staff never motivated anything. The teachers were very lazy with teaching. They were there for the money and you could tell.
Richwood High School is a small school in which the teachers can personally connect with the students. Small students classroom size, I feel, makes a better environment for learning. Our county is currently divided on which way our school system should proceed. After a devastating flood Richwood High and Richwood Middle schools was destroyed, so right now we are in temporary pods until a decision can be made whether or not to consolidate with Nicholas County High School. The students have adapted to this change fairly well, however my senior class will graduate from these pods and not our actual high school. My hope is a decision will be made soon in the best interests of the students in the entire county and we can move forward with rebuilding a school.
Attending Richwood High School for four years has been a wonderful experience. I have made some of the best friends, who I hope to have in my life forever. I have played many sports such as volleyball, cheerleading, and track. Richwood is small and everyone knows everyone, that's what I like about it most. If I'm in trouble, someone has my back, no matter what. Richwood is kind of like home in a sense. My teachers are like my parents, and my classmates are like my brothers and sisters. I have enjoyed my time at Richwood High School over the years and I'm very sad to see it come to an end in a few short months!
I enjoy Richwood High school for the history and environment. The teachers encourage you very much in your life choices. I dislike the atmosphere some students have toward the school. I would like to see the students have a more positive outlook toward the school and life in general.
My school, Richwood High School, is wonderful. There is a diverse student body, the teachers are nice, and the office staff is some of the best people you will ever meet. Another great thing is that on Friday nights almost the entire student body shows up to the football field to cheer on our great Lumberjacks. RHS is the best high school to go to in Nicholas County!
A very small, nice school. No one is ever excluded or alone. We live in a poor state, so oppurtinitues can be very limited. This school is great for people who love tight knit communities, and who need specialized education.
As of right now we are in pods due to June 2016 flooding. I would like to see our schools get put back in Richwood and not consolidated with the other side of the county.
I liked the one on one time the teachers provided for the students. The academic standards that were required of Richwood High School really pushed me to be a better student and the teachers were always willing to help wether it was just simple homework or helping with scholarships.
I have had the experience of a lifetime at Richwood High School. I have made friends for like with students as well as staff. In June of last year the town of Richwood had a devastating flood that destroyed the school. Yet, as a community we have persevered through it. Richwood high school students currently make the best of it between an old Elementary school and FEMA trailers. When you are a Lumberjack, you are resilient, proud, and courageous. Through middle and now high school I have been apart of the Richwood High Schoil Marching band (The pride of Nicholas County). This year I was one of the few chosen to attend Virginia Tech's Honors band for playing the Trumpet.
I will take all my Lumberjack experiences and apply it to my (West Virginia University) "Mountaineer" experience, and I know it will not lead me wrong.
We have a phrase in richwood, WV from the flood, We are Lumberjack Strong.
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My experience was okay. The teachers and I joked around a lot. I had a great relationship with my teachers. They helped me when I needed it. I'm going to miss them. I'm going to miss the school. Nothing really needs to change. We made our school great. We were one of the worst schools in the country. Then we boosted up to like top 100. I want it to keep doing what it's doing.
Richwood High School has great potential. Recently a flood has destroyed the school. They're trying to rebuild the school. The teachers are great. They take the time to make sure students learn the criteria. I have been taught well while attending. I feel prepared for college.
I would like to see the school lunches change. Richwood High School has adapted well to change. Since the flood, I would like to see us get a permanent location for our school. The courses offered is amazing, and the overall experience was nice.
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