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High school always seems to be scary at first but my experience was the best and still is. Everything about my high school is great the teachers, students, and even the food. This is surprising because not every school has good food. The only change I would do is to have a class that helps students with extra work.
I enjoy attending Richmond High School for a few reasons. My top reason being the teachers and their dedication to their job. I have had nothing but good experiences with teachers through my years of schooling. They are personable and always willing to help. Another reason I enjoy attending Richmond is because of the diversity from classroom to classroom. It is a big enough school to where you get to meet many different kinds of students from a large range of backgrounds. The only thing I would like to change about this school would be the dynamic of grading in classes. I feel that some students get special treatment depending on if they are an athlete or someone of importance in the school district. I just wish that everyone had equal opportunities.
At Richmond they gave us many opportunity and special classes that would help us exited in the future. These included AP classes, honors, and career classes. One thing I would change about RHS is for the administration to interact more with the student body.
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My daughter enjoyed her time at RCS. She received a great education. The teachers and administration are wonderful. They all go above and beyond to help with what your child needs.
I really have grown to love my high school. I like most things about it but of course there can be many improvements. I think Richmond High School provides an excellent education and is very good at preparation for college.
Overall I enjoyed the high school, though incompetent teachers are very easily to come by. The school atmosphere is a very positive one, the resource avilable are sub-par however. An example of this are the laptops provided and the tech support staff. The competent teachers however are very supportive and willing to help when needed. Overall Richmond is a good school.
Richmond High School has such a diverse community of faculty and students. This school offers so many opportunities to advance your education, and it offers so many opportunities for different career paths, whether it be in business, education, culinary, arts, and many more career topics. This school has such a positive environment surrounding it and I am so glad I went here for my four years of high school!
I love the resources available and the opportunities that are provided to us. Richmond High School prepares you for your future whether that be college or getting a job straight out of high school. I would like to see the overall environment change in terms of safety and work ethic.
Richmond High School is a good school. Not too big and not too small. The class selection is pretty varied but I do wish there were more choices for a foreign language.
I like that Richmond High School has different programs that help students learn about a career they want to pursue in.
The school is a nice place to be at when you want an education, to meet new people or anything else. I have always thought that most of the staff are good people and are always looking to improve.
Sadly, there are many things wrong with this school. You have very limited time to go through the packed hallways to get to your class. The busses are super packed. The general classes are horrible. You will need to work super hard to being those AP and Honors classes. Although, the AP and Honors classes overwork you and do not prepare you for much of anything.
The school should keep improving like it always wanted to. A lot of good memories were produced from this place. It would be sad to see this place go down or something horrible.
My experience at Richmond High school has been entertaining. I have experienced a lot of different things here like the cultures, and diversity. They offer a lot of great classes that will help you in the future.
My experience at Richmond High School has been a very good one. The teachers have always been ready to assist me with school work and willing to help out in anyway. Richmond High School offers a variety of sports and clubs in all areas. The school facilities are nice and maintained. The administration cares about its students and provides encouragement. The school is diverse and welcomes all ethnic groups. School food is no different than any other school but does offer not only lunch but breakfast for its students. Richmond High School is a caring and great place to learn.
Richmond High School offers any class you could want! With career classes, AP, ACP classes and more you are well taken care of! Teachers are all very friendly and really seem to care about the students.
I loved Richmond. My teachers cared a lot about what they were teaching and the students in their classes. I think the dress code at my school is unfair and could be changed.
I enjoyed my teachers and the classroom environments they provided. My peers were okay, but there were so many students that it was easy to stay out of trouble.
Richmond High school is a very diverse school that offers a outstanding curriculum taught by dedicated teachers. Richmond High school has prepared me for college and provided me with the resources to succeed.
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Richmond High School is an amazing school to attend. There are multiple AP and ACP courses that students are encouraged to try. There is a vast amount of Career Education classes that are offered to students in every grade. Chicken Day in the cafeteria is a day almost all students eat at school. The teachers truly do care about their students and pushes each and every one of them to succeed.
I enjoyed my four years at Richmond High School. I made many friends and learned a lot from my teachers, who were both knowledgeable and personable. I really like the classes the school offers, including honors, advanced placement, and career courses. in regard to what I would like to see changed, I would like some students place more of an emphasis on academics, considering it can lead one to a more successful, happy, and productive life
They offer a wide variety of classes and work to help you find the best fit classes. They also have special career classes such as Fire and Rescue, or a CNA program that ensure a future job. There is a wide variety of students and even exchange students come there for a year or so.
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