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Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School Reviews

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As a high school choice, Richmond County Technical Career Magnet is a relatively good choice in the Richmond County region. Its primary draw is the career pathway courses it offers, including numerous technical courses and culinary arts. Most importantly for me, however, was its close proximity to Augusta Tech. Due to its close proximity and how much the school pushed for us to partake in dual-enrollment courses, many of us barely spent time at TCM itself(myself included). Spending time in college courses is the best way to prepare yourself for college.
I enjoyed being at Richmond Technical Career Magnet School for my high school years. It has been a great experience being a magnet student. I have enjoyed every bit of it to include dual enrollment. I just wish that there were more extracurricular activities at our school. I was happy to be on the schools first soccer team.
Going to school at Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School was boring to me. There aren't many school activities that makes my senior year fun. Even though its not a fun school it did provide me with a few more opportunities than other school.
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I have currently been attending Richmond County Technical Magnet School for 4 years. At first when I heard I got accepted I thought it would be tough due to the fact it is a magnet school but once I arrived I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The teachers and the students are very welcoming and the teachers push you to your highest potential. In conclusion, the school is amazing in my opinion but a few things that could change is more fun things.
My experience at RCTCM Has been eventful and satisfying. The atmosphere is inviting and the hands-on material that some of the teachers give you, helps you learn.
The teachers and staff do their best to make our learning experience enjoyable and long lasting for our futures. I will take what they've taught me to college and further beyond.
My name is Zendrea Harris. I've been attending Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School since my 9th grade year starting a new journey in a different environment with teachers that have different learning/teaching styles.Far as academic wise our curriculum is high for my perspective I feel as if this school out of all the schools in Richmond County prepares you for the real world even college. Overtime I watched my school's population increase opening the school up to middle school students as well to help get them on the right track for High school. Parents are really involved with the school is another thing that I like, every semester before our report cards and progress reports comes out the parents come up to the school and to have meetings with the teachers before receiving them. Sports is not a number one hit at my school we have no contact sports which many people don't like but its for the better for us to focus more on education.
The school is well maintained, has a dedicated staff, and provides its students with ample amounts of opportunities. Students complete a pathway by the end of their junior year which is a plus. While there has been a lot of changes with the school from my time as a freshman till now, the school has grown along with the students in it. It's a relatively new school compared to others in the area, and I hope that soon this transitional phase will come to an end and it will form a concrete identity.
I had a very enjoyable high school experience with wonderful opportunities and the ability to accomplish everything I needed to, to the best of my abilities.
Unfortunately, I had a poor experience with the Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School. This school has great potential and resources to reach it but sadly suffers from very poor management. The school has advertised itself as an elite school that requires a test to enter but in reality, will allow almost anyone in. This combined with poor management makes for a very bad school, but I have no doubt that with proper management of the school and of the dual enrollment program at Augusta Technical College, just next door, that it could reach potential.
Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School as prepared me for college-readiness. My Senior Project illustrated the importance of time-management, collaboration with your mentor and ensuring that all goals are met.
I love RCTCM ! It’s not like an average high/middle school. This school gets you ready for the college life! You would have a very fun and exciting time there!
I really like this school. Well not like, but rather, prefer this school. I had been to some bad schools in this county before and this place is a lesser of the evils.
I’m a 7th grader here, It’s an excellent school with many opportunities for students. The school has an amazing library and cool gym, there are many good teachers too.
At Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School, the mission is to provide careers leading to a profession, and creating a world class school with world class leaders. RCTCM provides pathways in foreign language, engineering, audio video/tech & film, waste water management, and cyber security; all while providing opportunities for dual enrollment. Many students can have a certification in their field of study before they graduate. High school is difficult as is, without a support system, it adds unnecessary stress to the student. I feel likeRCTCM should cater to the students emotional needs more often, even if it is just asking, "Hello, how are you doing today," or "Is everything ok."Although RCTCM has some things to improve upon, I am gracious to have had an high school experience that many don't have a chance to achieve.
I will forever be grateful to RCTCM for the experiences that have molded me into the independent ambitious young lady I am today.
What I like about RCTCM is there Cyber Program. They are giving kids a future experience about cybersecurity. We take the end of the pathway test once we pass that we have a job once we graduate. Who doesn't like that? What I do not like too much is the resources. we do not have enough or have none at all for kids to do hands-on in the science department.
Really good school I’m a 7th grader here and this is their second year offering middle school students admission here the teachers are really good
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I have attended RCTCM for all 4 years I was apart of the original full 4 year class, and what I mean by that is since we was a new school and when the first graduating class graduated I was in 10th grade, so when we first got a senior class I was a sophomore. RCTCM was good, I enjoyed myself a lot. I mildly recommend it.
Great school. New building with great classrooms and a nice library. Great teachers. School is small so teachers usually remember you.
I liked how many students knew each other. We were a small number of students. There wasn't really a bullying environment. I would definitely change the academic area. The teachers need to help the students learn instead of giving out busy work.
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