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My son has been a student at RA since Kindergarten and loves it there. The teachers and staff are so caring, supportive and go above and beyond for the students and families. Especially during the pandemic--they quickly came up with an online learning plan and the students continued their studies online with little interruption! Richmond Academy is a Pre-K through 12th grade school with Christian education. We wouldn't have our son anywhere else!!
I would say that Richmond Academy is a good school with lots of diversity. The school is a safe environment with lots of surveillance. I would say that some of the downsides of Richmond Academy is that the staff is quick to judge the students. There is also no real sports teams that compete with other schools. The school has a nice variety of music departments.
I have been at Richmond Academy for a very long time. I enjoy the small classrooms and the community. Something I would like to be changed is the rule about not being allowed to wear jackets that aren't a part of the approved uniform.
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I have attended RA for quite a while. I feel like the staff really care about me, my academic success and my spiritual growth.
My children have really grown academically and spiritually while at Richmond Academy. Great faculty and very safe modern campus.
There are no sports or extracurricular activities to do. The education is not that good. Only a few staff members care about you. I feel like most staff members are lost, students, even worse. The principle was almost never seen. There is no guidance in the school. The rules are not enforced and many students don't even know the rules. Teachers could work on being more dedicated to teach and more knowledgable of what they are teaching. This school is pretty bland. The only thing I like about this school is the music trips we take.
Richmond Academy is a place where you can feel safe and accepted. It's small, cozy and welcoming. It doesn't matter what you look like or where you are from, you will always feel like you are surrounded by friends and family who care about your well-being. Just like any other school, it could always be improved, but overall, It is an amazing school to be enrolled at. I personally think it is one of the best private schools in the Greater Richmond Area.
Richmond Academy is a good school that makes you feel like you are part of the school. Though the school has an okay academic program, their music program is great and outstanding. The relationship between the teachers and students is also wonderful and the spiritual part of the school is also great. You can't get that at any other school.
I have 2 children that attend Richmond Academy and our family has been very happy! The teachers are excellent and truly care about the students. I love that they are taught about God daily. The Leader in Me Program is wonderful and teaches children to how to become strong leaders.
I've been attending this school since 2009 and I'm grateful that I get to experience this school that serves good quality Christian education. Richmond Academy has a rich heritage based on helping students learn and live for Christ. What I love about this school is that it has a wide range of diversity. Another reason is that they offer great music program and that we advertise our school by traveling different places and perform.
It is a new, safe, modern facility.
My child has really grown both spiritually and academically at Richmond Academy. The teachers and staff are truly caring. The campus is safe. The school is supported by a community of volunteers.
The teachers are dedicated Christian professionals and genuinely care about the academic and spiritual growth of the students.
Teachers are caring, knowledgeable and go below expectations. They really care about the students.
I am not sure if I would still come to this school for High school. I have overall enjoyed my experience here and have built genuine relationships with my classmates and teachers.
The teachers at Richmond Academy are very friendly and approachable. Our teachers are very knowledgeable and make time for students. Their teaching styles overall are effective.
Our heating and air conditioning systems are very good and well maintained. Even though we do not have a cafeteria or a very nice gym, there is a lot of outdoor space. The classroom sizes are accommodating to our needs and our bathrooms are in excellent shape, however, we do not have showers. Over all, the resources and facilities are good.
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I rated the administration and policies as bad because the principal has very poor involvement with the students. The administration is always confused and can't give the students an exact answer on certain issues. However, our secretary is wonderful. The policies are outdated as well.
After reviewing the extracurricular opportunities at this school, many people are more than happy with the music program. Options are limited, however, they surpass the average classes. It is ashame that we do not have sports.
After rating and reviewing the admissions at Richmond Academy, I have found that admissions are very fair and not selective at all. There is financial help available for any student who needs it.
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