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I loved my experience at RNE because of the diversity in the student population, my involvement in the PCA program, and the family feel that the school had. The only down side I dealt with was wishy washy administration rules and some adults that tried to exert an excess amount of authority on certain students.
My experience at Richland Northeast was pretty good I was a cheerleader and most of the students and staff were nice.
Richland Northeast High School is a diverse school with students of different backgrounds. The best part of Northeast is the magnet programs, specifically PCA and Convergence Media.
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Richland Northeast Highschool is a fair school with good academics and athletics. I am only a junior about to be a senior, but I really enjoy the teachers here. They know how to challenge and push people for sure. The bathrooms may be dirty at moments and some students are a little rude, but overall pretty good.
Richland Northeast High School is a very great school! There are many different clubs that you can be a part of, the faculty and staff are very nice people and are always willing to help if needed. Not only is it a great school but the children that attend there are also good people. Even though the school is very diverse, everyone there treats each other like how they would want to be treated!
I’ve been attending Richland Northeast High School for three years. I think the school’s academics are very good, and I really enjoy the diversity and student body involvement. I wouldn’t change much. A lot of opportunities are given to you to advance your academic career.
I enjoyed the AP and IB courses that were offered allowing me as a student to challenge myself. I also enjoyed lunchtime activities that aimed to have students connect. Teachers at Richland Northeast Highschool aim to see all their students succeed in not only their academics but life too.
It is a great and diverse school, with many great classes, especially in AP and IB level. the teachers are great (but should still be paid more) but I believe the school needs more funding for SAT prep classes
Richland Northeast High School is an excellent school to gain education. Unlike most schools, Richland Northeast offers IB courses. Most schools in Columbia offers AP classes, which is their high level of courses. Richland Northeast also has the cosmetology program, which allows students to gain their cosmetology license upon graduation. No other school in Richland School District 2 has a full cosmetology program. I am proud to have attended Richland Northeast.
Richland Northeast High School is a very open school, meaning that it welcomes everyone. There's always someone to talk to, and you truly feel loved.
I love RNE! The teachers really care about our success and even after I've left their class, I still keep up a relationship with them! We also have TONS of clubs and activities. There is also a whole lot of school spirit! Everyone dresses up for homecoming week and other spirit weeks. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities, too. We host two annual blood drives and a Relay for Life.
I like how at Richland Northeast everyone is treated like family. Richland Northeast is such an amazing school, the teachers really do their best when it comes to helping students.
Throughout my almost 4 years at Richland Northeast, the school has been pretty decent. Every now and then, you might get a teacher that teaches on a different level than what you are used to, depending on what classes you take. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing but it will always be up to the student to decide if they are going to try to learn something in that class.
My experience at Northeast high school is great. Just the atmosphere in being around other nationalities, different races of people, the teachers in the classrooms and just the environment overall is a great experience. Somethings that I would like to see change at our school is the learning environment. Like the academics that we all are in our classes I feel as though we don’t learn as much as we need to. Even though, we have wonderful teachers who welcomed us to school every single day I feel as though we don’t learn like we should in the classrooms. most of the time people are on their phones and on the chrome books. I feel as though if we had a policy were our teachers could put their foot down and stand up and say “you’re here to learn so let’s learn” that will be very wonderful because, our education is very much important and it will help us in the long run and if we don’t get it now we will never get it out there in the world.
The teachers are very nice and want to help the student become something in the future. The students like to help each other whether asked or not asked. I have not seen any bullying in this school in my four years in high school.
My experience at Richland Northeast High School was amazing, However there were times were it was very challenging. Many students who were in "regular school' often felt as if they weren't in any Magnet Programs like me future opportunities would no be available for them. However just because you aren't in Honor classes, or AP class, etc., doesn't mean you will not graduate. I liked how diverse the school was becoming. I noticed one time when chatting with a group of friends that it was not just one race or ethnicity but many. The only thing I would say that I wish could change was for our school to be open to new things such as movie nights, sleep in at schools, and more fun activities that other high schools in our district participate in. Other than that I would rate my school a 4 out of 5 because it is not perfect.
My teachers are great and very helpful. They help me succeed at all of my classes by giving me the tools that I need.

Regarding lunch, I wish the lunch period was longer so that everyone had enough time to get food and eat it. I would also love for the food to be better too.
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Richland Northeast allowed students to operate freely enough to enjoy club activities and school events with fun dress up themes and club involvement in a Halloween event. Socializing with my friends wasn't very difficult, which was my favorite part of school, and there isn't a school uniform so you can dress individually. Do be wary that there are many students with disciplinary problems because it is in a lower financial district.
As a rising junior of Richland Northeast High, I've been able to experience a plethora of things at the school. There are many ways to get involved with the school because we have a big amount of clubs to choose from. I participate in the Palmetto Center of the Arts program and I can proudly say that it is perfect for teens who want to pursue in art majors in college. The food doesn't have a large variety but is good in quality. Although all of these things don't seem bad, RNE has one problem that I cannot overlook. Fights occur frequently and I don't like to be in areas that don't feel safe. With this downside, my pros still outweigh my cons. I consider Richland Northeast High to be a pretty good school.
Very broad organizations, clubs, etc. Most teachers there offers student to teacher help. I think they should change the dress code.
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