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Richland Collegiate High School Reviews

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Richland Collegiate High School is a great school and a really big help when it comes to preparing for college. Since it is located at an actual community college and most of your courses are taught by professors, you are able to get some experience college life. It has really taught me a lot about time management and organization.
Love the school, a bit difficult. I also think people in school are awesome. In an arrogant society which overshadows the righteousness of some, if you dig deep enough, you’ll be able to see the true beauty of those who are humble and fall in love with the flavor of their personality. I decided to make a chocolate cupcake, and not vanilla, because brown is the color of humility. The cupcake itself represents the humble person. The frosting represents the arrogant society which covers the righteous people (the cupcake). The frosting pattern also shows how flashy and arrogant people may be when they flaunt their worldy possessions. And last, the citrus flavor inside the cupcake (the humble person), represents the good qualities of a righteous one, which shines once you get to know the individual (take a bite).
The program is extremely rigorous but the experience is life-changing and brings out new perspectives and ideas in the student. The only low point that I saw in the system was the strictness of the high school staff. Not all are welcoming and the program requires special understanding and dedication. However, by receiving a high school diploma, associates degree, and newfound college experiences at a young age, it leads to many lifelong benefits.
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The advisors have terrible attitudes and aren’t really much help once you start doing bad you might as well leave the program because they’re not going to help much
My experience at Richland Collegiate High School will always be a memory that i carry deeply within me it caused many sleepless nights filled with stress and breakdowns but associates degree and being ahead two years was definitely worth it.
it is a very challenging school that puts you to the test and gets you ready for college. in which you have to take up to 8 classes which is 4 high school classes and 4 college classes every semester. another thing that is really nice about the program is that u get to meet new people every semester and your not stuck with the same teachers.
The school is great, but lacks parent involvement. It also has limited food choices but that is not really an issue. It prepares students very well for college.
While the opportunity given at this school is very good, they could work on the requirements that are needed for the program, because some are un-necessary requirements.
Transferring to Richland Collegiate High School my Junior and Senior year was one of the best decisions my family has made. The high school staff is wonderful, caring, and always keeps the student's best interests in mind. The curriculum is very challenging, but that should be anticipated. After all, those who graduate on track will leave with their high school diploma, two years of college experience and their associates degree under their belt. One of the biggest issues would be that there is no way to pick or switch professors, but there are so many free tutoring options on campus that it is not a problem. Figuring out how to manage your time can also become a hurdle, but students can quickly develop this skill in the two few years they are here and apply it in their future academic and business careers.
Very tough program. High expectations to live up too but will better prepare the student for university level courses.
It is a great school. You recieve your High school diploma and associates within 2 years. It is full of oppurtunities and success. It makes you learn many life experiences and surrounding world. Also Capstone project is the main of this program which makes you earn critical thinking and helps you know whats going on around the world and the problems that people are facing around us. Also it contributes towards the society and the world as people volunteer to help those suffering. Also everything in this program is free frim tuition to books. You get it for free and in juinior year you are provided with a binder and then in senior year you are given a laptop which i a graet help.
I enjoy this school because I am able to experience what college classes will be like once I transfer to a four year university.
I enjoy the atmosphere and how nice all the students are in this school. I would like to see the staff be more considerate towards their students.
I really have liked my experience at RCHS. Besides all the rigorous course work, I know this program will benefit me in my future.
Do not come to this school if you value your social life or your will to live. This high school has tested me beyond lengths I even thought were possible. It is so emotionally draining but if you stick through it it becomes worthwhile in the end. At least thats what they tell us.
I think the atmosphere of this school is great. You are around like-minded people and people who are just as serious as you are.
I have only been at Richland for a short while but it has been in interesting experience. Compared to the usual high school experience, Richland offers something different. While some may find it to be a bit too much for them, i have found it to be filled with growth. After a student leaves they are left with the experiences they need to face the real world.
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Richland Collegiate high school is great. I learned lots of skills while I was attending this school. I enjoyed every part of it while still receiving my education. It prepped me for my future which will be very handy.
The school is great and all but it has alot of issues. The staff is really bad, there are below average teachers, and the principle is whack. I am only here so I can finish some college courses super early and get a head start on everything. Also I would recommend the school but be ready for a rigorous workload as it does not come easy and there are classes you may struggle heavily with.
RCHS is a great program for students who aspire to either get ahead for college or get some degree of college education if you are unable to afford it. They are strict but make sure you stay on the course for success. You will be very happy if you stick with this program and get your degree.
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