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I love this school. It is a great opportunity. Very friendly and eye opening experience. The teachers are great and also willing to help you.
Richland Collegiate High School is such a great school for kids who want to get two years of college crossed off their list. It provides great opportunities for those who cannot afford as much to go to college, and it also allows them to get two years of college already done. I would recommend anyone and everyone to give this school a chance because, in the end, every effort was worth it and a great outcome will be produced.
The school that I chose to move out from my high school and do a much more challenging way was Richland college, a community school for both college students, and high school students who are doing the program and taking, college-level classes to graduate earlier in the future. I can say that it is a challenge to overcome due to the major differences between your regular highschool and this college/highschool. I can defiantly say that it is much different than your average high school, the school is huge and if you're not lucky enough, it can take about 10 minutes of walking just to get to your next class. The school defiantly strengthens your writing ability, which is guaranteed due to having so many essays and projects that are needed to be completed. The school also has "high school classes" Which basically is a readiness class and guide class if we ever needed help with anything and preparing us for applications when we do actually apply to colleges.
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My experience there has been fun because there are a lot of great students and professors. Some professors just do not show interest in helping the student and the RCHS advisors are not helpful. The only reason it is fun is because of the great students that attend the campus' classes. This Tri-Cities area along the Snake-Columbia river confluence is agricultural, with irrigated vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, and livestock with an assortment of industrial and government-related activities mixed in. The towns, which are separated by a few miles, are clean, plain, and simple, with low crime and a relative lack of historic and cultural amenities. Pasco in particular serves as a major Columbia Riverport for agricultural products, paper and forest products, boats and metal fabrication are also a significant part of the economic base. Richland public schools spend $8,884 per student. The average school expenditure in the U.S. is $12,383.
Great school, you can receive associated and high school diploma. It is challenging program, however if you work hard, you can achieve it.
This school is really good for students who want to get a head start on their future, however, it comes with a good work load. The good thing about it is they always make sure that you are on top of your work, but even if they see you stressed they will continue to pile on. The high school classes give a lot of unnecessary work that is very time consuming whenever we already have 7 other college classes. It is a good school with good teachers but they need to make sure to note what is necessary and what is not.
My first year of attending Richland it started at a really positive outcome. I had enjoyed my experience, the classes & lectures were alright and pretty straight forward, the professors are great, and the environment of it all just seem to help relive some of my stress out. They also have a gym, with myself being a student I had immediate access , but for adults who are not enrolled in school well they had to get a pass. Throughout it all it was a great experience. The down side of it is, if you are in the RCHS program, then it will be a struggle with all the extra work you get from the high school classes. If you are the one who works hard, but in a smart way you should be fine, but those who have a struggle with time management, I will give you advice to plan ahead it will help, and good luck.
My experience at Richland Collegiate High School is great so far. It gives students great opportunities to earn their associate degrees and high school diploma all at the same time.
I currently attend Richland Collegiate High school as a senior this year, and I just want to say it's the best high school I've been to. This school gives their students the chance to graduate with not just your high school diploma but an associate degree and community service hours, with a chance to win awards with how many hours a student completes. The factuality pushes you to be the best a student can be, and to be able to prepare us for college. I am so glad that I am able to be a part of a school like this, and would recommend this school to any and everyone.
Hello, i am a student at RCHS and i love the experience compare to my high school for the first two years. In the classrooms everyone is silent, they are doing their work and no one is making a sound while the professor is speaking. Everywhere i go from outside the buildings to classrooms, cafeteria and even the library is quiet which is perfect for to focus in studying and for some reason it reminds me of a mall. The staff are friendly and it is perfect to spent time and as far, i dont regret spending the entire time there. I hope that you all would enjoy the experience that Richland College or RCHS as to offer.
I loved going to school here. The support systems are amazing and you're getting your college education at a fast pace.
Here at Richland, the professors and staff care a lot about the students and their future. They remember students years after they graduate and talk highly of them. I am really happy I made the move to this school because they help me get to my goal and they push me to be better both in school and my personal life. Richland is a place where I feel safe and I feel comfortable talking to the staff here. I know that I can rely on them when I am feeling down. I would recommend sophomores at any high school to join this program.
I think Richland Colligate High school is a very good choice for you if you are ready for college and willing to put in the extra effort. The administrators have done a really good job. One thing I would like to see change is more focus on what we want to do in the future to help us prepare in that way.
What I like about this highschool is that it prepares you for college and teaches you how to deal with college classes by staying organized. I believe that this program is stressful, but that is understandable because I am getting my associates degree with my highschool diploma which isn't easy.
The students are nice but the teachers not so much. The atmosphere is very nice but the administration is very pushy and doesn't allow for much fun.
I like that the school pushes me to be the best that I can be academically, but I don't like that there are no sports at this school. Sports is a big part of my life, and it was a struggle to give that up to attend Richland.
I really like this school because it helps students better prepare for college. It allows students to learn how college is like. The school also helps students get their associates degree two years earlier than expected.
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I have been at Richland Collegiate High School starting my junior year and even though the work load of the assignments is overwhelming, it's doable. Something that I like about it is that when I graduate in 2021, I will be receiving my high school diploma and associates degree.
I have had a good experience at Richland Collegiate High School. I made many friends and have been prepared thoroughly for college.
its good I really enjoy it. The teachers their are are actually college professors so that it the best expirence of college that you can get and the freedom that you get is amazing becuase they treat you like actual college students.
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