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Richford Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like the small school feeling at Richford High school. You know everyone by a first name basis and it's a great feeling. It has some great teachers that work hard with you and since were a small school you can get help if you need it.
Richford was a school full of very involved and amicable staff. They were always so helpful and willing to go above their job description in order to ensure students felt like they were understanding material.
What I liked about Richford Jr Sr High School was the environment within the school. I felt as if I could talk to any teacher at any given time and they would honestly be willing to listen. Since the school is small the student body becomes more of a family. One thing I would like to change is the academics. The way that the teachers taught did not get us ready for College or life in general. I feel there was not enough homework and that the classwork was not challenging enough for some student.
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The teachers were good, but that was almost it. Richford is a good environment, and it's easy to connect wit friends. It's hard to find clubs and activities that are interesting. The food is terrible, it used to be a lot better. I know that all school food is bad, but Richford was really bad.
I have always felt safe here. With our new principle and discipline rules our school has improved a lot. For health it is like any other school.
Although we have multiple Varsity sports that is about all we have for extracurricular opportunities. Within our Jr. High there are other clubs such as magic club and gymnastics, but it doesn't carry up to the High school. One of the clubs we had until it just stopped was bad movie night. It was a lot of fun, but soon ended because of attendance.
A lot of kids have an absence of parent support and it can be seen in the academics. Those who have the support tend to excel in academics and sports.
Most teachers consider the students point of views when creating lesson plans, but others do not.
The support at games could be better. Not a lot of people show up anymore like they used to, and that really effects the outcome of the game and the team themselves.
Some teachers do all they can to help students when they need it, some make it hard understand what they actually want and don't go into too much details. The teaching could be a little bit better ad not so crammed by the end of every semester. I feel that the teachers put a lot of pressure on themselves and some take it out by giving extra work to the students.
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