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Since this is a small school there are not the best options. The administration does it's best to try and allow us to do the activities we favor most. We are very committed to the clubs once we get in them. The athletic ones are often the most popular ones. The fine arts and athletic clubs are both very committed, and fun. Some of the clubs we have are volleyball, football, basketball, track, speech, student congress, student council, one-acts, and more. Although softball isn't supplied at our school, our town does have a softball team.
The teachers here with the exception of a few, do a great job at teaching. There may not be many clubs, but that's because this is a small school, and the clubs they do have are easy to join. The clubs are fun. The students here are for the most part fun, but every school has those students who you could say things otherwise about. I do wish that the students here had more respect for one another. They can take jokes to far.
Most of my teachers are great. Some leave students behind. What I mean by that is if a student doesn't understand something, they don't often get the help they need. Instead, the teacher just continues with more lessons, leaving the student getting even further behind. There is also one teacher or two teachers that I've had that don't seem to be very effective teachers. They can sometimes be proven wrong by students and teach them false information.
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My school puts a lot of emphasis on sports. However, we are not very good at them. We typically lose over half our games in girls and boys basketball. But we still spend plenty of money promoting both events. Volleyball and football are our most successful sports but we are not great at them either. School spirit is good despite our lack of wins. Students support each other in their sports. However, there a typically serious disputes between parents and coaches as well as students and coaches.
Not the best school but I berry there are worst ones in the state.
The cooks make a special lunch everyday food one student who had a glutton allergy. The food is usually healthy but it's not always fresh. We eat a lot of chicken, like 3/5 days we have it. The chicken isn't bad but the quality is pretty low.
They aren't any clubs hosted by the school.
They are well educated and helpful, but sometimes they don't seem to think a student had the right to ask a question.
Our school had pretty strict policies against bullying and other bad behavior. However, they are rarely ever enforced.
The competes are constantly breaking and getting viruses. We had to hire someone to service them part time.
We do really well in the arts, like Speech, Student Congress and Drama. However, our school is more concerned with sports and that gets frustrating. Especially given that we aren't very good at sports.
We recently for cameras in the hallways. At first they really creeped me out but I'm used to them by now. We are a small school so there really aren't a lot of safety precautions. The health in my school is a good quality. However, I wouldn't mind a school lunch that doesn't come out of a jar or plastic bag.
Our fine arts program is doing well.
Consistency is important, but our school lacks any type of effective discipline. However, the huge influx of students makes it difficult for staff to build relationships with the students.
Athletes who do well at this school tend to train with an outside trainer.
I bring my own lunch to school every day.
The math program is excellent and the teachers are nice. However, the administration lacks leadership, organization, and commitment. They also make rules to benefit themselves instead of the students. Our building has a crack running through the science room. Although, the One Act Play, Speech program, and Student Congress teams are excellent, they don't get much support or funding from the community. As one board member put it, "The fine arts program at this school hasn't done anything to deserve its own space." This was part of a discussion at a school board meeting where a new stage/theater was cut from the plans for the new school. I find this funny because the fine arts programs are the only ones that have produced state champions.
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