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RHS provided me the tools I need to succeed in my future endeavors including college. My experience was fun and rewarding.
Richardson high school is diverse and unique. A lot of the people here are mostly accepting and open-minded, and the students are all super smart with awesome talents and passions. You walk into this school and you just get the feeling that the kids here are special, and many of them will grow up to do big things. The teachers are great and quite helpful, but some of the staff members seem to be unenthusiastic about their jobs, so they can come off as cold. To put it bluntly, some of the staff doesn't really care as much as the teachers do, and they aren't as helpful as they should be. However, there are definitely some staff members who are really kind and happy to help out.
Richardson was a very good school to go to in that the teachers were always involved in what we were doing in the classroom and wanted me to succeed. RHS also provided many resources for students and had the magnet program, particularly the science magnet that I was in. It prepared me for rigorous school work and how to work with others in science and other subjects. RHS could improve its food quality and also be a little more lenient with behavior, one slip up and it could end in something too harsh.
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I was not supposed to go here because the school that I was closest to was not very safe. I am glad I went here, being an out of area student was easy and the process was smooth. There were plenty of activities and classes for the students to join.
It was a pretty good school. There is a lot of diversity within not just the student body but the faculty as well. There are lots of different magnet programs and types of classes made available to students.
When I entered RHS I was in a very dark place. So many of my teachers at RHS genuinely cared about me and my well being and wanted to see me succeed. It was really easy to get involved in activities and find extremely diverse groups of people. At RHS, you will find every type of person. As with any high school, there were teachers that were kind of jerks, principles that dress code people, and stress, but I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.
Even though everyone feels like high school is horrible, RHS is great in that there's diversity and many clubs, courses, activities for everyone. Rules are enforced and the building was just redone, adding more halls, courtyards, and staff.
I had my people I could go to. I knew I had staff who supported me. Also, there are a lot of good teachers who love their jobs. Contrary, there has been a few suicide cases that have happened in the school and nothing was done for the kids.
I attended Richardson High School from freshman to senior year and loved every teacher I took. They all cared about me personally and wanted me to excel and I made friends that I still keep in touch with today. The population at this school is very diverse and I was exposed to all sorts of characters which I believe bettered myself. Overall, I have very good memories of high school.
The people there are pretty sweet, many are really accepting. The only problem is that we have way too much drama. Xanax and Vaping problems and many people "exposing" others.
The campus is very nice, clean and well maintained. There were various groups of ghettos students and i had my phone stolen once as well as other people I knew and the teachers did not do much catch the people who did it. The school passed a lot of people who shouldn't have graduated. I went to a four year university and was shocked at how far behind I was.
It's been ok, the overall atmosphere and opportunities have been awesome, but the student-teacher relationship has not always been present in every student.
I've gone to RHS almost all 4 years of high school. In those 3 years i've gone to RHS, I've never been to a more family oriented school. Everyone knows each other and the Pep Rally's are always AMAZING!
I would like to see the staff change the way they treat the kids. You never know how hard a time some kids are having and harassing them about meaningless things such as dress code could really plummet their mood. Some of the staff actually care but it is rare to find.
I love that it's very diverse, not only racially, but also creatively. I feel like I can truly be myself here, which is more than most students can say about their high schools.
Richardson high school is a very amazing high school to attend!! The teachers are so passionate about their students and truly want them to succeed. The school spirit is also THE MOST energetic and lively I’ve ever seen out of the three high schools that I’ve visited. Academics are very good and super diverse. I’d go back if I could go back to high school! P.s I just graduated this past June
I loved Richardson high school because it had great academics and was very diverse. Cultural food day was my favorite day of the year. The magnet programs are well put to together, and the AP teachers really care about the success of their students. Especially Jennifer Cheng, and AP English teacher.
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I love Richardson High School because of the diversity, and how there are so many ways to grow as not only a student, but as a person. Everybody has something that they can relate to and be apart of because of the many opportunities to be involved at Richardson High School.
Great school with great programs. I never felt unsafe there. Good variety of clubs and sports to get involved in.
My experience at Richardson high school was different from any other school that I have attended. I got to meet a ton of wonderful people and got meet some bad ones too, but overall I would not change one minute of it Richardson high school will forever be my school.
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