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I loved how hands on this school was. Because there were very few students and you had the same teachers throughout high school, teachers were able to learn each students individual learning style and cater to everyone.
What I loved most about Richards High School is that it's a smaller school than most, allowing for more one on one time with teachers and you'll learn more than just math and science; you'll also learn life lessons here. I grew up in a classroom with 11 other students, and over the years we bonded together like a family, even despite all the drama of high school. In this kind of environment, where everyone knows everyone, it's easier to connect with others, make friends and family, and reach out to others (whether student or teacher) for help in a time of need. The school isn't the greatest that it could be, but the community surrounding it is always looking forward to improving it and also helping encourage others to step up and make the learning environment a better place than it was yesterday.
What I like about Richards, is that they pay close attention to their students and help us reach our full potential. One thing I would like to see changed about Richards is I would like to have more academic activities and choices of classes.
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I like the one on one experience with the teachers, and the small class sizes. I would like to see the meal proportions larger so they fill you up.
I've been a student at Richards since I was in 2nd grade, I am now a sophomore in high school. Over my years attending this school I've seen many people come and go, including many great friends and some of the best teachers. The teachers are not the best but they make an effort to teach us to the best of their ability. Our school as a whole is extremely small compared to other school, our athletic program isn't the best but its getting better as more kids are coming from other schools and the lower class men are coming up. The food to us is gross but hearing how other schools are I look at our food from a different angle.
All the teachers do a great job with the classes they teach. Study, workload, and curriculum is very good and has everyone working hard. You can study often and all teachers are opening to tutoring during and after school. There are not many class changes you can make it is usually just the basic classes you need to take.
There is little to no bulling at this school.In the last four years I have witnessed three small fights and no one ever got injured. Visitors have to check in and all doors stay locked to the school and the classrooms. There is a police man and they have drug dog test every though drugs is not an issue in this school. I feel very safe and I am confident in the safety drills and procedures this school has.
The club and organizations we have include several sports, agriculture classes, FFA, technology clubs, art groups, and theatre. All of these organizations work hard to be the best they can be. They have several meetings for all of the clubs and everyone gets along well.
What makes this school unique is the size. This school is very small and personal. It is nice for all the teachers to know you and your name well. Some of my favorite experiences I have had here are events such as basketball games, volleyball games, and agriculture events. These events are not the only reason why I love this school, but just going to class I've learned so much in a setting that many people don't get to experience.If I could do it all over again I would like to try another school that is bigger. The only problem I am worried is that I have gotten to comfortable in this small school.
The teacher at my school are very knowledgeable and hardworking. They put in way more time and money then most teachers. They are open to tutoring anytime when needed.They are very hands on and keep everything as realistic as possible. They truly do care and love the students they teach. There is no doubt in my mind that they would sacrifice their time and money to help any student in need. They are very consistent in grading and treat the students fair.
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