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Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism & Media Arts Public Charter School Reviews

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I love how RW is one big family, but i do think it needs to be more classes for the students that would like to study nursing, teaching etc.
I would like the time that we get out off school change because 4:30 is a long period of time to be in school. I also wish they was better organized during the time period we are in school. Also I wish the lessons were more interactive or hands on instead of just paying attention .
What did I like about Richard Wright Public Charter School? From an Academic Perspective the School is great along those lines. The Teachers are very helpful and understanding when you need assistance with any work, projects,etc.

The Journalism and Media program is absolutely amazing in my opinion, We have a News Cast, this School is very involved with everything going on around Washington D.C.

This Summer they're moving to a different location in the Washington D.C. area, this Building will be bigger with different classes that hasn't been offered in the recent years, more Students will attend.

The only thing I can say that is "Negative" about Richard Wright Public Charter is the some of the Students don't deserve to be in the environment of greatness, the ones who do always excel and continue to do great things, but the small batch of kids are looking for trouble in which no School needs, especially one that is trying to make a name for themselves.
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Richard Wright is one of the best schools I've been to. The teachers aren't only there for a paycheck, they actually want to teach and they get along with the students.
I had two siblings graduate from here before me. The process was tedious but well worth it, looking back. I wish they had highly dedicated teachers.
Richard Wright is the best school anyone can ask for! Parents, if your looking for your child to have an early high school experience, this school starts from grades 8-12; mixing high school students as mini mentors to the incoming 8th grader. This school teaches kids how to be publicly ready for any situation they come across. This school is very diverse in all aspects, it gives kids a chance to be who they want to be under the guidance of outstanding staff and faculty members. Their extracurriculars range in excellent choices, all of which include football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, golf, track, dance, graphic design, band, choir, and newscast. RWPCS, if it ain't Richard, it ain't Wright.
I like how they always get students involved into activities. I would like to see change on everyone having a voice and the bathrooms.
it was ok could of been a lot better. With the right people in charge my time here could of been better
The experiences I had at my high school were unreal. Academically I know I could have done much better. That comes with applying myself.
The staff was outstanding, pushing us students to work hard in the classrooms. Providing tremendous examples of grind, grit and hustle inside and outside of the school area. Richard Wright provided everything a student would want in a school.
This school created a different learning environment which helped the students want to come to school and engage in learning. We also developed some strong student- teacher bonds that we still share in our adults years. This school basically used a known black journalist to motivate the youth of the importance of journalism and media arts.
My experience at Richard Wright Public Charter school has been pretty good. My teachers are great people who have helped me when need and provided me with the resources to have good grades. I’m grateful to have them and to be able to attend Richard Wright Public Charter School.
At Richard Wright , my experience has been great so far. The teachers really care and ensure that the students are comfortable.
Richard Wright PCS gives you the experience to be yourself, you are not judged for things that you may do wrong you just learn from those experiences. I believe that Richard Wright PCS is a good school that many others should come to.
Richard Wright is a one of a kind school. I have been there since 8th grade and I love it,everyone is friendly and gives support. The only problems I have is with sports facilities.
Very unorganized school small building teachers and staff are willing to work with the youth to prepare them for college
Safety in school is good.
Money goes more to football.
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The school's PTA is more involved with seniors.
My school is okay with a awesome ambassador club.
This is a great school that students who are interested in the arts and journalism should go to.
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