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Perhaps both my opinion and experience is skewed from my previous high school experience at Renaissance high, but I did not enjoy the year I have spent at Richard McKenna Online Charter High School. I have never felt more stupid then I do coming away from this school. Everything I have been taught here is just a reiteration of what I have learned in previous years as far back as middle school. The things that I didn't already know, however, are explained poorly. It does depend on the teacher; I feel I did have one good teacher here.
Overall, I would say that I recommend this school to those of you who do not wish to be challenged and want to finish high school as soon as possible.
I love Richard McKenna! We have a low class room size which means that there is less students per teacher. All of the teachers know my name instead of me being just another face in the crowd like it is in other schools. We do a lot of project based learning which is so much more hands on and engaging.
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this school is wonderful! i love the teachers and the subjects that we learn, i recommend this option for an alternative option for highschool.
The teachers are wonderful, they are always there to help. They make it very clear from the beginning that they are just a phone call (or video-chat) away. The curriculum is challenging, because they have you complete a semester's load of work in 6 weeks.
It's great, they'll help with anything needed. It is a little harder because it's an online school.
The teachers are wonderful, I've only had 1 that I had any issues with.
I love this school, it allows me the flexibility to do other things I love.
It's an online High School.
I can get all the classes I need to graduate.
I don't talk to the other students.
Any questions I had were answered swiftly by teachers.
The teachers were very helpful, the workload was challenging, sometimes overwhelming. I don't know what the popular classes were.
All the teachers I had helped me with everything. They answered my question as quick as they could. They had good teaching styles. They show a lot of interest in the students. All the topics were every good.
I would choose this school again because it challenged me to do my best, I got to go my own speed, and the teachers were helpful and were tried to help the best that they could.
The teachers were very helpful. I do not remember talking to the principal, but I might of talk to him once or twice. There was no dress code because you no one saw you, I did not hear of bullying at this school. The guidance counselor was helpful. Attendance was not taking because you did the work whenever you want before the deadline.
My grades all went up when I started
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There was a huge variety of online courses to take, all the teachers were quick to respond and helpful
The Academics are limited because it is an online school. The credit requirements are below surrounding areas. Students can still take humanities credits such as music appreciation, foreign language, and art history. The workload is manageable, especially for special situations in students' home life that they are not able to go to High School the traditional way. The teachers are very helpful and understanding, and really do want you to succeed. The teachers are also very creative to keep you interested in the material since the interaction is minimal. Over the years the school has developed significantly and has made my learning experience the best for my situation.
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