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In my years of going to rich south I enjoyed my time with balancing 7 AP classes while playing varsity basketball and being in a nice environment however during my senior year I was disappointed with the counseling changes that were made and that there was a lack of future readiness which really concerned me and made me worry about my future being in the hands of someone who was hard to get into contact with. However overall I had a good highschool experience while I attended.
Rich South prepares me for life after high school. I learned a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, my goals in life, and even more from this school. I also learned what real friendship and love means.
My experience at Rich South was very unique. During my four years their , I participated in many sports such as soccer , football , and basketball. It allowed me to build connections with many of the students and staff throughout the school , which was great. It made my overall experience better . I looked forward to coming to school everyday to see my peers and just spread positivity. By taking part in extracurricular activities I also learned to manage my time correctly for college . That played a major part in my transitioning .
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I graduated from rich south 3 years ago. This was a great school. The staff at rich south were awesome. Unfortunately up till date, it is not longer called rich south house school. It will now be named rich township h.s.
The school has god potential and is run by a district and admin team that try their hardest to keep rowdy kids in line. I just so happened to be apart of an interesting class that always made sure something was going on.
I went to Rich South all 4 years and each year it was something totally different from the last. Due to the constant switching of administration.
I'd like there to be more evaluations in teachers, because they are certainly not the best. I am worried about the future of the students' education knowing that most of the teachers do the bare minimum to teach the students. We are supposed to be getting prepared for the SAT but I feel like we are nowhere near ready for this test.
It was an amazing school when you learn about how many opportunities you have for success. They were willing to help you when you were down and bring you up from the hardest of times. The teachers provide welcoming arms and even get to know you on a personal level, This school aims to bring out futures in any students who enroll here, and It strives and prides them to become STARS.
My time as a student at Rich South is a time I will always love. As a freshman, I walked in the school as the new girl because I never went to elementary or middle school with the kids in my class. Although I was the new girl I connected with people fast. I went out and joined the cheer track and cross country team. I also joined clubs such as student council and girls mentoring. I met my best friend during my time at rich south, and I found myself. It wasn't all sunny days throughout my high school experience, but it was an experience I would never forget.
At Rich South, I had a very interesting experience. I attended this school all four years of high school. It is a very good school, the staff really helped me with applying to colleges, they're all about college readiness. For example, my principal, assistant principal, and guidance counselor helped me so much with my personal state essay and an essay about my major. I think that if I didn't have the help from them and my parents, it would have made the process difficult. I am also a student athlete, which means I had practices after school almost everyday. So if they did not help me get focused on college, I may have not been able to finish applications for the early deadlines. Overall, I had a great high school experience.
Rich South High School is an ok school. There are times when the school will have incentives for those who have perfect attendance and an minimum gpa of 2.7. Also, there are other times where every Friday the principal drives us to any food place in the area. However, the food and the overbearing security guards dilute the experience which makes the exp. at Rich South an OK experience.
My overall experience was okay. The staff should be more considerate and appreciative of high achieving students like AP students and Honors students.
Rich South is a great school, it is just extremely restrictive. It may be because of the safety concern and ensuring everyone 100% safe at all times, but it may sometimes seem overbearing. Besides that, I love the Principal Larry Varn, and administrative staff because I know they are just there to help me advance in my college career, and make sure all of my priorities are straight. It can often feel like home, and one big family, because I know me being a Rich South Student and future Alumni, it will never go away.
Overall I had a pretty good experience, the atmosphere was great, my teachers wanted to see me succeed. I just didn't really feel prepared for the SAT, nor did they offer the ACT.
It was a ok experience. I would like to see more funding and attention into athletics. This would most likely improve the admission rate & participation in sports (especially the football team). The academics were “ok”. They’re SOME great teachers who can relate to your child and push them to strive for greatness, but most don’t really care about the child just their for a pay check.
I came to Rich South in August 2015 at the request of a friend and I never regretted it for even a second, best experience of my entire life, the staff there are extremely helpful, my teachers are extremely patient and teach very well, Rich south high school is an amazing school and I have made many heart warming memories there and I have learned so much with my time there, it’s a great school with caring people and great academic achievement, a great school for anyone.
I like how rigorous the honors and AP courses were, being an alum of this school I feel that being in those classes helped prepare me for the workload that cake with college. I wish would spread into the regular classes so that all students will be equally prepared for college.
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Rich South is an amazing school with exceptional teachers who are very knowledgeable. There's classes specifically for college readiness. The principal makes sure everyone in the school is safe and everyone's voice and opinions are always ready to be listened to. If there's something we want, he'll try to make it happen.
What i like about Rich South is that there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in. Also they have a welcoming environment that you will always feel safe in.
My experience at Rich South Campus High School has been overall great. There are always teachers willing to help further your education and assist you in your needs. Most of all, we have great councilors that support, guide, and help you with your high school experience and college path. At Rich South I like playing sports. I like being apart of a team, because my teammates are like another family. If there anything i could change at Rich South, it would be to to have more extra-curricular activities, and a wider variety of optional classes.
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