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The teachers were the best, they supported you in whatever you wanted to do in life. Also on Standardized test days standardized test days, they made it fun because when it was lunch time they used to play music, bring food in, and also have snacks and stuff.
Rich East Was an amazing high school to attend, I'm sad to say that it will not be around for the following years, but my time spent there was amazing, I had my ups and downs, but the school felt like home to me, I knew my teachers and got along with them.
I liked the fact that we really didn't do anything but hated the fact that our teachers didn't know what to do or how to grade our work the right way and always had to change it at the last minute
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The student body made Rich East the slightest of good. Not everyone is going to be your friend but I found some good ones. The main failure is closing the school even though we're the best out of all 3 of the Rich Township schools. Rich East could've tried harder and could've cared more about their students to save the school.
I'm going to miss this school. East had such a big impact on the community and my life. Find another district to send your child to. This one is incompetent.
On the outside, Rich East seems to be a well rundown school as it counts its day before it closes for good. But on the inside, the school is filled with so much warmth and life. It doesn't matter who you are or where you came from, there's a place for you there. Another thing that makes this school a wonderful place, is how friendly the staffs are to the students. I view the staffs as a second parent to all the students. This are adults whose jobs are to just teach the students and move on, but the really care about their students, and want each of them to reach the unreachable. People may view the school as a mess, or a building that should have been long been brought down. Rich East is like a diamond in the rough
It is quite an experience. This school is has its great qualities and its bad just like any other school, but overall the good out ways the bad. Proud 2020 graduate!
My experience was tough, but who’s isn’t. I made friends and lost some, but that’s apart of growing. I met the most helpful teachers ever in my life. When I felt like giving up I knew I always had the staff right behind me to help. There has been plenty adventures I’ve had to conquer, but all has taught me a lesson. There has been many fun times I’ve had with my fellow classmates like making tik toks for an assignment. Overall my experience has been up and down and I wouldn’t go anywhere else if I had the choice.
I liked that everyone (including the teachers and staff) were really friendly to everyone, and genuinely cared about the student's well-being and future.
I would like Rich East to allow us to be more independent. Ask our opinions but actually listen to what we have to say and what we think about things. Their is not enough emotional and mental support.
What I liked about Rich East High School is how their wet more resources for college. You had your advisor that set with you and helped you picked a good college to attend.Also they had more opportunities for scholarships as a senior.
I enjoy how easy it is to get around the school, its hard to get lost. Something id like to see in the school is more extra curricular classes in which will cater to more careers or hobbies in which students may want to get into or pursue in their future.
Honestly, I love how supportive my freshman year teachers, lunch ladies, and securities guards was, without them , I wouldn't of gotten as far as I did and they made sure I graduated on time and made sure I could come to them with any problem that I had. They can improve on administration , they was horrible and wasn't fair at all, they could do a better background check when it come to them .
This school has a very good academic courses. Overall, my time here at Rich East was good. I had my days, but the school learned it's way through me.
Not all the staff is helpful. Some teachers do not know how to teach. Not really able to do much here, but i guess this was a good high school experience.
I have attended Rich East my entire high school years and it has been a wonderful experience. One thing that I am going to miss are my coaches and teachers. They have became a second family to me. I always know I have someone there for me when I'm away from home. The one thing that I wish I could change is to make the teachers challenge the students more and make us more college ready.
My school is not like any other school in the area if maybe small but compared to any where else I could ask for a better place to go to high school.
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What I would like to see change is getting new staff members so the students can be more involved in club, activities during or after school. Also having teachers that more familiar with what they teach instead of having the students sometime teach them. Also safety is major but just making sure we have a good amount of security gurads/police in certain hallways in case of an incident.
What I like about Rich East High is taking important classes to become more familiar with what classes colleges need. I like how your able to meet the new staff and the new principle each year. The advisors are very helpful resources because their able to explain what is expected of you for next year and managing your grades.
What I liked about rich east is how there were a lot of students involved in sports, especially freshmans. Track was a very fun sport and it meant a lot to me.Soccer on the otherhand was fun too but losing every game was very heartbreaking. We only won our first game but we worked hard and played as a team. Something i didn't like about rich east was the lunch food. It would be days were I worked all day and counted on lunch to satisfy my day. But it didn't sometimes their lunch wasn't cooked completely done or didn't taste right. So I started bringing my own lunch for those exhausting days.
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