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At Rice Lake High School you feel welcome from the first day on campus. Going into senior year, I look back on my entire high school career and smile. Rice Lake High Staff members, approachable and positive, made it easy to feel included. My freshman year, I was nervous about being in a school with soon to be college students. The teachers recommended becoming a part of a club or sport to get to know the upperclassman outside of school; they were right. Participating in volleyball, softball, Future Business Leaders of America, and the National Honors Society made me recognize the older students as friends as oppose to classmates. As club teammates, we would work in small groups separated by specific goals. Coming together and overlooking our differences surpassed any other lesson I have learned in high school. Rice Lake High will always be home to me and I am proud to eventually become alumni.
Rice Lake high school is a good academic place to learn and grow. The learning experience is well organized, and it gives the students the opportunity to enjoy clubs, and sports.
The teachers are very helpful, caring, and truly committed to the success and learning of each student. I consistently experienced them going above and beyond, both personally and with other students, to ensure that a true mastery of the academic material is achieved.
There are a wide variety of classes, AP opportunities, and college placement programs available for students to take advantage of, though I will say that their options to partner with the local colleges are under-advertised. Nevertheless, there are great classes, skills, and opportunities to be had for any student and every type of learner.
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My experience at Rice Lake High School was very good. All of the teachers want you to succeed. They always will help if you show willingness to learn. The school has great facilities and all around sports. The student life is very engaged in their amazing music department, outstanding athletics, and wide range of clubs. I have been involved in the music, athletic, and club departments and have had great experiences in each. I have held leadership positions in each that have taught me a lot. Besides extracurriculars, Rice Lake High School does a great job of giving their students opportunity to grow as young adults and give back to the community. I took a ten week leadership course my junior year which was open to any student athlete or manager. During these ten weeks, I learned many valuable life skills that I will take with me to college and my future. Rice Lake High School taught me to be a leader and gave me the education to pursue my dreams and goals.
I have enjoyed building relationships with my classmates and teachers. I suggest that students join extra-curricular activities because that is how I met new people. I would make sure that students behave more, there are a few classes where students are disrespectful to the teacher and students. I also would donate more money to the arts, music and theater, because their performance area could improve. The teachers that I have had care for their students and take time to make sure their students understand the subject, they will come in early and stay late after school to help others.
Overall, Rice Lake high is a great place to spend your teenage years. There is a crowd for everyone to fit into, programs and clubs for any interest, and the community is friendly. RLHS is a safe place to learn and expand your horizons on interests you did not even know you had. The teachers and staff are willing to help as much as they can, as long as you put in the effort.
Rice Lake high school has great sports and clubs. The facilities are for the most part brand new. They have foreign exchange students ever year, and have a diverse community. However, the teacher's for the most part are great. However I do not believe that they prepare you for college as well as schools in the surrounding areas. The academics are one of the things that could by far improve.
My overall time at RLHS was not positive. I was bullied throughout, and I never received any help whatsoever when I went in to try to get it resolved. The students here are very disrespectful to their teachers and other peers which makes it a very uncomfortable learning environment. They also put too much emphasis into their sports program, and after seeing their average reading and math comprehension results, not enough on their academics. If I would've had the option to choose my own high school, I would not have chosen RLHS.
Rice Lake has such a low diversity, which makes the students pretty terrible socially, but academically they are OK. I didn't enjoy my time here at all, and If I had a say in where I was to go to high school, this school would not have been a choice for me.
The school is open with spacious hallways and built for easy maneuvering during the school day. The teachers are friendly and understanding, and they put their all into making each lesson exciting and engaging. The atmosphere is always buzzing with excitement, making each day a great day to be a Warrior.
It's a pretty good school--nothing truly bad about it, but not all that special, either. Probably the best school in the area--high academic performance, but a big emphasis on athletics to the point where the prowess of the students sometimes feels overshadowed by the athletic emphasis.
I loved going to school here. It has been amazing. I have made some life long friends. I have also made some great connections with the teachers here. I know that they will help me out in the future if I ever need anything.
This school has a great atmosphere with nice students and friendly, understanding staff. Like any public school, some things could improve, like the intense focus on sports while remaining activities such as music and arts are left in the dust. But otherwise, I've enjoyed my RLHS experience and feel prepared for college.
I like that students have the opportunity to take classes that are not offered at other schools. One of these classes being, Outdoor Adventure. Since Rice Lake High School is located in Northern Wisconsin, there are many outdoor activities to do. This class allowed me to try things I had never done before, like canoe, kayak and fly-fish. We also got to try archery, swimming and fishing. Rice Lake also offers a class called Veterinary Science. In this class we got to stitch pigs legs together, dissect chicken eggs, create skeletons, practice different sutures and observe a bear dissection! The only thing I would change about Rice Lake is the fact that there are students who smoke and do drugs.
I have almost never had any problems with teachers, the atmosphere is exciting, and the teachers are eccentric. They have opportunities for A.P. classes and college credit courses. I used to watch movies and I thought high school was going to be full of bullies; Rice Lake High School doesn't have a ton of bullying and my life has become better than ever before. I am proud to be a RLHS Warrior.
Rice lake high school really prepared me for college. The teachers are great and really help to give you a quality education.
My experience at RLHS has been so far, so good. Speaking for the students, there is minimal bullying, low drug and alcohol abuse, and fair education. This is a great small town school in Wisconsin and is good to the students, teachers, parents, and facially. They are always finding new and fun ways to improve the classroom's environment by keeping up with the always growing technology. The school is also always improving the overall building functions. Like the parking lots, lunch room, and bathrooms. Nevertheless, Rice Lake High School treats the people of Rice Lake well and is a fair small town school.
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The people are overall pretty friendly and encouraging which makes for a pleasant environment to learn in.
I hardly ever feel unsafe at school and we practice tornado and fire drills often.
there are a lot of possible extracurricular opportunities at this school and most require adequate commitment.
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