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I am a current alum of Rice Consolidated Independent School District. They did not prepare me well at all for college. The academics are very poor there. My overall experience was great because my friends of course. My principal, vice principle, and counselor were a huge help in getting us to college. With the application progress and all the files needed to apply for college. But the academics and sports side of Rice will keep failing till a change is made to the way things are done there.
Rice highschool is alright for a school in the "countryside" its not very good at keeping its principals and teachers for more than a year but it does teach what you need to know. Also, I feel as in the school mostly focuses on the sports than any other academic subject that the school has to offer as in Art, Band, and NHS, etc usually the clubs have to wait weeks for their fundings to be approved but overall the teachers are very helpful and I can tell they want us to do better.
Rice High School has treated me well, as I have been here for two years I feel that I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot of friends through this school. I enjoy coming to school to learn and be in the environment.
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I am currently a senior at Rice High School. One main thing I would want to improve is the academic curriculum and the college readiness in the science program. I am going to be a Biology major, and I wish I had a lot more college readiness in that subject.
I would like for a better transition to an Universities. My school hasn’t really challenged there students to due more. We got IPads my freshman year, which was cool and all. Except now we really don’t learn anything. I’m one of the kids close to the top of my class, which is due to the fact of memorizing things quickly.
We do well atheleticly. Maybe not the best in the state, but the kids have a good time and we work hard.
It's good for you and it tastes good. Its not 5 star restaurant quality, but its good in terms of school food.
I was a member of the Drama club all through my time here. i developed many of my defining qualities here and I made many friends i now consider family.
I Feel that I learned a lot at this school. students who really want to learn will. If one does not try, one probably wont do as well.
Rice High School has helped me be involved in several extracurricular activities producing several leadership skills. The teachers and staff are very helpful in making sure that we get the attention we need as students . I enjoy the good times I have from being in class to marching at halftime on the football field.
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