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Racist School, (NOT GOOD FOR MINORITIES OF COLOR) requested my nephew leave the school when a white student bullied another student and they blamed my nephew a young black boy. The boy being bullied pointed to the white boy that bullied him, but they blamed my nephew. And then requested my sister pull her other black sons out of the school just because.
Tell about your experience so that others can read it. How do you know ribet and how long have you known ribet. You can go on and on just write what you think.
I loved Ribét when I went here. There is so much to be involved in for a small school. Teachers actually care about you and know your name. The school is what you make it so a positive attitude goes a long way. There is great programs that range from so many things - science, math, art, dance, sports etc.. which is crazy that it all comes from one small school. I highly recommend Ribét! Go Fighting Frogs!!
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Very diverse and it feels very safe. Food is good and there is many fun activities throughout the year. Class sizes are small and perfect for students to have more one on one time with their teachers. The teachers are great and they teach very well!!
Ribet does not provide all of the programs it claims. Most staff are not credentialed.Very limited enrichment activities for students.Cafeteria handled by random personnel who do not posess food licences.No funding provided to improve the campus atmosphere, purchase playground sports equipment for students.Little kids playground with sand is never cleaned.Students get bit badly over summer by sand fleas. No attention paid to the Preschool area. Ribet charges families top fees that are supposed to go towards all of these things. They have major fire code violations they have been cited for and do not follow licencing regulations.
Ribet Academy is not a very good school when it comes to everything it has to offer. Besides a handful of good teachers, most of the teachers rely on the book too much and waste a lot of crucial class time trying to manage the students. There science program is very good with very strong teachers willing to go the extra mile if you are interested in the field. However, Ribet is not a very challenging place when it comes to the academic level. The teachers rarely give out homework and do a really poor job explaining some of the lessons. This is a place to send a student if they want an easy A.
It is a small school which allows many of the students to really get to know each other, the teachers, and the administration - everyone begins to feel like family. However, there are few teachers, and usually only 1 teacher teaching a subject and usually teaching quite a few different classes. This can make it hard on the school and students if that teacher quits. In my case, there was quite a bit of turnover in some of my classes, making it hard to learn much in those classes as we had new/different expectations with each new teacher as well as needed to help the new teachers learn a bit of where we were already at in our studies with the respective classes. Overall though, the teachers and administration really recognize students as individual people and seek to be involved in not just the furthering of their education but all that makes them a well-rounded person. The art program is also spectacular and truly something to rave about.
It was a really homey place for a school and very close knit due to the small class sizes. The teachers were absolutely wonderful and the staff did their best to try to maintain order and formality while also allowing more freedom in terms of events and activities.
overall with the funding our clubs have they do pretty well, in both the students that want to join and commitment. it would be nice to have a bit more funding but it has taught us the students to make due with what we have.
Overall I love the school, but like any other student i'd like to see more job security for the teachers that care and that are awesome. I also wish that the girls basketball coach would be replaced by someone else, he has been my coach for the past three years and I think the girls program needs a change.
I absolutely love all of my teachers this year. In the past I have had teacher that were not fair and at times did not teach well, but other teacher were their to help me. all of the teachers though are their for the students and genuinely care for us. I would not ask for any other school.
Better food is needed, and a better health office
the school is wonderful; very diverse in students and students have the ability to join or create their own school activities/cubs. The only downfall is the administration. They are not organized, often having power struggles.
A lot of the teachers are well qualified, many having their masters or PhD. However, they are not the best in teaching.
The first grade teacher is very knowledgable and professional. She is pretty strict but very enthusiastic to all of her students. My child loves her!
The first grade teacher is very knowledgable and professional. She is pretty strict but enthusiastic to all of her students. My child loves her!
My son has been enrolled in Ribet Academy since age 3. This school has kept him with strong interests in science and reading.
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The first grade teacher is very knowledgable and professional. My child loves her! She is very strict but enthusiastic to all of her students.
The administration office staffs are very helpful.
It was ok there wasn't a lot of options for other sports other then football, basketball, or volley ball.