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this school has such a great environment filled with a genuine love for learning! Donahue helps develop the mind by encouraging its students to ask hard questions and truly educates them. Throughout my 13 years here I can certainly say its been amazing and has helped shaped me into who I am today!
Overall, my experience over the past 5 years at this school have been amazing. The classical education allows for me to dive into deeper and more profound questions than I would have been able to at any public school. As students, we are pushed to our limits, but in a healthy way that allows us to grow and improve academically. The small classes allow for a much greater among the students and between students and teachers. I am very thankful that I got to attend this amazing school.
Provides great college academic readiness, significant growth in students character and faith, and a competitive but friendly learning environment.
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This school is very effective in forming its students to love the good, true, and beautiful. I would not be the same if it weren't for my friends I've made here and the opportunities for seminar discussion about classic books, daily Mass, and monthly Eucharistic adoration. I cherish the gift of education because of the value I see in it here.
I've gone to this school since I was in kindergarten. In elementary school, I loved it. As I've grown older, I've realized that the staff doesn't care about the students and don't want to be there. They treat the students like they don't matter, have a lack of respect, and don't care what the students are going through besides their school life. They teach based on their own opinions, not facts. The campus is old, and there aren't options for school lunch. The rules are very strict and unreasonable for some teachers. They don't care if your child is having a bad day, they still treat them as if they're not human. The academics are fairly good, but not as good as they say. There is no diversity at all, it's full of white conservatives. There are no clubs/extra-curricular activities. There is no technology, and the admin are unreasonable and make your kids feel uncomfortable. If you're a parent looking at this school, I'm warning you. Don't give in, your kids won't be happy here.
Excellent academic level!!! The teachers and the staff are very friendly and helpful. The morality is a essential learning In this school and it is really wonderful in this times.
I have gone to this school since kindergarten. The older I have gotten, the more I have realized the great education I get. However, the faculty and staff lack much respect for their students. I myself have experienced physical and emotional suffering throughout my years. The sports at this school are decent and this is coming from someone who loves to play any physical activity. I have made life long friends at this school that will be apart of me forever. So in some ways this school is good, but their is still many problems that Donahue must get right.
The academics & diversity are excellent but everything else is not good- rigid, teachers yelling, lecture style, very religious, condemning, no clubs, inconsistent moods in teachers, no food plan. 1 building for K-12. Administration listens but doesn't act on complaints even if over half the parents step forward. If you are conservative & catholic, this may be a good choice. If you have any liberal views, your children will feel alienated from their classmates.
The teachers are excellent and the students are open to new people. The small class sizes are hard to find elsewhere.
The academics are excellent and it is diverse however the teachers are inconsistent meaning some are good, some are not. Discipline varies among teachers. Can be negative focused at times. Administration will meet with you and listen but nothing will change. No lunch program at this school. Very conservative, rigid thinking.
Last year, my family moved to Ave Maria so my sister and I could go to this school. I'm Catholic, but I had never gone to a Catholic school before, so I was really nervous about attending one. Thankfully, I ended up loving it a few months into my freshman year. Donahue does a great job of helping students like me (who used to not be very religious) grow in the Faith. Most of the high school students choose to go to daily Mass, so I never felt weird choosing to do the same. The uniform is fairly strict (for guys: blazer, tie, etc.) but I don't mind it too much. Overall I would recommend this school to anyone looking to receive a really good education in a friendly Catholic environment.
I have been a student at Donahue Academy for going on six years now. The school has been great over all. My true rating is more like a four and a half stars, but I rounded down as there are problems. For instance, there have been and still are teachers under which I and other students have and do suffer acutely. These staffing problems have been going on for too long and if possible I would like the Principal or vice principal to look at and fix. On the other hand, the school is a massively better choice than a public school and Catholic morals and ideals are upheld there without succumbing to outside pressure. They are lacking funds but they use them very well when they get them. If you are a possible donor I would definitely consider donating. Also, bullying is virtually non-existent.
I have been going to this school ever since I was in 6th Grade. There have been many ups and downs but looking back I know that I would not have gotten a better education anywhere else. I am grateful for my parents for sacrificing so much for me getting a better education.
Today I was metaphorically sent to the gulags. The communist regime saw the free market system and crushed it. After celebrating capitalism and brokering deals, I was spiritually dragged outside and shot and run over by the soviet machine
Donahue Academy offers an excellent classical education unlike any school in its area. Unlike most schools, Donahue offers not only a lecture format, but a seminar and debate format. These formats are stressed in high school, with many of our classes involving seminar in some way. Donahue teaches us to think for ourselves, to have an opinion, and voice it. This is done all the way up to Senior year, where we spend half a year creating a thesis and present it to a crowd of people who want to attend. Overall, Donahue has given me the best education I could hope for, and has prepared me not only for college, but for the real world.
I enjoyed the teachers that taught me and many other student during my time at Donahue. The former teachers there were the best part about the school. As of now, there are much younger, recent college graduates, and a couple others, teaching there. This has changed the environment for my younger siblings in terms of the learning level or difficulty. The tuition cost also went up.
The education and materials studied at Donahue demonstrates the school's dedication to classical tradition. From Dante to Dostoyevsky, we are asked to read and evaluate for ourselves at the high school level. Donahue can improve in our science department and provide more materials so that way we may see science come to life. Because no school is perfect, and despite Donahue's shortcomings, I rated my overall experience with 5 stars because I feel this education has prepared me to take on college, and has also renewed and restored my love of learning.
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When I was at the school I disliked it, but not that I am in college I can see the difference it made in my life both academically as well as spiritually. It has strengthened my knowledge of my Catholic faith and fully prepared me for any college essay thrown my way.
Teachers and staff are very aware of students' safety, emotionally and physically. Teachers and staff are responsible for acknowledging things such as allergies and whatnot.
The clubs are very well-rounded. There aren't as many as one would like to be accessible, but there are quite a few enjoyable ones. Commitment of student varies on student, but most who participate are generally committed.
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