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Rhodes Elementary School Reviews

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Some teachers are very dedicated to teaching and are concerned for their students.

Others are just there to do their job.
I did not like my classmates because the ones who are the "teacher's pets" have parents in the PTA.
There are the recycling team and the student council. There are also sports programs such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, and cheerleading.
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The school didn't put an emphasis on anti-bullying until I was in 7th grade.
All the janitors keep the school well maintained. There are many resources at the library, though some books are outdated.
Recently, there has been more classes for those who are advances, but not when I was attending.

Some middle school teachers doesn't do a good job teaching in the class. When I was in 7th grade, my language arts, US History, and Science combined to form an all-year research about a foreign country.
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