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Some things I liked about RHS was the diversity. There are so many people with different cultures and backgrounds that it was easier to connect to the ones that are similar to you. Making friends was easier for me because there are people who are kind and were willing to talk to me and this made my high school experience so much better. I had a good experience at RHS because I had good teachers and Friends I cloud rely on. Some changes I would love to see are more clubs and activities student can join. More opportunities like theses would allow student to meet new people and learn new things which I think I really Important.
I like how they allow you do focus on certain things that you like, such as if you like coding you can take coding classes. Or if you like design you can take those classes. I would like to see the school add more diverse class though.
Estem is simply the best academy reynoldsburg provides. I’d highly recommend this school to you if you want a edge in college readiness and a advanced stem education, if you are looking for that field. One thing I’d change is the year long classes because last year, my junior year, we had all semester classes and I found that these are by far superior To the year long classes, due to college readiness among students.
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What I liked the most about eSTEM is the staff, they are all so nice and considerate. I feel that eSTEM is like a second home to me, everyone is so energized to be there. I just love this school and I will miss it when I leave.
Worst two years of my life. The whole academy system at Reynoldsburg is awful. I'm lucky to have been able to transfer over to the career center. At Eastland Career Center there are two guidance counselors meaning that students are able to receive the help they need when they need it. I would not recommend this school to anyone. The last time I visited they had preschoolers from the elementary across the street moved over to the second floor. If anything Reynoldsburg schools are headed in the wrong direction. There are better options in the surrounding communities. Gahanna Lincoln is an excellent school, Canal Winchester is definitely better than Reynoldsburg and even Groveport has Reynoldsburg beat at this point.
It is a nice school that made me somewhat have an enjoyable. It’s a manageable school for people who wish to seek a higher education early, also it has some fun school activities and clubs you can be a part of if that’s what interests you.
This is a fast paced learning environment that keeps it's students on their toes. Classes are done on a semester bases, so students can complete 2 years of classes in 1 year! If planning to attend this school, be prepared for homework! But also be prepared for the many opportunities that will be offered to you! I am currently a high school senior that completed all my graduation requirements by the end of my Junior year, so I am taking all college classes for my senior year!
It's a pretty good school with nice teachers and the design is very un-prison like which is nice when you've only been in schools that feel like dungeons. It's very diverse and there's a lot of activities and clubs you can dive into. Some people like to strike fear into the eighth graders in saying that eSTEM is way harder than the others but it really isn't. The school is accelerated but the teachers make it so it doesn't feel rushed. Freshman year is going to be your easiest year as far as school work goes (socially though, that depends on the person). Junior year was my toughest year and they really don't tell you how stressful it is going to be. Coasting through freshman and sophomore years only to be hit with AP courses is rough. Of course you don't have to take them but it is almost expected of you to take at least one AP course. Overall I had a good time and I wasn't really there my senior year (I took all my classes at Otterbein by then) I still enjoyed my time there.
Going to this going was one of the bests choices I made. eSTEM is one of the best schools I’ve ever been too.
My child is a senior and is not college ready. IEP services in junior high was great though. Overall, his education is average, his vocabulary is lacking.
Great school it really wants and encourages you to come to school everyday. I would like to see a more cultural change where everyone is accepted for who they are and what they believe in.
I like the high school, I’ve lived in Reynoldsburg my whole life. I am a part of the robotics team here and that is really fun. The teachers are also really nice for the most part.
Sports and the camaraderie have been what I've enjoyed most about Reynoldsburg High School. The learning environment with the different pathways is good as well because it gives students a choice to focus more on what they like or have an interest in. This is my senior year and I'm looking forward to what's next for me but will miss this school.
eSTEM is not an average high school, but it has changed in the last year to be more like one. We are in the same building as a preschool and another high school academy, so we don't have much room, and it's really just too crowded overall
Pretty good school, with great teachers and opportunities for those who seek them. Classes are a joke
eSTEM is a great place! Although the course load is very rigorous and can be very stressful at times, you learn everything you need to know in order to be prepared for college and future professions!
I have attended this high school since my freshman year. Many opportunities were given to me, including the ability to take college level courses throughout my high school career!
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Estem was the best academy academically and allows you to get ahead. Students should not have to stick to a pathway so strictly and should be informed on all resources available to them.
Reynoldsburg High School eSTEM Academy allowed me to pursue many different fields in technology, engineering, math, and environmental sciences. The entire school is built to reflect some form of scientific concept and the teachers are always pushing students to be their best. I had the opportunity to complete two full years of college through their amazing college credit plus program. This program not only prepared me for college courses but allowed me to push myself and challenge myself. Because many of my peers were taking college courses full time as well, the sense of community and school spirit wasn't always present but the faculty and staff tried to give these advanced students as close to a normal high school experience as possible. I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in science or looking to challenge themselves and further not only their high school education but also their college education.
I loved going there! Despite how hard the courses can be, the teachers are very reliable. The staff normally respond quickly, and if they don't you can go up and ask them. I will say that I am still sad that they aren't any clubs except for the Leo, Robotics, and Glee clubs. The school does have NHS and Student Advisory, so there are some options. The school is a little disorganized at times, but that feels inevitable having to share the school with Encore Academy.
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