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One thing I find that there is plenty of is the diversity of cultures with many different cultures blending in with the school environment. Though, a complaint I would like to voice is the large number of students in the school that make even its large commons feel crowded. It's not necessarily the students I'm complaining about but the given environment that we have to work with given the school's budget.
There are a lot of different clubs, activities and sports that you can involved in. Way too many students, inadequate education.
I have had a mixed range of good and bad teachers. Some teachers genuinely care about what they’re teaching and it shows; Others, clearly, did not read the section of their job description that talks about engaging students. I have learned more life and academic skills from being in theatre than from what the teachers are teaching us. I’ve gained confidence, gotten better at time management, and I’ve gotten better at reading and text analysis. Thanks to this theatre department I now understand and love Shakespeare which I did not think would ever happen. Unfortunately most activities such as theatre and some sports are majorly underfunded. With the lack of school funding due to budget cuts teachers are being laid off, we can’t update textbooks for certain classes, and after school programs cannot be funded. My hope for this school is not really something the school can do anything about. I just hope more funding goes to education and schools in the future.
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After construction, the building is very nice and fresh inside! The teachers there were always there to help with anything whether it was an inside or outside of class issue. The opportunity to get college credit and participate in many school activities made my time there more enjoyable.
My experience at Reynolds High School for the four years I’ve been attending are so far good. It’s my last year, I’m a senior ready to head to college. I feel that every teacher and staff are respectful and always are there if you need help. The concilors are also good but I feel that they all should have paid more attention to the students more during my freshman or sophomore year. These last two years the councilors were more attentive with the students and held meets to see where the student was in life and thinking about college. Also our college resources are more involved now, there more information towards colleges and future jobs. The teachers at Reynolds are great, they are helpful to the students. I like that Reynolds always has the right information to provide for us. Something I would like to change would be the food they serve, I wished they served better food choices. Reynolds High school has given me valuable experiences and will always like my school.
Reynolds High School has lots of diversity. The school provides lots of after school club activities as well as sports.
As a member of Reynolds' student government for all 4 years, I was very involved, and saw many different sides to the school. I also saw and heard about a lot of other schools as I've worked with ASBs from other schools. Reynolds has something that lots of other high schools don't: an incredibly diverse population. Reynolds was never afraid to showcase it and often made it our biggest strength. RHS also constantly gave back to the community, through partnerships with Sparrow Club USA, SnowCap, and many other organizations. It suffers a culture problem however; lots of kids don't care about school or events, and the negativity is what brings down the score.
I like how there are people that are respectful and Friendly.The teachers are very hardworking and try their best to educate the student. I love how there are resources about college,I can find when I need help.
I’ve been attending RHS for almost 4 years, I am currently a senior at RHS and I’ve seen and experienced many things. I love RHS because they provide homework clubs after school for students that need help with school’s assignments. It is really helpful students like me because English is not my first language and homework’s are really hard for me to understand. I’ve got s lot of help because of the homework club. All teachers and staff memebers are nice and helpful. I truly will miss being RHS student.
I’m a new student at Reynold’s and I feel very closed out by everyone. Nobody tries to talk to me outside of my small friend group and the girls in my choir. I don’t feel very welcomed here
Overall, my experience so far a the Reynoldsburg High School, has been incredible. The teachers and administration has prepared me for college, and giving me resources to better myself. One item the school should change, is supply the students with more hands on experiences.
This school is particularly so amazing. I had been here for 4 years and the teachers and students are very wonderful. I had learned so many things form this school. There are a lot of races but people are treating like brothers and sisters. However, the luch that they provide is a little poor but some students go and eat off compus at Mcdonald or Burger King which means great for students who want to get some healthy food. love this school so much!
Reynolds High School is a large and diverse school. Just like every school, there are bad, okay, and great teachers. However, Reynolds High School does not stand by their no tolerance for bullying policy. Reynolds is also overly populated. The district boundaries are very large.
I am came to Reynolds on my 10th grade. But I would say that Reynolds is the best out of school I went to.
Teachers don’t care about students, and not enough teachers. Some teachers have “floating” classrooms meaning they don’t have a classroom, instead they push around a cart to empty classrooms.
Reynolds High School is one of the largest high schools in Oregon with just over 2,500 students roaming the campus. As one can imagine, getting around can be quite complicated with such limited space. Some of the things I dislike about my school is the large classroom sizes, with so many students it is difficult to build a connection with the teacher and therefore not going up to them for help as often. It also makes it harder to talk to our counselors. We have to make an appointment to see them which can usually take up to a week. . However, I do appreciate them offering Advanced Placement classes and some college prep clubs and classes for the more higher achieving students. I would say they do a pretty good job with putting our schedules together and always trying to put our top choices.
Like many other schools, there are many opportunities if you reach out for them. Ask for help and participate. The diversity of the student body is amazing! But essential things such as food quality and safety are very poor. I hope for improvement in the future.
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not clean, classes too big for much individual help.many didn't want to be working there, though some teachers were quite caring and helpful.
This school is horrible if you are not involved in team sports. The teachers cater to the athletes and provide them with extra help and "free passes" on assignments. If you are not an athlete you get no extra help, penalized for lower than A's, and degraded. I had one of my parent-teacher conferences where my economics teacher said I was not smart enough to comprehend the materials and she is going to fail me regardless of my turned in work. She also said that had I applied myself to sports I would have been a better student and deserve to pass her class.
One thing I liked about Reynolds is the diversity. There are students from all over the world. My experience there was pretty decent. I recieved advice and guidance from my school counselor to keep me on track and to help me the best they can in receiving the best education.
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