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Revere is a pretty welcoming place. The staff and students make sure that you fit in somewhere academically and personality wise. Because of the lack of diversity in our district, Revere lacks much diversity within the staff and students along with education about diversity. Overall, Revere provides a pretty good high school experience.
I liked most things about Revere High School. I transferred to the district at the start of high school and the people there were very nice and welcoming. The overall academics were very good and I found that there were a lot of very knowledgeable and qualified teachers. The school also offered a lot of programs and things to get involved in. Going into high school I did not think I would join any clubs, but the school really offered something for everyone. One of the few things that I would change is the fact that Revere High School did not have a string orchestra when I went there. When I was there, they started a string orchestra in the middle school. As a violinist, I felt it was unfair to those kids who began to play in middle school, but did not have that opportunity in high school. They did have a fantastic band, so there were opportunities for musicians. Overall, Revere High School is a great high school and they are a great school to prepare students for college.
Revere High School is an excellent school with an immense focus on education and college readiness. There are plenty of college prep classes that you are able to take.
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I liked some of the staff and feel like they prepare you fairly well for college. The math department is really good although some of the teachers are horrible. The school district is extremely safe and the parents care a lot. I disliked the lack of diversity and the fact that the school district is extremely small and you pretty much know everybody.
I like the atmosphere of Revere High School and how everyone is encouraging for us to do better. When we students need to ask questions, our teachers try their best to help us in any way they can. The teachers are very helpful as well when we ask questions! In addition, the counselors at Revere High School are phenomenal! I like that I can talk to them without feeling nervous. My counselor really tries her best to help me with college applications and scheduling at the high school. Not only that, but the activities outside of school are fun and exciting. I really enjoy going to football games and participating in the Revere Marching Band!
It was a pretty decent school. The teachers were mixed between great teachers and okay teachers. The administration wasn't too great, as well as the guidance from the guidance counselors.
Provided me with almost everything I needed before beginning college. Good teachers and quality of education. The only thing I would like them to add is more and updated personal finance classes.
I like the variety of courses offered; however, it often feels like the administration prioritizes sports (especially football, soccer, and basketball), which leaves other activities lacking proper attention.
I felt that the school caed far too much about scores and ratings than they did about the actual students. They were constantly making changes that were supposed to make learning easier, but it only made school more complicated and confusing.
Revere High School was one of the best place I could have imagined to grow up. Being a small school, student develop a strong sense of connection and pride in their school. Seeing the same group of people for the past 12 years has allowed me to build some kind of relationship or connection with a majority of my peers. It has also allowed me to develop relationships with several reoccurring teachers that played an important role in shaping my plans for the future and in my academic career. I believe Revere as a school district has more than properly prepared me to be successful in all my future endeavors. The only downside was the lack of diversity in the school. We also had slightly less clubs than other schools because of our smaller class sizes but we had a lot of excellent sports teams, an amazing band program, and one of the best drama clubs in the area.
Revere High School has provided me with the best tools to succeed in college. Knowing that my brother also graduated from Revere and was prepared for the college.
Revere High School is a typical upper middle class suburban high school. By that I mean that it is mostly white, but in general has good teachers and prepares its students to enter the college environment. The people in the environment seem to actually want the students to succeed in whatever career path they choose.
Revere is an overall good high school. I feel like the rigor of academics and teachers have really prepared me for college and the rest of my future. The stigma about grades here still lingers, which is why the environment may not be that great all the time. There are plenty of resources for tutoring, counseling, etc for anyone that may be struggling, and the faculty really does try their best to help anyone in need. Outside activities such as sports or clubs are alright, but there’s nothing particularly outstanding or special about them. Overall, Revere has been a pretty good experience for me in terms of preparing me for the future and providing a somewhat positive high school experience.
I appreciated how hard the teachers worked to not only get to know the students, but to help them through any difficulties they may be having. It is a great learning environment and no matter who you are, you will feel comfortable and welcomed there.
I really enjoy going to school at Revere. I started Kindergarten at Revere and am currently a senior. The school has helped me to grow as an individual in the classroom and in other aspects of my life. My parent’s built their house in the Revere School District because of how good the schooling and teachers are. I have gotten the opportunity to take higher level classes including honors, AP, and CCP course which have helped to prepare me for college next year and begin to earn credits for college. My teachers challenge me and encourage me to strive to grow and become a better student. I have learned all the basics that I will need for college so that I will have a very strong foundation as I transition into the harder coursework.
Revere High School could have been a great school. They have the right tools to help students succeed, but they don't. They want to make sure that their reputation does not get ruined and then they will help you. Most of the teachers are great and well knowledgeable but like almost all schools there are those select few that are very rude and do not care how you do. Bullying was also a big issue at that school. If you are planning on sending your child to that school, I would highly recommend talking to some of the students their instead of the staff. They do have one of the best athletic programs at the school and college prep is good as well.
Revere High School prepared me well for college. I was able to make great connections with my teachers, which helped me succeed. The academics were great. I was involved in the honors and AP track, so I was able to earn college credit. One thing that I hope to change is the diversity. I could count the number of Asian students in my grade, including myself, on one hand. I think it is important for students to see representation of other cultures, and it can help with cultural awareness for the future.
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Revere High School is an above-average local school. The teachers care about their students. The sports there are pretty average except their soccer program.
Revere really prepared me for college and gave me lifelong friends. Most of the teachers I had were very passionate about their work and seeing their students succeed. The lacrosse program was one of my favorite parts of my high school career. Revere helps foster a tight-knit community where almost everyone knows each other; this allows students to have lots of support and form tight bonds with each other. Revere greatly prepared me for my STEM-related college major with its variety of science and math AP courses.
I think the academic courses offered are very diverse and vary in challenge. I feel as though the teachers care about the students and they try their best to prepare students for college. The sports are very average, as some of the coaches and instructors aren't very skilled in their area. The school has a pretty average environment, and I feel safe going there every day. The facilities are pretty average, but some incorporate a lot of needed supplies and materials. I think that with the construction of the new high school, we will see an increase in quality of the facilities.
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