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I think the academic courses offered are very diverse and vary in challenge. I feel as though the teachers care about the students and they try their best to prepare students for college. The sports are very average, as some of the coaches and instructors aren't very skilled in their area. The school has a pretty average environment, and I feel safe going there every day. The facilities are pretty average, but some incorporate a lot of needed supplies and materials. I think that with the construction of the new high school, we will see an increase in quality of the facilities.
Teachers are great, classes are alright, food is not too good. Clubs and sports are pretty good, could be better. Not very diverse but that will probably change.
The teachers were pretty decent at giving lectures and the food was good. There was a lack of diversity, but hopefully in the future that will change. The one thing I loved about Revere was their art program. The art teachers are absolutely wonderful and allow students to use their own creative ways, rather than telling them to do something a certain way & grading poorly for added creativity. I The one thing I disliked about Revere was the administration. They were somewhat unprofessional in certain situations, which only frustrated the student body and parents. Hopefully in the next few years, that will change and we will see new administration.
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It is great. They give you all the opportunity to succeed. The teachers are wonderful and they prepare students well for college and testing. They do lack diversity. Although, the academics you receive are worth it. The school district is certainly not a cheap place to live. Virtually no apartments are in it. If you can afford it, go here or Hudson. If not try Copley. Still a good school, yet not as great.
Revere has very good faculty and academics, preparing students for college well. With a new high school and elementary school coming in the next 2 years, the district is making substantial changes for the better!
What I enjoyed about Revere High School was how prepared the teachers were to prepare us for college. I did not take high school as serious as I wanted too but now after two years of college I have found the importance of a higher education. I believe Revere High School can do a better job exposing the students and the community to more diversity. I believe less than ten African Americans attended my high school and I believe the school could do a better job putting us into the community and trying to make a difference. Overall my experience was a positive one, I made friends that I call my brothers and was impacted by different teachers in ways that I did not notice as a high school student but with the hindsight now I am grateful for my high school experience.
I would like the administration to be more active in protecting its students about issues in the community.
Very good school. Good people, good teachers, good sports. Small school, needs growth. Diversity is subpar, but not problematic at all. Nice people.
I felt that Revere High School focused on the students learning and preparing for college. The teachers were very supportive and ready to help answer all the questions I had about the class. I felt that I had the opportunity to go to the teachers and ask questions and prepare for tests and for college entrance. I felt like the environment was safe and the students were well protected. I felt motivated to do my best work and to study hard. I felt though that some of the students could have done a better job of being more respectful to the teachers. If the teachers could help the students learn more about respect and except the students to be respectful, the environment could have shifted some.
Below average, no diversity and no respect fro diversity. If you're not in all AP classes, sometimes you feel like you're dumb compared to all of your classmates, so switching into revere after my freshman year at Medina was extremely tough. the academics are phenomenal, but everything else is absolutely terrible.
The teachers at Revere High School, especially AP, have helped me to prepare for the academic curriculum of many top colleges. I feel that I can be accepted into some of my top choice schools because of what I have learned here. The school spirit is high, and I have participate in many fun clubs in order to immerse myself in the school culture.
I really like the teachers; they put a lot of effort into their classes and make the students want to learn. The only thing I would change is the schedule...the classes are a little too long and should be shortened.
Our vice principal doesn't know how to handle situations and just doesn't care. The school is very small so it's hard when you're the new kid to make friends and because it's so conservative and small there isn't a lot of diversity there.
Although the school is well known for producing outstanding students, no one ever mentions the fact that they fall short of catering to every student. In my brother's case, the school convinced my parents to remove him from his IEP, which meant he no longer qualified for extra help. Since he did not have an IEP, the teachers were inconsiderate of the fact that he does have special needs, even if they are mild. The School kept telling my parents that they would help him and meet with him to make sure he keeps his grades up, but they never followed through. His grades went down and his depression went up, as he slipped through the cracks his freshman year. Ultimately, the Revere Local School District is very good at catering to a stellar student or a student with severe disabilities, but when it comes time to help out students that slip through the cracks they fail.
The teachers at Revere High School are excellent. They really do care about your future and want to help you be successful. The teachers are understanding and flexible for the most part with homework, tests, and quizzes especially if there are late school events, big tests in other classes, or other circumstances. The courses are challenging but are meant to prepare students for college. Students really get involved with clubs, sports, band, and the play, and they are very supportive for each of all of the events. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Revere, and I always felt safe and welcomed.
I have loved spending my 4 yeras of high school here. This has been such a great school for me, and it has helped me so much to realize my full potentianl of what I am able to accomplish in College!
Revere made my high school experience absolutely phenomenal. The sense of community the school fosters is something I will remember forever and is something that I hope my future children can experience one day. The rigorous academics prepare students extremely well for college, and students are able to participate in a wide variety of athletics and extra curricular activities. The music program is highly respected and the Men's Soccer Team has proven to be a powerhouse in the state of Ohio. The vast majority of the teachers and administrators truly do care about student well-being and go out of their way to make the school the best it can be.
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My experience at Revere was ok, I got a good education but I did not like that the school only focused on sports and grades. There is a lot more to schools besides those two things
Safety wise, it's fine.

Health, just go look in the girls restrooms once in a while, probably the boys too. We're often out of soap, paper towels, toilet paper. Only one sink works half the time, the water pressure is awful. The bathrooms flood at least once a year.
I would never in a million years want to return the RHS. The only thing that kept me going was being in band and even that wasn't enough sometimes.

All this school cares about is grades, grades, grades. What your GPA is, your ACT and SAT scores are, and what big, fancy school you're going to be traveling to for college.
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