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Revere High School is very diverse and is a really big school with some great teachers who you can really connect with. Some things that I would like to see change is the safety. Yes, Safety is the administration's #1 priority, but it's the city as a whole that isn't the greatest.
My experience with Revere High School is rocky. I'm currently a Junior; I have been enrolled since freshman year and I plan to graduate from Revere High.
The facilities are run-down. Since the building is built on marshland, the ground sinks in some places. Its architecture is outdated and often does not fit the needs of a modern educational environment.
The quality of its teachers makes up for what the facilities lack. I am in the AP/Honors track. After so many years of meeting new mentors, I regret my experience with only one. Teachers keep professional but generally chill relationships with students; they create enjoyable classroom cultures that make me feel comfortable and ready to learn.
I wish that the school had more funding to improve the school's access to resources and art/music courses. I have not been able to properly pursue my artistic career due to the lack of funding and recognition for humanities students.
Overall, my academic career runs smoothly at Revere High.
I liked that a lot of the faculty however this school allowed terrible teachers get hired due to a need in teachers.
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My experience about Revere High School that yes it is a pretty good school because the teachers are great but at the same time it is not the best environment. What I like about Revere High School is that there is so much opportunities especially for minorities such as myself, like sports, clubs, volunteer service, etc so I always have something to do and I am always busy which is great! But changes I would like to see is more changes on how admin deal with situations at school and the cleaning situation since nothing is ever cleaned there, especially the bathroom stalls - they won't fix the bathroom stalls or some bathrooms in the floors do not have soap! Also, how people treat other people:( This is something that definitely needs to change.
The staff will help you with your studies even though some of the teachers have some attitude problems. The food is okay and the student body is very diverse so there is no reason you will ever be excluded.
I have met great teachers and peers at Revere High School. However, at times it can feel like I don't belong. Revere High School has average education system but students can often feel neglected especially by the guidance counselors.
My high school was diverse and listened to students request consistently throughout the year. Instead of telling students that their disapproved actions could not continue any further, staff would work their way around it and would always find a solution. This is extremely helpful because teens dislike like being told to stop because it only fuels them to be mischievous.
Teachers were also extremely educated and dedicated to their work. Some graduated from Boston University, Harvard, Tufts, etc. Some have also received a national "teacher of the year" award.
However, there is a great divide in athlete treatment. Coaches show favoritism clearly which leaves the others a delay in progress.
Going to Revere High School wasn’t great. I didn’t feel like I had any privacy in the bathroom because the door were always broken. Some teachers were a little rude. The school isn’t really aware of micro-aggressions that affect students negatively.
The school was nothing like I was expecting. When I fist go to this country I thought it was going to be like the movies I used to see on TV, but it wasn't. The teachers where all very nice and the faculty where always there to help. Even after school which was something have never seen done before. It was a very good school overall.
Revere high is a very diverse school filled with a wide range of different people with their own interests. I particularly like a decent amount of the teachers and the guidance counselors, they are able to provide ample support and guidance. What I do not like about Revere high on the contrary is the sometimes lack of care given by the teachers.
I like Revere High because it is evident how passionate most teachers are about making sure students are always focused and actually learning the material.
Revere High School is a good school for learning many different subjects at once and not getting too stressed. Their staff is excellent and extremely helpful when troubles arise or when questions are needed to be answered quickly. They have amazing teachers and courses we wouldn’t see at other high schools which makes it interesting and fun. Everyone is so spirited and tries hard to achieve their goals. Most of the students I’ve seen or met were very ambitious and passionate about doing well in school and challenging themselves to be better. Revere High School is different from every other school I have been to. The students and staff are respectful, and everyone gets along well. I would say that the only aspect I would like to see change in is the diversity of the school since I don’t see it so much. Other than that, it’s an amazing school.
Revere high school has a lot of good facilities and adults you can connect with. As long as you are ready to work hard and talk to your teachers, you will excel in the school.
My experience at RHS has been great! Despite the tiring days of class work and assessments, I have made some of my best memories at this school! I have met some inspiring people, and made lifelong friends at this high school. I have met teachers who’ve taught me a lot of life lessons and showed me a lot of beneficial things for the future. I’ve met coaches who’ve bettered me as a player and person. The best thing about RHS is that I gained a lot of experience in the real world. My time at RHS showed me what it is like to feel and adapt to change. RHS made me an adult.
It has been a good four years of school here but it lacks readiness for college. It also is terrible how underclassmen treat our school. We had to lock up bathrooms because students were trashing them and smoking in them. If I want to talk a breathe and walk around for five minutes just to ease my mind or to distress, we can't because so many of these disrespectful students have ruined it for us as seniors. There are many great teachers but there are also teachers where I didn't learn anything in their class. Our new principal has done a lot to try and makes it a better school and it's working gradually.
I personally have had a really good experience at Revere High School, so far. I really like their AP program and academic programs. They have allowed me to excel and learn more than I ever did before. However, I wish our school was more protected and that we had a nicer school. Our girls restrooms do not have locks and I see various students wandering the halls during instructional time. There's a lot of fights and school is never boring.
The relationships I have created with teachers and students are unbelievable. Everyone makes friends but it Is rare to create bonds with teachers. They really care for you and strive to see you excel in and outside of schools.
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Revere High School is a good school. Many great teachers and administrations. The diversity is amazing. Yes, thay make you do some extra things like portfolios, community service hours, etc, but at the end they do them just teach you how to do things that you might need to know how to do later in life.
As a senior at Revere High School, I can easily say there needs to be a lot of improvements to our school. With new administration every year, it has been difficult to build special relations to the people who set an example to us students. With this being said, I have luckily built special relations to a handful of teachers who genuinely care about their students well-being. The general student body is extremely diverse which allows for many learning opportunities! Our school is primarily made up of Hispanics who use their culture and language to brighten our community. The building itself is slowly crumbling due to the mistreatment and neglect by its students. Between the bathroom stalls that do not close, constant smoke detectors going off due to vaping, and the old wooden desks, our school definitely needs a makeover. Despite all of the flaws Revere High may have, the bonds and friendships I have made in my sports teams, classes and clubs, has made my four years unforgettable.
Ever since I arrived at Revere High School I felt very welcomed, the diversity in the school made me feel like I was back in my home country. I've met people from every single continent and from very different cultures. Revere High School offers its students the opportunity to experience new cultures while still giving them a quality education.
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