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Republic High School gives the students the best opportunities to succeed academically. The teachers give extra time to ensure their students comprehend the material. However, the school tends to turn a blind eye when it comes to the mental health of their students.
For the most part, I felt like all of the teachers at this school really cared for each student. I always enjoyed going to school, and I feel like not many schools can do that for their students.
It's a very involved school. The teachers and principles can be seen every day either in the hallway or with a class. Very invested in sports and Extracurricular activities. They care about the arts. Every student has a say in things, and what they want. It likes to show pride in everything and care for the safety of the students first. It's a school that likes to expand into new things like technology and science.
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The experience I have had while in Republic High School has been interesting. The food is edible, the people are wildly obscure, and the classes are very educational. I am not a popular student at my school but it is easy to say I am not unpopular. There are good and bad things about my school. Our football team is terrible, the marching band is finaominal, the choir is great, the theater program is tremendous, the JROTC program is spectacular, the food (like I said before) is edible.
Republic is a very good school. I have always felt welcome to go there. However, they spend too much time appreciating the football team and not awarding or recognizing other sports that are good or the academic achievements that people have received.
I loved my teachers and there were a lot of academic opportunities for me. The only thing I did not enjoy was the administration's uneven focus on sports. All the assemblies focused on student-athletes and praised them without giving praise to the academic successes of other students.
Not many AP classes, but the school has many good classes that are non-AP and have good teachers as well.
It's a really nice high school that gives students opportunities to succeed in life. It's gives opportunities in all life choices, like if you wanted to choose a college military, or workforce path it's got the people and resources for you to succeed. I've spent 3 years there now and they have wonderful staff who really do care about there students.
The administration cares more about getting more funding from the State than the actual students. There are many attendance initiatives that I find unfair to many students. For example, students may be exempt from finals if you have a B or higher in the class, no serious disciplinary issues, and missed 2 days or less of the class. While I support schools trying to support going to school, this is unfair to students who simply can't go school, my freshman year I had to take finals because I was sick for 3 days, and I was punished for being sick. I find that unfair.
I like the choices I have to take the classes I want. As a senior, I am able to skip the first hour and not have a class until the second hour. I like that I am trusted to go to classes and I'm not micro-managed by faculty or staff at RHS. They are involved when they need to be but let us as students make choices for ourselves and ask for help when we think we need it.
I have liked how welcoming the whole school is it is always a positive environment that everyone can feel welcome in. No matter your background you will make friends with the students and teachers.
I would like to see this high school be more accepting of new students. I think that there should be a lot more school activities that are for everyone, not just for certain people. I think that there should also be more of a selection of classes at the school. I did like how the classes were set up (the time schedule), and I liked the early release on Fridays.
Very good teachers but a heavy focus on athletics, fine arts get left in the dust. The students are very involved and good to one another
I liked that in my experience, very little bullying occurred. It still does occur, of course; this is southern Missouri. Most people are at least a little racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. I also liked that some of the teachers are great. The building is pretty nice. The layout is easy to figure out; it's hard to get lost. We just got a new football stadium, so that's neat.

A complaint I have is that a good portion of the toilets nearest Mrs. Carter's room are always out of order. Seriously, what's up with that? Another is that the activities outside of sports do not get much recognition. For instance, I am in the band, and we are not recognized nearly as much as, say, the football team. The administrators and whatnot recognize us as much as they have to, but there's no passion in that recognition. Also, we have assemblies/meetings all the freaking time! Like, let me go to class and do my freaking homework! I don't want to be here!! Also, like all the kids are white.
I would not go to Republic High School if I had a choice. The teachers are poor especially in the Science Department. Last year most of the Science Department got forced to resign due to problems distributing Alcohol to minors. Now, we have teachers that don't teach very well because they were a quick fix to what happened last year.
Republic High School offers many after High School opportunities, however, the social environment is complex. Throughout my senior year experience, I have watched girls bully others and get into arguments over small situations. If there is any advice I would give to the administrators, it would be to handle bullying cases with more severity. Republic High School implemented a "no drug" policy, yet forgot to make and publicize a "no bullying policy".
Republic High School has a lot of options for student involvement. They offer many opportunities to learn in a creative way... through travel, experience, hands on, through books. The lunch food could be way better.
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It is a very nice school, most of the teachers are very helpful and the counselors especially are very helpful.
Republic is a very conservative school. If you are not a white, Christian, conservative, then it can be hard to fit in with many students. The people there are also pretty fake. Otherwise the academics are average, they don't have many challenging classes. Republic also only cares about sports, they spent I believe close if not more than 4 million dollars on a football field.
My senior year I was a disaster. My health was horrible and I wasn't making it to school. My teachers worked with me and got my doctor to enroll me in a homebound program. I had Mrs Kiser who is an amazing teacher! If she didnt understand it one day, we sat that work aside and the next day she knew how to teach me. She truly cared about me and my grades. Never will I forget her and all she taught me.
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