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I really love how the teachers are all very friendly and are willing to help with anything that you need, school related, personal, etc.
The education I received from Reno High was excellent. I was a less than decently versed with my mathematics. Thanks to Mr. Liessman and Mr. G, I was able to fully understand my math concepts in easy and manageable segments. I started with failing my first midterm my first year to ending with a 100% on my all final exams as a senior. All the staff was wonderful and really cares about their students. The culture really wants you to learn and grow, even if you don’t pursue uni or college.

Science, history, English, and my electives were exceptional. Even my college AP classes are amazing. I felt genuinely prepared for my college experience and it made it a flawless transition. Thank you to all of the amazing teachers and administrators that changed my life forever.
Overall, I have found Reno High to be a fantastic experience! The open campus is quite nice, and there are many activities available to students. It seems to me that there is something for everyone! There are clubs of all different natures, as well as sports and other activities relating to the arts and technology. My academic experience has also been great. The staff truly cares for their students and apart from 1 unhelpful teacher, all of my teachers have helped me to effectively understand the subject matter that I am learning. Most of the student body is friendly, though there are some rude kids (but all schools have them). Personally, I haven't had any problems with my peers and I feel relatively safe at school. Though our facility might not be the prettiest with its yellow-tiled walls, there are decent classrooms and quality sports facilities offered here. In all, I've had no major issues here and am grateful that I go to a school with good academics and spirited students.
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I've liked it so far but their could be improvements here and there but over all i still think its a good school
I loved the school spirit and I loved how everything felt like a family, it was pretty great. I’m going to miss Reno high.
Reno High School is a very rewarding experience. They have a really nice and accepting atmosphere, with many areas to hang out with friends, and many classroom to feel at home in. The teachers range from either terrible to amazing, there are few that are in between, but most are amazing and are quick to adapt to different teaching styles so that each student learns at their own pace. The Red House Project is a wonderful program to be apart of, and I took most of the classes within that program just to explore what I liked and what I didn't, and the teachers were okay with that! They wanted you to try something new, and were very supportive. The Animation Room was one of the most active yet comfortable environments for someone like myself, and if you're going to Reno to enter this program I highly recommend it. It was one of the best experiences of my life, even with it's ups and downs.
Throughout my four years at Reno High School, the thing that I really loved the most was our schools team spirit, and the way we always came together in support of each other and fellow teammates on the football field, basketball court, volleyball court ( I was also on the volleyball team and it was an amazing experience for me) and any other sport at Reno High. I loved all of the traditions of Reno High School like the yellow tiled walls, and how freshman couldn't walk on the big R in the dome. If I could change anything about Reno High I would probably make it to where people wouldn't form popularity cliché's and shut other people out. Other than that, Reno High was an amazing school and I will never forget the amazing people and teachers that I met.
Although Reno may not be the best high school in the district, it is one of the better ones. The school has nice facilities and fields. The bathrooms, for example, are much nicer that those of other schools. Also, I love the school spirit here. During spirit weeks, so many students would participate. Furthermore, now that it's baseball season, it's only natural to talk about how great the baseball team is here. They've started off the season very well and if I remember correctly, the team also did very well the last year and years before.
There's definitely a lot of school spirit, however definitely not everyone is in for it but the kids who are, are very into it. One thing I enjoyed about Reno High was how big of a school it is, even though you see the same faces daily in your classes, you're bound to always meet new people. One of the drawbacks to this is the overcrowding. The halls are brutally crowded and the classrooms are always full, however it seems the teachers manage it well.
I would say that Reno High School is a good school to be in. The teachers seem to care about how a student is doing in school, and the atmosphere of the school is good. Everybody seems to have great spirit when it comes to Reno High School.
My overall experience at Reno High School has been very memorable. I've been very involved in many things. I've played varsity soccer, basketball, and softball as well as been in multiple clubs like key club and student council. Being involved by going to dances, sport games, etc. has made my high school experience so much better than what it would've been. However the politics of Reno High's sports and clubs especially by administrators. More specifically if a student is connected to the administration in some way, they are treated better and benefit more than those who not. Although this is extremely unfair it taught me to understand things aren't always going to be fair and to make the most out of my life. Overall, I've made so many friends at Reno High and we're all one family/community before anything.
I really like Reno high mainly because of the amazing school spirit compared to all the other schools. The teachers and staff are all very nice and caring and want you to succeed. Some things I would change are probably the food there are a lot of kids who can’t afford good food so they get stuck with the terrible school lunch. And the safety isn’t the greatest due to the amount of entrances around the school.
Reno High is proud of it's traditions and it's culture surrounding honor. The student body is god-humored generally well behaved because of the serious attitude toward work that the staff has. The administration was qualified and dedicated, helpful and responsive, which is what I found to be the most appealing about my experiences when I was in need of information or actions regarding absences or scheduling. The counselors had a great many students to keep track of, so the relationship with my counselors was not overly familiar and the interactions were always brief but efficient. Overall, I found Reno High School to be a good fit for what my academic goals were.
Reno High has a diverse atmosphere with a bunch of excellent, bright students. The campus always looks well taken care of and the teachers seem to be passionate about their positions!
I went to Reno all four years and always had great teachers and the school actives where always good and while planed
I was zoned for another local school and received a variance to attend the Red House Project at Reno High School. It was worth the sacrifice of leaving all of my friends to get a better education. It was the best choice I have ever made.
it was amazing, we had so much school spirit and we always brought everyone together. I wish we had had more student assemblies, otherwise i highly recommend the school
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I really liked Reno High, I was really sad to move because it made me realize how top notch the education and the teachers really were. They kept me engaged and interested in what was being taught and helped me if I needed it. The culture of RHS was something that radiated every day. As you walked down those yellow tiled halls, teachers ( mostly alum) would stand outside their classes just looking over us and greeting us, giving it the community a personal feeling.
Reno High School is full of amazing opportunities. Whether you want to excel in academics with the school providing many college-level classes or if you wish to prepare for joining up with the military after high school, Reno provides programs such as the Reserve Officers' Training Corps or ROTC in which they prepare young adults to become officers in the military. If you wish to do your own thing, Reno high provides clubs in which the school encourages anybody to join or create. These clubs can prepare you for your future, for example, the Young Investors Society, where they teach you how to invest and create a stable income. If you wish for a career or some entertainment, you can join the numerous sport or gaming clubs. For any number of reasons, Reno High is the school in which they help students achieve their goals in life.
Reno High School is the best high school I could have gone to in the Reno Area. The AP teachers (too many great ones to list) love to teach and are interesting people that make going to school a joy. The student body that you find in classes is awesome and motivated people that know how to have a good time. You are able to find your group of friends and use the school to be successful. The traditions at Reno High make the school really fun with sports teams that are successful due to great coaches. Could not have had my experience anywhere else. The College and Career Center is a great resource at the school for future success led by the great Mrs. Lerude.
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