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Renaissance is an amazing place to learn, there are a lot of hands on classes and the acceptance and tolerance that you see is inspiring and comforting. Creativity is obvious at this school and the teachers are great and the director Mr. Richards is a great leader and mentor. I am a good student but was never a fan of getting up early and going to school but renaissance makes life better.
Renaissance is a fairly small charter school, which is nice because you really get to know everyone there. Our principal likes to call us a family, which is pretty much true. Everyone there is for some type of art, so you meet a lot of people with similar interests to you. Our school's main goal is to make us very versatile artists who can create art in many different forms. For example, I'm a dancer however I also take photography, painting and theater classes. I never would have found my love for photography had it not been for Renaissance. We also have a block schedule that changes every day so we can take as many classes as possible. So while it's nice that I only have English twice a week, it creates a lot of homework which has pushed me to be a hard-worker who has to have a lot of self-motivation and time management. While it's extremely difficult I would never change it.
In my time at Renaissance I noticed there was a bit of a bias towards certain arts, i.e. more photography and drawing classes than dance, writing, or music (especially instrumental). If you're planning on attending Renaissance for arts that aren't in high demand with a high percentage of other students, then expect your class choices to be few and boring. The block scheduling is a great concept, but makes for awful conflicts when a class you really want to take is only offered during an academic class you're required to take. The academic classes through Renaissance (social studies and English) is nice because you only have to take them once or twice per week, but compared to traditional "same-class-every-day" scheduling, you definitely don't get the same kind of education. In a once a week humanities class, you won't learn what you could in an every day world history class.
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I could not string into words all of the wonderful things Renaissance has done for me. My fellow students have inspired me, and my instructors have allowed me the opportunity to dip my toes into every creative ally while reassuring me that it is okay to fail, but once I have found my passion, I must fight for it. My drawing and painting instructors have become second mothers to me and I hold them and the other volunteer artists to the highest regard. At Renaissance classes are not split by grade, but by artistic levels and I was thrilled to realize in my freshman year that grade was but a number. I have watched some of my best friends graduate and go on to follow their dreams and they have inspired me to do the same. Renaissance is place of acceptance and joy and I wouldn't change a thing if I could. There were times when our painting class would burst into a rendition of "Can't Buy Me Love" with full dance moves or my Photo Location class would get lost in a cemetery while on a photo shoot and I would have to as myself if I was in a movie or if Glee had become a reality. I honestly refer to my graduating class as family, when one of my fellow seniors lost her father to cancer, the whole class was invited to partake in the funeral and have all pitched in to aid her family. If I could choose any school in the world I would choose none other than Renaissance. I wish I could express in words exactly what this school and it's members have done for me, but alas I believe that would be impossible to fit into a 10,000 word essay, much less a review.
Renaissance is a school in which students have to apply to and are required to maintain a GPA higher than 2.5 (At lowest, the majority of the school is above a 3.0, Renaissance has won awards because of this.), because of this the students are all very kind and accepting. Renaissance has it's own guidance counselors aside from West and they are very knowledgeable about the future of art students and career options. There is only one office staff member at Renaissance and she works hard to keep the school running smoothly. Our Principal, along with running the school, teaching his own humanities classes through Renaissance and knows every student by name, I could not speak higher of any one.
Not enough time for a healthy lunch. Took away time to get teachers help. Bulling is allowed by Principal because he does not punish or expel them. Students are afraid to report bulling because principal accuses them also.
The instructors are very involved with the students and want to see them succeed. The school wants students & instructors to work and feel as a team. Students come away feeling confident with a can do attitude. The students trust and respect the instructors. Any student that is motivated and dedicated with the an art field in mind will benefit from this school.
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