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I thought that Renaissance had a great environment that is very supportive to its students. It is a great place to be yourself and not get lost in a big school environment. I do think that they could use more funding, as well as more science classes.
Renaissance is such a great school for upcoming small artists trying to pursue some form of an art in the future. The two types of art pathways are visual and performing.
Renaissance High has been a wonderful experience for the four years I have attended. This school has given me the means and method to truly hone my skills and pursue my passions as a performing artist to become well versed in the discipline. Most of the administration and staff are practicing artists in the real world and are amazing at mentoring the students at the school. The student body itself is very diverse in terms of its demographics and its talent, with well rounded artists from all walks of life coming together in an institution that is accepting and uplifting. The school and staff strives to provide a nurturing and encouraging environment for its students to excel in their art and their academics.
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Renaissance has an amazing community. All staff and students are extremely kind and welcoming. The small school setting makes it easy to ask for help and to make friends. Teachers are always there for you. I couldn't imagine going to any other school.
After four years at Renaissance High School for the Arts, I am so thankful to be a part of this community. It was apparent from the moment I stepped onto this campus as an 8th grader during School of Choice that there was something different, something special, about this school. Renaissance is more than a community, we are a family. Instead of being competitive if somebody’s falling behind, we try to help lift one another up and encourage each other to try again. We put our trust in one another. This creates a culture where we feel supported, cared for and valued as individuals.
An advantage of going to a small school is that everybody gets to know each other. The teachers and students get to have a 1-on-1 connection. The teachers are open and willing to help you. I have been stretched and grown and have had many firsts while I was here. Renaissance has shaped me to be a better person. I am so grateful to have been a part of this community, this family.
Renaissance High school for the Arts is a place to find your self without feeling judged or alone. You are free to explore your artistry and education. Parents will never have to worry about their child's well being and safety as respect is one of our most important values. In addition, diversity is extremely prevalent, providing every student with a safe sense of community. The school population averages around 500 students every year. It gives the teachers the ability to get to know each student. helping them out academically and as an artist. However, If I could change certain aspects of the school, I would like to encourage auditions for each program. Students enter at various attitudes and skill level, this prevents higher-level students from improving. Due to it not being a private school, many students come in with a lack of seriousness and it takes a toll on the school culture. Those who take their art pathway seriously are seen to blossom compared to those who do not care.
I am currently a senior at Renaissance high school for the arts. Renaissance is a great school that has a variety of art departments such as music, dance, drawing and painting, digital art, theater, choir, vocal jazz and much much more! The school is filled with diversity and offers a ton of opportunities. My art is music and it has opened doors and opportunities for me as it has for many other students. Renaissance also has amazing coaches and teachers in the art department that provide us with tools and resources to make sure we succeed in both our art and academic classes. My experience has been amazing, I have been involved in so many musical opportunities including musicals and concerts. Renaissance has allowed me to come out of my shell and has helped me become a better musician.
I believe that all Long Beach District High schools are amazing, but I am really seeing lots of change within Renaissance High School for the Arts. It has been quite an experience to participate in so many good events, as well as the student-teacher connection that not many students all over get to have, are found in this school. You want one on one time? Having trouble with grades? Many come here in order to focus on the Arts and improve their areas of Public Speaking, Leadership, and Responsibility. Sadly, many children my age lack the encouragement and education needed to master such simple yet difficult subjects. Thus, Renaissance High has created many clubs, and wants to become open to any student in Long Beach, to teach others what Kindness, Love, Peace, and Friendship is all about, during your career as an aspiring artist!
Renaissance is a school that’s based a individuality, us as students express ourselves with our art such as; dancing, drawing and painting, singing, poetry and etc. This school is well recommended if you just want to experience or search for your art to find what exactly you like to do and the teachers will guide you to find your art or passion, rather it’s in the arts or academics, at Renaissance there’s a art and/or passion for everybody. However, the only thing that I would change is the dress code. For example, ripped jeans, off-the-shoulders, and crop tops. Although, I understand there should be some type of dress code for the district but this dress code is too strict, especially for a school that expresses ourselves with the art of fashion. We shouldn’t have to hide our self expression with our clothing.
I graduated from Renaissance High School for the Arts a year ago. I didn't really like the school or the people there, I did meet some incredible friends but I feel like I was just put into another middle school in the end.
So far my experience have been amazing. This school is extremely accepting of anyone so the students feel really comfortable. There are no fights and bullying at all throught out the school year. The only thing that id like to change is for the vice principal because she seems to allow people of her ethnicity to dress as they like that doesnt follow dress code.
Pretty good school! Teachers overall are supportive and kind.Plenty of opportunities to do well in classes as well as take Ap,Honors,and college classes.
Renaissance is a small specialized school, which overall provides a good transition from junior high to high school, but is lacking in variety of people. Depending on your perspective - could be seen as a good thing, but it limits experiences with people and potential opportunities for growth. The teachers are understanding to our individual unique ways of thinking, and A-G courses do not seem supplementary to our many extracurricular activities. Comparative to other schools, Renaissance can be considered a community where grade levels are not divisive in friend groups, and very open when it comes to opinion of others.
I love that renaissance has a student body of 500 students. We're all so connected to each other & we support each other no matter your ethnicity, color, religion or sexuality. We accept everyone for who they are and we all feel so proud when one of us accomplish something. The teachers help a lot and not only do they prepare you for college but also for the real world out there. We can count on the students and the teachers to help us with whatever it is we need and we all feel really safe there. We have no fights nor any violence, most of our clubs focus on what do to after high school or accepting who you are. Parents are always involved in shows and they always bring food for everyone which is great! Another great thing about Renaissance is that no matter what's your art, you'll get a lot of experience since we have a lot of shows going on throughout the year. I love Renaissance and if I could I would never graduate.
The school itself is great. The staff could be put into consideration. I feel as if the school should have guide line on what we should learn that year, hands down. The environment is very welcoming, it is an arts school so everyone is allowed to be them self. It doesn't matter the gender, race, preference, anything and just about everything is welcomed. The education could be better, but at least I'm learning something rather than nothing. The whole standard of the dress code should be revised, because I don't understand how we are free to express ourselves when our dress code doesn't match other schools.
The school was very nice, the people were inviting and it was a great high school experience. Although, they COULD have something's that other high schools have such as sports or more school dances, but all in all, it was fun.
It had a friendly environment, both students and teachers were easy to get along with. It helped me to develop my drawing skills, learn about pottery and be a better public speaker through it's theater class.
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Had a great time. I started in the 11th grade and enjoyed my entire time there.
They welcomed me the first day and that was a good feeling.
I attended at Renaissance High School for the Arts to better my technique and knowledge in the visual arts. To my astonishment, I had already sold a painting of mine to the vice principal at this school after graduating from there. It was my very first paycheck that I received from something I love doing; art. This school gives you that push you need to move forward in pursuing your dreams even though to many it seems unlikely and unrealistic. What Renaissance High School for the Arts needs are new academic teachers that will motivate and change student's lives. Teachers that have a genuine passion for helping them to become successful, rather than working to just collect their daily paychecks.
Being a queer person, I had a really unique and safe experience at Renaissance. I was surrounded by lots of understanding peers and teachers of my identity. It was a warm a welcoming place and I think of it fondly. The teachers were not always the best because the lacked funding. However, this is not the school doing as the schools in the district get funding based on the size of the schools' population and Renaissance is the smallest school in the district, with approximately 500 students. Most of the schools funding went to the arts programs there. Students were allowed to take a range of different art classes including Theater, Visual Arts, and Music. All together it was a wonderful learning experience and somewhere I felt very protected and comfortable at.
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