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Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology Reviews

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I love the diversity of my school.The teachers are great and take time to get you to understand your classwork. I wish my school had SAT prep, life skills classes, CPR training
I have attended Renaissance High School for Musical Theatre & Technology for almost 3 years now. I have dealth with some personal issues when I first attended Renaissance. They have given me the opportunity to graduate on time with giving me the classes and the tutoring I needed. The negative side is there is some safety issues in the school, alot of fighting. Class sizes are extremely large.
The way the teachers push you and motivate you to do better is amazing. They offer tutoring at least twice a week and will never put you down if they feel like you need more assistance on a topic. Great experience.
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I like the fact that it is small school so we were able to build a strong community amongst ourselves. The administration and teachers do everything in their power to make sure their students are able to succeed.
Renaissance High School is such a great school, there sometimes can be up to 4 teachers in one class. The teachers want you to actually succeed and make something of yourself, the trips were amazing and the events/clubs are very diverse.
My experience in Renaissance was a good experience for the most part. In the beginning it was going pretty good, but more into the school year there was a lot of problems.
I loved my time at Renaissance High School because the teachers and students were always involved with each other. Also, the teachers never gave up on any student and always wanted to make sure we were ready for college after high school.
I haven't been in too many clubs due to a lack of those I would be interested in.
Even though I have had a few problems during my time at this school, the environment is exactly what I would want to have in a high school, and for that reason, if no other, I'm glad I chose this school to attend.
Regarding the teachers I've had in the past three years, the majority have been very knowledgeable and helpful both during classes and when I've needed extra help.
It's better than most schools in the Bronx, the students are average but the education is good
The safety policies are very good along with health programs
Dance club alone with student government is very cool.
I love dance class and advisor with Dean Conrow
The teachers are very helpful and go out of their way to help the students achieve academic goals.
There is great diversity among the choices to accommodate to the likings of different types of students.
I have acquired many meaningful skills at this school.
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The teachers are engaged and attempt to incorporate fun activities into the lessons.
I'm not really sure about the activities that they offer after school because i didn't partcpiate in any but i know it's a wide variety of them
My experience at this school was great. I came 3 months late into my senior year and graduated early. If i could have started 9th grade in this school i would have! The students are very friendly, teachers very supportive and amount of class work and extracurricular activities offered is great too. The school is very united.
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