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Renaissance High School at Olympic High School Reviews

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My experience at this school has been terrible from the start. The food here made me sick. The kids are terrible, they brag about what they have, a lot of verbal bullying, so much cussing. When there is a fight, the admin. doesn't even do anything! Same thing when you report someone, they don't do a thing. The school is unsafe, just late last year we had an active shooter, they said that they would put more security.... 4 months later, still the same. I am so glad I am moving. Sad just sad.
My experience as a student here is not great at all. The school food has made me sick before. The teachers care nothing about the education of the students, but care about how the scores students make effect the teachers themselves. If they would take a better approach of teaching, scores would be amazing. Administration doesn't do anything about the bullying that happens around this school. I wish I could be homeschooled rather than go to Olympic.
Throughout the time I attended the school, I was given the reality checks of a lifetime, I even got a chance to try the technology I never used before. especially in my Engineering Design Class. It is thanks to them, that I was able to decide what I want to be later in life. I am forever grateful for their support.
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Olympic is a very unique and diverse school. For over 5 years this school was separated into 5 smaller schools. Olympic recently went back to one School and there has been some organizationtional issues, but they are working to fix them.
Good teachers and academic support. College readiness and diversity was very good. The resources were excellent.
Olympic High is an overall poorly cleaned and negatively impacted school. The environment is terribly "cleaned" with dead animals, roach infestation, pipe leaks, moldy foods in the cafeteria, not to mention half the staff is only there to get paid - meaning they could care less about the learning atmosphere, future careers, and mental stability of the students that attend. Some rules and regulations seem to fit a prison setting more than a public school setting as this is how the majority of the students felt while attending.
Renaissance at Olympic High School was one of the 5 schools within Olympic. I have to say that it was an amazing experience now that I look back at it. I can't say it was the opportunites offered. Certainly wasn't the students, who were overall pretty crude and lazy. The teachers who helped me survive those 4 years are the only thing that would motivate me to re-do high school. Almost each teacher at Renaissance is amazing, creative and have dedication to their students that you couldn't imagine. They literally felt like they could be my family. To one student, a teacher did become her family. He told us a heartbreaking tale of a student who hated him and would curse him out became his adoptive daughter after she ran away from a mentally and physically abusive family. This teacher went as far as contacting an illegal gang to find her after went missing one day. Trust me, this story will really bring you to tears coming from his mouth. I would give these teachers the world if I could.
The teachers in Renaissance truly care about you and want to prepare you fully for either career or college.
While the select teachers who care really help students work towards their full potential, there is too much emphasis on disciplining poor behavior rather than on those students who work hard. It seems hopeless to think that administration would think about the individual learner when they try to solve issues such as cell phone policies.
Throughout my four years at Renaissance, I met incredible students and staff that I know I will continue to have strong friendships with, even after I graduate. The counselor was always there to listen to me, and to help me with whatever problems I had, and even when she was busy, I knew that there were other teachers in the building that I could talk to. Although my experience was not perfect, I did enjoy it, and I will look back at my high school experience fondly.
Over the 3 years I have been here, Renaissance is a pretty good school especially if you are into the arts and want to do visual and performing arts.
This school has amazing teachers and staff, but the only real problem is the building. It is very old, and there are often bugs and rodents in it. There are also classrooms that are falling apart and sometimes do not have heat or air.
Teachers were great and that's about all that matters when it comes to the individual schools. I feel like I ultimately learned a lot and genuinely learned a lot. The electives in Renaissance are obviously more interesting and engaging. It's Olympic as a whole that made one ready to graduate as soon as possible. It's dirty some faculty in other school's were rude and it felt like it just generally didn't offer much. The five school system seemed unnecessary from day 1, allowing "tracks" would've probably been more effective. Instead you're forced into a small school despite going to one of the biggest schools in the district and most students were stuck in schools they would have no business in now because of a middle school decision of where to go with their friends. Just unnecessary.
The physical school itself is horrendous, with roaches and mice. However, this is because the school system does not receive much funding from the state to clean such things. Even though it is nasty, the teachers a friendly and actually value a students education.
Overall I give my experience a two. My first year was fun they really promoted creativity and the arts. All thay changed with the next three years it was more about policing than learning.
I like the arts and the idea of the school, but they are too focused on getting the kids out into the world rather than making school worth while. Plus, there is a large cockroach and rat investation
The administration at Renaissance is really good. They care about the students and are dedicated to making sure we making to whatever we want to do in the future whether it is military, college, or going straight into the work force.
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What I enjoyed most about Renaissance at Olympic High School is the diversity among the students. There was a strong acceptance between students regardless of sexuality, race, gender, and social class. What I wish for Renaissance to have is more parent involvement, as well as an improvement in organization among the schools activities and events.
My son had an excellent High School career at Olympic High School from counselors to teachers. Our situation was unique for my student but I received help and guidance needed for him to get accepted to a college of his choice. I have nothing but great things to say about Olympic High School and their staff.
As a student, I love attending this school. The teachers get to know you. They want to see you succeed and do not mind answering any questions that there students might have. The other students are very welcoming and friendly to anyone. You will have no trouble making friends here. There's a very wide selection of sports and clubs, anything from the football team to the LGBTQ club. We have it.
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