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Renaissance Charter School at Tradition Reviews

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My experience has been great, the teachers have excellent education and communication. And most importantly, my daughter is happy at school.
Poor quality of teachers, major teacher turnover. student to teacher ratio exceeds the public school's limits as high as to 26:1, where public schools are 18:1. excessive unrelated homework , classroom management is poor as well as their methods of disciplining. whole classroom punishments. They restricted recess. disability discrimination. segregation and other mistreatment incorrect or misleading information. The car loop and traffic is an issue. Many of the issues in this school stem from management. The principal is also employed as a Charter USA district leader. This causes her to be off campus often. BTW, Charter USA doesn't respond or help.Major lack in communication both teacher and school. There is so much more but there is not enough room to list all here.
I came to this school in the middle of the year and found the students to be snobby and rude overall. Some of my teachers were very indulged in the lessons and lives of other students whereas the others didn't care to teach a thing. Has a lot of potential
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In my experience at this school, children were disruptive and not willing to learn anything the teachers wanted to teach. A handful of teachers wanted to be there for the position and not for the money itself. My experience wasn't awful but I felt as if it could be better. May have had a great deal to do with the students and their behavior.
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