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A very good experience! High school was fun :) The small environment allowed you to know everybody well, and everybody knew you; it was like a nice, big, happy family.
I believe a lot of the administration has changed since I graduated but Reicher is a good, small high school for anyone looking to build community. As a Catholic private school, you are required to take a Theology class every year. But it's fascinating stuff!
I was a great school, everyone know everyone. But when the parochial head(the priest). gives the choice of either quit or get fired then the administration needs a new leader
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I enjoyed RCHS because it prepared me for my future endeavors. I made many everlasting friendships! The lunches and extracurricular activities were awesome
I liked how small the school was. I would like to see the school actually listen to its students and let them be more involved in student council. I was part of student council, and it felt more like a party planning committee. I did not feel as my voice was heard. On top of that, the academics were not the best. I am very unprepared for college in the math department because the school did not hire good math teachers.
The only good parts about this institution are the catered food and the ability to be in as many sports or clubs as you want. Other than that, the academics are poor and are not worth the price. Students have to take unnecessary classes, many of which are taught by incompetent teachers. Reicher boasts a high teacher turnover rate; I have had 5+ math teachers in three years. There is no SAT/ACT prep, and students like myself are told we won’t make it into a college rather than worked with to achieve our goals (I got into my dream school on my own, by the way). The most inadequate part about Reicher is the administration. A clause in the handbook allows the biased administration to bend and create new rules at will. If you’re not a star athlete, you’re reprimanded for mundane occurrences like using a blanket in an unheated room. There is a newly implemented demerit system, tallying up infractions and punishing students for blunders as small as forgetting a pencil.
Everyone knows everyone and is not just a "number." All the teachers care about each and every child. Best Catholic High School in Waco!
Administration was incompetent. Teachers are not required to carry a teaching certificate and half of them were alumni. Coaches care more about winning than anything else. Academics are very poor due to unqualified teachers.
Reicher is a special place where students are prepared to become engaged and informed Christian citizens and the leaders of tomorrow in a caring Catholic environment. Students at Reicher have the opportunity to participate in as many activities as their heart desires from a complete athletic program to student government, theater, art, student ministry, and more. Reicher's teachers genuinely care that students reach their full potential in every academic endeavor.
"Reicher Catholic High School educates each student in spirit, mind, and body, by fostering personal excellence within the Catholic tradition." This is true about 10% of the time. They hire teachers that are still working on their degrees. They also fire teachers frequently, so most of the time, students will get a new teacher halfway through a semester. The academics are simply below par for the price. The administration at Reicher is even worse than the academics. The principal, Mindy Taylor, is indecisive, unfair, and holds the school back. The clause in the handbook that states "administration holds the power to amend the handbook at anytime, for any reason" allows for gross injustice in discipline. Rules are bent for certain students, and created for others. Niche only allows 1000 characters for a review, but to close, I would not even consider sending my dog to this school.
As a student at Reicher, I may be a little biased but it is a great school. There is a great emphasis put on the education in the faith and there are so many good teachers and opportunities, groups to join and sports to play. I am very happy and blessed that I am able to attend Reicher and receive the education that I do.
I liked how everyone was very friendly and everyone would come together as a family when we went through tough times. I liked the food and I liked the connections all sports teams had. The classroom environment was good. The one thing I would like to see change is the way some of the administration handled things.
I like that Christianity, morals and integrity are being taught as well as academics.
Teachers are not always qualified to teach the subject and ar subpar due to the low pay rate for teachers at Reicher. Turnover of faculty is high. Teachers and policies are not always consistent.
As a private school it has a tight budges but it manages it very well. The students and teachers are save and prepared for the worst. If there is a case of bullying you can go to the website and report a case and it is resolved immediately
This school provides almost all sports and is open to adding any club that one would like to start. The administration love to help people start clubs
This school has a family environment allowing a relationship to form with the teachers. They want the best for us and will stop at nothing to give us the best. It's a safe place for anyone. I can't imagine the thought of me being at a different school and would dread having to go somewhere like Vanguard Prepatory School
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It is a small family environment. The teachers are personal and want the best for you. The math and science program is strong with a new program called STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The school is in the process of making its self even better and more like other catholic school while keeping its uniqueness.
This is a small catholic school. You are able to be involved in as much activities as you can. That's the fun of it.
Just the small class room structure plus the school overall is very small. I like that then you get more one on one time with the teacher.
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