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My experience with Rehoboth Christian School was amazing. I started school at Rehoboth my seventh grade year all the way up to my senior year. I came to Rehoboth with a fifth grade level of learning. When I went to Rehoboth my level of learning changed dramatically. How I caught up with my class was though the time spent with my teachers .They always made sure I understood the materiel. Going though this taught me how to activate for myself when I didn't understand. They keep many students accountable for there studies inside and outside the classroom. The teachers really push all the studies to give there best in the classroom. Most of all they put time aside to get to know you. Whenever a student is wanting to talk about anything they are going though they make time to talk. This really helped me as a student to talk to someone when I was going though something. The teachers at Rehoboth will not just be my teachers but my best friends.
Rehoboth is probably the best high school in my town, Gallup. Our students come from an hour radius in every direction, so we have a lot of variety in our students! Most Rehoboth students want to go to college, and the teachers at my school prepare us to do that. We can take AP classes in history, literature or science. Our band and choir programs are awesome, with those groups going on tour every year. Our teachers are available to encourage top students to do more, or to help the struggling students pass their classes.

One thing that has been good at Rehoboth has been the variety of friends that I have made. There is a lot of diversity at my school. 75% of my classmates are Navajo, and the other 25% are a variety of other ethnicities. I enjoy have this variety of perspectives and experiences in my different friend groups.
Rehoboth is a family away from home. The Rehoboth community will always be there for you no matter what. I got the chance of experiencing this and it made the best high school experience. I would wake up in the morning and would be happy that I get to go to Rehoboth.
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I have been to Rehoboth Christian School for six years and I loved my time there. There is a strong sense of community, where everyone at the school knows everyone and every teacher or staff is willing to help each and every student with what they needed help with in school, sports, personal problems and relationships.
Okay school, very diverse, way to expensive. We don't learn much, easy As everywhere. Great teachers and everyone really cares about you
I've attended Rehoboth Christian since the fourth grade. Rehoboth is more than a truly feels like a community. The teachers really care about my success and the person I'm becoming. I'm very fortunate to attend such a wonderful school.
In terms of educating students about health, Rehoboth has done a great job by bringing in health professionals to educate students on healthy eating, physical activity, sexual health, and information on diseases. Rehoboth also requires a health course to be taken in one of four years of high school. The school also provides classes on health and safety such as CPR training, First Aid, Driver's Ed, etc. The school implements a 3 strike system when handling bullying but has a no tolerance rule to alcohol and other drugs.
My overall experience at this school was amazing! It was hands down the best school in the area. My favorite thing about the school was all the unique classes and opportunities I got by attending Rehoboth. Some of the classes included horticulture, outdoor leadership, worship leadership, art, etc; all of the classes unknown to other schools in the area. I also got to get involved in a lot of extracurricular activities such as Big Brother Big Sister, National Honor Society, Ropes Course, Art, and Choir which took me to places like Chicago, Grand Rapids, Santa Fe, Iowa, Colorado, Utah. All of my teachers were so kind and close to me that I saw them as more like friends who really cared about my education and wanted me to succeed.
The teachers at Rehoboth Christian School are very caring and considerate of all the students. All of the teachers are very young, outgoing, active, and friendly. They really try to get students involved in as much as possible. They will volunteer their own time to help you with homework, outside activities, scholarships, or even just to talk. I got to know each of my teachers on a first name basis and they were very interested in who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I am very thankful for all of the encouraging words from each of my teachers.
I felt that the health and safety polices were well establishes at Rehoboth Christian School. The school rarely experience any safety or health issues. The school was located approximately half a mile from the New Mexico State Police Department and the health clinic was in close proximity too.
During the course of my attendance at Rehoboth Christian School I rode the bus. I wasn't really exposed to various extracurricular activities except for sports. I had a 45 minute bus ride to school and from school. I normally left campus right after school if I wasn't participating in sports. I know for certain that the band were well advocated for simply because the band teacher made every effort to promote the program.
The teachers at Rehoboth Christian School are very knowledgable of the courses they teach. The teacher are young and are very motivated to teach. They very caring and considerate of students character and background. They are culturally sensitive to the ethnicity of students. They incorporate christianity into their lessons. Most importantly, they have great communication skills.
I The best thing about the school is how small it is. The freshman to the seniors we engage and don't use prestige or age to define our friends. I would choose this school again because I have gotten a good education here and Rehoboth has taught me to be responsible.
The teachers go above the bear minimum. The teachers here engage us with the lessons and give us the background information rather than what is needed .
We have one nurse for prek to 12th grade. You can almost never get a hold of her. We have dog searches in the high school twice a year since some kids overdosed on campus.
This school claims to be a christian school, and I thought that everyone there was a christian already, but it is really a missionary school, still. There were Mormons, Catholics, and many other religions. The school was generally accepting of everyone. My issue was the students, they were not so accepting of everyone. I was bullied and ridiculed for being different.
Most of the Teachers are very supportive and are there for all of the students. They genuinely care about us and about us passing our classes.
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Teachers look for the best interest in students
The education there is better then most
They make use of what they have
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