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My children felt extremely safe in the warm and welcoming environment. Extremely challenging. And the teachers are so invested in the education and instruction of each student.
A small country school with all of the amenities of the bigger schools. The drama program is amazing, the best I've ever seen. The athletics are competitive, better than many larger schools, the students are encouraged to play more than 1 sport. The teachers care, really care... students are respected and valued at Regis. There is no fence on the campus, students feel safe.
It is a very good school if you make it a very good school. If you are not willing to try and put yourself out there, you will find yourself hating it. But, if you are willing to try everything you will thoroughly enjoy your time.
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My son has really enjoyed Regis. For a small school the arts and sports programs are excellent. Parents are actively involved and care deeply about the students and their success.
My experience included a good atmosphere but for the price of tuition, it seemed unreasonable considering there were no music classes and/or clubs.
Regis is a great high school for students and families looking for a nurturing and all-inclusive high school experience. Regis offers strong academics, a faith-filled community and lots of choice for student involvement in sports and arts.
It was a good Catholic school, which gave me a strong foundation in my faith, work ethic, and academics.
I believe there are many wholesome things about Regis, and the school has a very supportive community. I believe with specific people newly to the school they are creating a more diverse and more learning focused school than it has been in the past. It is working to adapt to different specific kids needs rather than forcing all the kids to be the same way.
The teachers definitely give their hearts to every student.
Regis needs to redo its bathrooms and it doesn't even have an auditorium, overall though it's great school
Regis creates a safe environment, however the school doesn't even have a fence around it.
Regis is a great high school. The drama program is amazing.
The school was in a small town and everyone pretty much knew everyone and it was atight knit community.
I really enjoyed going to this school and it helped me grow in my faith. I just wish that the art program at school would recieve more funding and have the same status as sports.
I feel we have pretty good resources at hand. Every classroom has a Smart Board, which is very helpful in learning. We have a computer lab and also a library with many computers available. Teachers are expanding to using new technologies. There are also multiple college courses offered and teachers do a good job preparing students for college.
I don't eat hot lunch, I bring a sack lunch, so I don't really know how the food is, but I know we have a salad bar and there are usually some healthier options for students.
Teachers are generally very helpful to students, but there are some instances where students can be neglected or teachers are unwilling to help. We have a dress code, but there really is no enforcement of it. This school has a serious lack of discipline and follow-through.
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I have gone to Catholic schools all my life, so I really enjoy that aspect of this school. It is also really nice to have such small class sizes, because teachers are very willing to work one on one with students who need extra help.
Athletics are a very important aspect of this school. A large percentage of students are involved in one or more sports throughout the school year. Basketball is definitely our strongest program, with the girls' recent 5-peat State Championship. Our football program also did very well this year, placing second in state. Other than competitive sports, we also have many intramural activities offered weekly, which pull in a lot of students.
After school activities include mostly sports. There is National Honor Society and some other organizations.
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