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Regis High School is the private high school in the Eau Claire area. For the education provided at Regis High School, tuition is extremely high. Often times, I was left wondering if paying the tuition rate was worth the subpar education when I could have received an excellent education from one of the local public schools. Regis High School does have smaller class sizes ensuring that you receive the one on one education you desire, but if the material and teachers are not adequate then the one on one education is pointless. Regis High School does have excellent sports programs, however the less recognized sports and clubs receive inadequate funding as compared to the more common sports such as football or basketball. Regis also lacks the resources to provide students with an adequate extracurricular education in terms of shop classes etc. The only bonus that Regis High School really offers students is the small class sizes meaning the classes are usually tight knit friend groups.
I absolutely loved regis high school. I made excellent friends and had an overall great experience. Wonderful and engaging teachers are at Regis that have taught me so much in and out of the classroom.
I am currently attending Regis High School as international student. So far my experience is pretty good. The school counselor is supportive and helpful through choosing courses, also offers a lot of opportunity of courses like AP, college classes, and distance learning. Culture in Regis High School is established around sports and people are proud of it. Some teachers are great but some are not since(I assume)some of them have not obtained teaching certificate, but social studies, religion, art classes are great. Even though I don't practice religion, the class was really interesting. Art class has 3D printer, wheels for pottery, and teacher is very attentive. Social studies, with really great(elderly)teacher who knows every part of history is amazing. The class feels like it is perfectly planned to encourage students to study by themselves and the teaching is the greatest. Diversity is not impressive since the school is located at Wisconsin but I see different races in the hallway.
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I liked that the school was small. This allowed me to participate in pretty much any sport or activity I wanted. There was never a time I was exposed to drugs or drinking pressures. There was a mix of very veteran dedicated and brand new not experienced teachers and some of the new teachers were not the best. But hey, you got to start somewhere. They fired one teacher while I was there that was bad so at least they were on top of the situation. I got an ACT score of 24 on my first try. I think most students from this school score higher than the state average. The guidance counselor at the time I went there really helped a lot with college applications and encouragement. Most students got accepted to a college or went to military careers. You do not have to be Catholic to go here. There is financial aid available if needed.
I have found Regis to be a good school. Teachers truly care about the subject (s) they teach and about the students, but there aren’t a lot of resources to help struggling students or challenge advanced students. But I always felt safe, and if you think outside the box you can find opportunities. Religion curriculum is challenging but the teachers make it ‘real’ for us in their classrooms. Mass every week has its ups and downs. I felt I was ready for college.
Decent environment and athletics, however the class variety is horrid and the teachers are a mixture of amazing to tremendously terrible.
Although some of the teachers make the classes harder than necessary the environment is good and I loved the small class sizes.
I've never been around a bigger group of snotty rich kids. I left this school hoping to see good changes, and I come back to see a bunch of spoiled brats. Terrible school. 0 stars if I could.
It’s a small enough school where you know most everybody including teachers. You form closer relationships with teachers so it is easier to go to then if you are struggling.
The school was very accepting and had a calm atmosphere. I really liked the small class sizes. The school also had great sports teams and clubs that you could take part in.
Wonderful school! Obviously less resources than that of a public school but well worth the tuition to come here. Students are all tightly knit and cordial. Helps you keep your faith in the forefront. Athletics have a hard working and pride-filled culture. Would recommend!
I love how much the teachers care about the kids. If I could change anything it would be to enlarge the school a little bit.
Regis High School was a great school when I first attended in middle school, but over the years it has gone down insanely. The teachers soon became horrible and ridiculous. Granted it is a private school, they push religion on to the students and teach a strict religion view. The environment may be nicer than a public school, but the academics do not compare.
Regis is a fairly good school. We don't have the resources or number of advanced classes that the other public schools in Eau Claire have, but the quality of education here is very good.
I have been at Regis Catholic Schools since second grade. I love the school system. My graduating class is about 60 students. I feel like school is a second home; teachers all know the students and truly care about us.
It may be mostly me, but I found it hard to find time to do things that were not school related. It didn't help that I was mostly counting down to the days I could go to college. But someone who is better at more going to be involved would be fine.
These teachers are not unionized, only the passionate teachers are here.
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I had never had such little opportunity to get involved. The students were snotty and mean.
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