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Regina High School provides excellent education as well as a supportive environment and surrounds you with friends you will have for a lifetime.
I like the sisterhood and bond that has grown into the school community. I hope to see more diversity in the student body as well as the staff. Great academics and excellent sports teams!
All funds go to their softball program, the school itself does not even have air conditioning, they cancel school when it gets too hot.
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Regina allows students to grow both academically and spiritually throughout their four years. Traditions make the school have a homie atmosphere. The teachers strive to help each student achieve. Great school!
I like that at Regina you can feel like you belong no matter where your from. Regina makes you feel at home, when your having a bad day. Something that could maybe be changed is that the teachers should be a little more understanding for when kids dont understand something that they learned.
My girls both had outstanding experiences at Regina. The left young women with a excellent education, a strong sense o fright and wrong and of the importance to give back. Subsequently they both graduated from University of Michigan and are gainfully employed. One of the dreams every parent dreams when those little infants are in your hands.
Regina High School not only excels academically, but consistently has 100% of their graduating class attend college. The students are extremely prepared for their college experience and exceed their peers from the public schools. Young women graduate as leaders and independent thinkers. They emphasize community service and giving back. Ther activities and groups to appeal to everyone. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for both my daughters to attend.
I am an alum of Regina, and it is an absolutely wonderful place. An all-female education instilled in me a sense of confidence and ensured that I was not shy about seeking leadership roles. I carried this confidence to college, and later into the workplace. I formed relationships with other students, their families, and Regina teachers and coaches that have lasted to this day (over fifteen years). It is a special sisterhood that cannot be explained unless experienced. Students receive one-on-one attention and are not just a number. Teachers are accessible and want to see the girls succeed. The athletics and arts programs are amazing--several state championship teams, choirs, and wonderful plays. Regina instills Catholic and Christian values in its students by encouraging ethics, conscience, and community service. 100% of the Class of 2019 went on to college. I will always be grateful for my Regina education.
Regina was an excellent school for my daughter. The single sex educational environment allowed her to grow into a confident young woman and her academic progress was tremendous. She entered college fully prepared for that experience.
I'm very proud to be an alum of Regina High School! I was extremely prepared for college after graduating from Regina, and continue to use the critical thinking skills I built during my time there on a daily basis. In my experience, teachers were engaging, knowledgeable, and invested in student success. Ample extracurricular activities and world-class athletics rounded out the experience. I definitely recommend Regina High School to anyone considering single-sex Catholic education for young women.
Regina is a supportive, academic, and active school. The environment that is provided is great! I love all of the new friends i made this last year! I also enjoy playing sports were the coaches are very supportive!
I’m am going into my junior year and I love it so much! I’ve made so many friends and learned so much. I can’t wait for the next two years to come!
The best thing about Regina High is the sisterhood that is present between all students. It’s great to be able to walk the halls and say hi to anyone or smile at anyone and get a response back. The friendships that come out of Regina are completely outstanding. The sports teams that win state championships have bonds with each other that are unbelievable. The teachers are understanding and attentive. Overall, Regina is a wonderful environment that gives opportunity for any child to prosper athletically and academically.
I like that I am able to be myself and that I can make friends will everyone in every grade. My best friend graduated this year and I am a rising senior and I can honestly say that she is my sister. Without Regina I never would have found my best friend.
i love everything about the school. All the girls at the school were very warm and welcoming; it was like a different world! I didn’t know anybody going in and i showed up new at the school because i was attending public school prior to this last year. It has been easy making friends due to the great environment. All the teachers are very good and focus on you more, wanting to see you succeed.
Regina has been a great school for me. Coming from public school, I was worried about the transition, but it was easy and I got used to it within the first week. Regina has great sports programs and awesome musicals. By taking honors courses, I feel that I am being prepared for college and that I learn more critical thinking.
Amazing experience!! I would never send my daughter anywhere else! The teachers are awesome, the staff is beyond helpful, and my daughter has grown into the best version of yourself. I credit this all to Regina High School!
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I loved attending Regina High School. The academics really prepared me for college and I saw myself far ahead of my peers during my first semester at Michigan State. I had really great teachers and am still in contact with some of them to this day. The sports program is superior to other schools in the area and there are a ton of clubs which offers something for every girl. I met lifelong friends and think fondly of my days at Regina High School.
I love Regina! Although the school itself could be more technologically advanced in general, I think it does a great job at preparing me for college!
Beware if your child has any sort of anxiety. I have talked to SEVERAL people since my daughters experience it was horrible for all of them.I wish I could give 0 stars.