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I love Regents School of Oxford because the teachers are so caring. I was able to receive the one on one help in some of the classes I was struggling with. I also made some wonderful friendships while I was there because the classes were so small. I also learned a lot about the classics. The history and literature program is fantastic, I read many books I thought I would never read. Many of the books we read were written in ancient Greece and Rome. I have learned so much about culture and the evolution of culture in my time at Regents. I would not trade the time I have had there for anything.
The teachers are great. They are passionate about what they teach and they genuinely love to teach.
This school is understaffed, but nonetheless, does a good job at taking on the daily task of administration. The staff is friendly and the headmaster's door is always open to discuss any topic with students and parents alike.
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This school is a classical Christian school that has worked hard over the years to maintain it's mission and vision. It is unique because it keeps God as it's central focus.
I believe the school to be very safe. The school has a camera system with door locks and buzzers to let people enter. There are fire drills and tornado drills at various times throughout the year. Talks have been given to students about bullying and other topics too.
For such a small school, there are many extra curricular opportunities. The school has a house system that 6th grade and up participate in with competitive events, social events and service projects. There are athletics for 1st-12th grades, from swimming, archery, tennis, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, cross country.
The school facilities are well kept for it being an older building in a small community. The parent involvement of this school is really amazing. Parents are very involved and it makes for more of a community or family type atmosphere.
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