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The teachers here really care about the students. Overall the experience is great! The only issue is that we lack too many electives because of money problems.
What I like About RCCS is how good the teachers are. They are always there to help out when you need it and they are more than willing to sit down and help you on the hard acedemics that your not sure how to do. They people in the office always greet you with a warm smiling and conforting words if you are new to the school.
The things I like about Reedsport Community Charter School are the teachers, the cafeteria staff and the fact that they make almost everything from scratch. The thing I absolutely dislike about the school is the fact that they don't help with college stuff, by helping its students better understand what to expect, in informing their students on scholarship opportunities and applying for the colleges.
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We have certain teachers that don't care about education our shop teacher is like a high school bully and we don't have updated education a lot of the teaches are teaching the same stuff from 40 years ago.
Not much diversity; I wish they offered more advanced curriculum in order to encourage students to push themselves. The teachers are good but the administration and the way the school is run needs some work.
I had a good freshmen year and my sophomore year had been really good so far. I really live the sport here and the community is great. The people in the is are wonderful to. They support the kids at the school a lot
What i like about reedsport community charter school is how small it is. I get help from teachers whenever I need, and the class sizes are small so it makes it easier to learn. Some improvements I'd like to see are more classes to different subjects. For example more second language classes, ap classes, and extracurricular activities.
I started going to Reedsport Community Charter School in August, 2016. I have been there for a very short while but it feels good to go to a school like this. The staff is incredibly qualified and friendly. They have helped me with my grades. The technology is well equipped and proper facilities are provided. Moreover, the environment is quite inspirational. It feels incredible to be a part if this school.
I have gone to Reedsport Community Charter School since I was a seventh grader and have been mostly content. I do wish we had more clubs and extracurricular activities but the staff really cares about the kids but the main administration could be stronger.
Most teachers at Reedsport High have the same teaching patterns. They all do about the same routines. Everyone goes to class, takes a couple notes, do a couple assignments, and to end it off they all go home with a little homework.
There was definitely a lot of sports available but as far as extracurricular clubs I'm not sure of any. I never really participated in anything other than sports, but I know funding was quite low so if there were any clubs they would mostly be volunteer based.
I had such a terrible high school experience and I was bullied by certain girls the whole time I was there. While there were some faculty members that really cared, many of them turned a blind eye to the issues. Students need a support system and I didn't feel like I had that at this school.
Most teachers I encountered were very kind and wanted to make sure their students succeeded and went above and beyond to help them. However, many teachers were slightly unfair and would change their rules for different students and situations.
Teachers try their best to prevent bullying, and those who do it get punished.
I volunteer in everything I have time for. Since there's not very many choices most kids don't get involved.
The school is small enough that you get to know everybody and you make friends with a variety of people.
Some teachers here at Reedsport High School go above and beyond for their students, some do not waste their time.
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From my own personal experience I was bullied pretty bad by my ex best friend my sophomore, junior/senior year of school. It was hard to do anything about it because her parents were both teachers at the school, and she was a very popular girl in school. Since I have left though a few other students have commented on how rude she is and how she bullies people to get what she wants. That's not the case for everyone, but for me it was.
I would not trade the kitchen staff for absolutely anything! They take what little they get from the government or where they get it and turn it into something miraculous. I always used to complain about the food in elementary school, but as soon as I got to high school to a different cafeteria with different chefs, my goodness the food was amazing. Our kitchen staff does an excellent job at preparing delicious, nutritious, and healthy food for all students.
The administration at the school is excellent. And I'm not just saying that because my mother is the office manager and assistant to the principle either. They care about the kids issues or concerns along with the parents and they work together to get things resolved in a timely and orderly fashion. If there was anyone in high school I could trust it would have been the counselors, principle, office managers, and dean of students.
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