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This school is a school known for athletics, not test scores. All this school seems to care about is the athletic program other than the actual education of the students. A lot of the time, if a student is not participating in a sport, then he/she will be excluded from sitting by and socializing with certain groups of people. This school is like a lot of other schools, based off of popularity. Popular kids tend to bully other kids and it's not a happy environment. There are times when we have fun, like extracurricular activities such as band, choir, NJHS, LOTP, etc., and have school dances and pep rallies, but it's not a fun learning environment. If I had to choose this school to do all over again, I wouldn't do it. I would rather go to a school where they are focused on the education portion of school, not just sports. This school isn't really unique because there isn't much of anything that stands out from other schools. In all honesty, it's pretty much the same. There's not a lot of experiences to remember, but there is one that was a great learning experience. Near the end of my 8th Grade year, we went on a field trip to College of the Ozarks, to tour the college. Some not-so-great things might have happened on the trip, but it was a great way to learn what college is like and to start thinking about your college career. This is what I think about Reeds Spring Middle School based off of my experience there. This is my opinion, but for everyone it is different.
We do most of our sports at the high school, and we do not have the fields for some sports. But what we do have is very nice.
Our teachers put a lot of effort into our learning and are very kind. The only way that a student does not succeed is when they try very hard not to.
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Teachers here are very friendly and kind. Students and teachers are very close. There is a 30 minute period in the middle of the day where students that need help based on grades and test scores can get help from a teacher on a specific subject. The teachers know a lot about the subject that they are teaching. They take a personalized approach to each and every student. The teachers are very good about grading consistency and making sure students are getting the grades they deserve.
Students could be more involved with class. There is very little peer pressure or bullying, students here are very accepting. There is a growing diversity here, there used to be mainly white students, we are now getting more of a diversity. New students come almost weekly.
There are plenty of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in such as; various sports (Cross country, football, volleyball, wrestling, boys and girls basketball, softball, baseball & track and field), NJHS (national junior honor society), art club, band and several volunteer opportunities. Most of the teachers run/ coach one of the extracurricular events and are heavily involved. The people that are involved in extracurricular's are very committed. Sports are the most popular, almost everyone is involved in one or more.
There is some diversity in our school.
We have little bullying at this school. There are 2 police officers that "guard" the school and they have friendly relationships with both students and staff. The school does a very good job at inspecting any possible case of abuse or bullying. There are security cameras almost everywhere in the building. This school is safe.
Our school has a lot of things to do, and all of it is of high quality.
I think that our school is very safe, although some small things might happen.
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