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I loved going to school here. The community and friendships I made have still lasted even though I've moved away. The teachers still check on me from time to time too when I'm in town. High school is normally a time to be awkward and embarrassed about everything but I felt comfortable here.
Overall, I had a good time at Reeds Spring! I learned a lot about myself and had a very successful education there. I wish there were more people that looked like me and understood my culture.
The teachers and administration are phenomenal. My only complaints are with the student body, most of whom seem uninterested with school. Once all of the required classes are finished, it becomes far more tolerable.
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The Reeds Spring High School had done so much for me during my difficult times in high school when I was diagnosed with cancer. They were very understanding of my situation and provided me the resources I needed to succeed. They gave my teachers the technology to Skype me for classes, offered me a nice working laptop to work at home, and helped me make a 504 plan in place to make my life much easier. Without this wonderful school, I might not have done as well as I did because of the accommodations they provided to me during that time.
Great teachers that really care about their students, but the school is dirty and the administration is somewhat questionable.
One thing that I would like to see change is more equal treatment between all programs and clubs at the school. Certain programs always get put behind others behind administration in the high school.
Great teachers and coaches. I always had help with studies and found coaches to be very supportive and challenging as well.
i have been in the reeds springs school district all my and i have had lots of fun in one of the safest environment to where if the weather gets bad they close the school early not only for the students but also for the teachers as well. the reed springs school district is one of the safest places i know for that are all was up dating every thing in the school as soon as they can as fast and as safe as they can to where it will work properly and be safe. the reeds spring school district is all was keeping thing up to date and safe as well.
Reeds Spring is an amazing place for a child to grow up. Its high school is full of amazing educators with a deep loyalty toward their students and a drive to see them succeed. They have a very hands-on student community that is created by students, led by students and overseen by professionals who care about keeping a rich student body alive.
I really like how close my school is, we are really small and everyone knows everyone. I think one thing that could be changed is how every single thing we do is on the computers and that gets super stressful. Especially when teacher's don't really have to do anything so they just keep giving you assignments.
I enjoy the fact that we are given the opportunity to learn with the one-to-one program; allowing students to enter the ever growing technological work field with experience.
Reeds Spring High School is a great place to learn. We get to use everyday technology to further our education; We get to do that because of our schools 1:1 program where every student gets a laptop.
Well, where do i start? The algebra teacher insulted my son then wanted to put him in in school suspension for the rest of the semester for sticking up for himself. He has been in that district since 4th grade and has been kept in iss since 5th grade then finally was released for one school year, next thing you know, they want to put him back in. This is the worst school ive ever seen and some of the staff are very rude.
I liked the relationships the teachers built with students there, but the quality of the education was not great.
The bullying at this school has decreased over the years. A few years ago, bullying used to be quite a prominent problem. The school has improved its ways of letting students know that they can report anything that is going on, bullying wise. We have very good security measures when it comes to drug and alcohol testing. There are random drug and breathalyzer testing, especially if there are on school offenses. There are resource officers about the school, that walk around often, and make sure that everything is safe. The school nurse genuinely cares about the students that come into her office if they do not feel good. I feel that this school is very committed when it comes to the safety of the students.
A lot of the after school activities are related to the Arts and Athletics. With the athletics, there are a pretty average variety of sports including Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Track & Field, Cross Country, Tennis, Golf, and Softball. The commitment for these sports is fantastic, and all of the athletes try to get other people outside of the programs to join the sports, and to get involved in athletics as well. The same goes with the other extracurricular activities. Some other programs are Concert Band, Jazz Band, Winter Guard, Winter Drum Line, Concert Choir, Women's Choir, Speech & Debate, Scholar Bowl. The administrators often try to get other students involved as well.
Overall, the quality of the teachers is very decent. The teachers often ask if you need assistance with your schoolwork, and are very active in after school activities. We are a technology oriented school, so all of our education is revolved around the computers. The teachers have much knowledge about the subject they are teaching about, and they know how to associate that with other subjects, and how it will affect and help you with your future. The teachers genuinely care about how the students are doing at home and how their education is going, even if they don't have them as a teacher. The teachers are really good about spreading information to students, by email, and announcements on our program we use to turn in assignments and communicate with teachers, called Canvas. The teachers are also very consistent with their grading. They tell you how they are going to grade, and they stick to that rubric.
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So far, I have experienced the availability of many different programs, along with different types. Our athletic program is very accepting, as long as very exceptional. Our arts program is also very successful, and have many different types of personalities within them. A huge aspect of our school is teamwork, and we often practice this skill often. This school is unique because of how many different students participate in the activities, and how many they activities they participate in. Many students are a part of athletics AND the arts. My favorite experience is how well our band, choir, football, and basketball team work together to have so much school spirit, especially at home games with student themes, and expanding the student section. I would do this all over again, and choose this school because of how much it helped the atmosphere be positive, even though the education isn't top notch. I think this school really puts in a big effort to help your future be successful.
The teachers at this school cover things that you don't even need to know yet. This gives us a head start for the following year and sometimes other classes. There are a wide range of clubs and college courses to help get you ahead. The only downside is that the sports seem to come above academics at times.
I love the memories I made with my friends.
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