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I'm currently a junior enrolled in the Reedley Middle College High School and I truly believe that this is a great program for those students who are interested in the agriculture pathway and in getting a college headstart. This is a dual enrollement program that gives students the opportunity to take traditional high school classes while also taking college courses in order to graduate with their associates degree their senior year if they're in the ag pathway.
It is blessed to study at Reedley college, they are so helpful family. I recommend it to other students.
Reedley Middle College high school is a dual enrollment school located in Reedley California, that has offered me to get ahead with my education. The campus environment is amazing since there’s only about 200 RMCHS students and we all get along since is a small school . The staff at RMCHS truly cares about the students, they try to get to know each student on a personal level. Since we’re not a big school we don't have much clubs or activities; however, we are a big FFA school. Our FFA chapter offers more then 10 different CDE’s competition throughout the year, and were more then 75% of the students participate in. In other words, I would like to say that Reedley Middle College High school has thought me more values than a regular high school would, they thought life skills that are going to help me once I enter the real world. Overall my Reedley Middle College High School experience has been amazing and I’m beyond happy I attend RMCHS.
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This school has a strong connection with their students and tries their best to see that each student succeeds.
As a student from RMCHS, I have seen how our campus and community had positively grown, but there is still room for improvement. Our program and high school is fairly new, and there is only so much you can do within a short time frame. However, our school has an excellent dual enrollment program that not only helps students get ahead, but also prepares them to attend college after high school. I would recommend this high school for students that are looking for a head start to their college career within a smaller campus.
When I first arrived at this school in 2016, I was under the impression that this new type of high school, which allows you to attend college courses while enrolled in regular academic studies, would be a good fit for me. After the first few months past I felt I had no guidance, as to what college classes to take for the career I wanted to pursue. The school staff and teachers were nice, but I felt they didn't provide me with the extra help I needed in certain classes. My parents paid for tutors, so that I would be able to keep up with all my college courses and maintain a GPA of over 4.0 for all my high school years.
This school is excellent choice for those who want to get ahead. They provide a wide variety of resources and support to keep us doing well in school. The very attractive thing about this program is that you are able to take both high school and college classes, and if you do everything you can you can actually graduate high school with both an associates and a high-school diploma.
This school is an amazing school that helps students succeed in life. They help the students in many ways. It heavily involves students to get out of their confront zone.
This school is amazing and I'm currently enrolled in this facility. I'm a senior and this school is about taking college courses while being a high school student. I like this school because it helps me get ahead in my education and soon or later I'll eventually get my associates degree in Ag Business.
In my time at this high school, all the teachers have been very helpful and they do their best to make sure that every student succeeds. Something that i believe the school can improve on is the food; however that seems to be a problem with the district.
RMCHS was a great alternative to the "tradition high school experience". Here the staff really do care for the students and their futures no matter how small or big there dreams are. There is lots of 1 on 1 help from teachers who care about students wellbeing. They try to help students further their understanding in subjects that will help them in their future majors. The school is heavily finderd by the Wonderful company which is heavily involved with students choosing the AG Business pathway. Which leads the Business and STEM pathways to have less chances to visit and receive scholarships. These students are still looked after heavily by staff which help encourage them to keep doing their best . Overall the atmosphere which at first seemed very tense and challenging has become very familiar and a fun place to be at.
This school will get you motivated for college. There are staff and teachers who are always willing to support and help you with any decisions you make. Everyone is very friendly and have their own personalities. You get to experience hands on in college. They do trips and dance activities. They really care about giving you a good time along with finding yourself.
We are getting a larger campus later on in the semester! Being here requires you to put more effort into your college and high school classes. Only come here if you are invested enough to go to college after high school.
Very small and you get lots of opportunities and extra help! We are a very united bunch and it shows. RMCHS is all about helping out its students and they all do their best to help us accomplish our goals. They help us fill out paperwork, get help, sign up for classes, and a lot more things. We treat each other like family and it has made our high school experience very memorable.
Our school brings a lot of opportunity of a better education. Reedley Middle College High School brings the community closer and volunteers with the community of Reedley. This school is all you can have.
Reedley Middle college high school is a good high school that allows for students to take college classes while taking high school classes at the same time. My experience here has been good so far, and I have done good in the school. I like that we are on a college campus, that way I am used to a college environment before I even graduate. The environment of the teachers are good, some are better than others but what can you do. The school is pretty small but it is progressing, I will be part of the 4th graduating class of this school.
RMCHS is an amazing opportunity for High School students to get a great education in both High School and college classes. The school and campus are small, and the teachers are sometimes stretched thin, but all of the faculty cares about the student's success. Students are able to earn 60+ transferable college units, and can often earn their AA degree after their 4 years of High School. A truly amazing program.
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The requirements to enter the school are relatively low but can save you a lot of time and money if you are planning to go to college after high school.
I like the challenges I faced while being at Rmchs. Taking college courses while being in high school taught me how to become more responsible and get a sense of what college is like.
This school is one of the best opportunities one can have. Especially because it is a dual enrolled school. BUt they are also like family and you can rely on this family to graduate.
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