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Overall, my RCHS experience has been beneficial to my future. The honors programs and AP classes have truly helped me learn and grow. I am thankful for these past four years. Although, more effort could be made to protect LGBTQ+ members attending Reed City High Schools. Many of us are bullied by peers, but are too scared to bring it up in fear of homophobia.
I think of Reed City High School as an average school in most aspects. I believe the teachers care about the students, which I really appreciate. Although, there isn't much diversity, and not many club choices. I think it was an acceptable school to grow up in; however, I am very prepared to move on to a larger and finer school.
What can I say about Reed city high school? I've only lived in one city all my life, I may have moved houses but reed city is my home and the only school I've been to. I love the school, my teachers are like family to me. The longer I've known them the better they are as family to me. I definitely would recommend anyone to send their kids there.
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it's actually fairly safe but poor academically. little to no choice in your classess because there wasn't much to choose from in the beginning
Reed City high school is full of teachers that are there to see you strive. The administration can use some work but they are taking the steps to fix that at the moment.
Reed city high school was a descent school in a small town. Most white kids went with the exception of the 6 African American students. The school was heavy into sports and mainly focused on football. If you played sports then you ruled the school.
WE NEED A GUIDANCE COUNSELOR THAT CARES AND HAS THE KNOWLEDGE BASE TO "GUIDE" US INTO OUR FUTURES. Teachers should not play favorites and focus on higher standards in order to prepare us for college and life, not just test scores.
Very great place to go threw high school. This school has a wonderful sense of community and very friendly people however this school has a very low amount of money which hurts the funding for more classes, the facilities, and the academics
It was a decent school overall, but it does have its faults. It's extremely sports oriented, which can be a good thing if you enjoy that, but for someone like myself it wasn't the greatest thing.
Reed City High school illustrates many competitive athletic teams, very personable teachers and office staff, but does not do the finest job at offering college preparatory classes.
School that I attended several years ago provided a good education. Sports and activities were good also. Some of the teachers will be remembered for a long time.
Although the academic records of most students aren't very good, majority of the students are friendly. The staffs are very friendly.
Reed city high school is a great high school if you're looking for a small town school with high involvement. Great teachers make the environment great except for the people of the area who think their last name makes them better than others.
Average poor high school. Nothing impressive except the football team, and football is the only sport the school cares about. Funding for all clubs and teams besides football is almost none. The teachers are pretty good teachers though.
There's lot's variety and it's easy to start clubs
Everyone gets along and supports each other.
The teaching faculty are the best in the area!
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Our school is in a very safe little town so you always feel safe no matter where you go. Bullying is not tolerated in our school but there will be every so often that you run into someone bullying another student. Whenever that happens there is always someone sticking up for the kid being bullied.
Our school offers many different after school activities and sports. There are some sports I wish we had like lacrosse but what our school offers is really good considering we are a smaller school. I love when we have our football games because basically everyone from our community is there cheering us on.
Everything Reed City does is to help the students out in the best way possible whether it's just a small tutoring lesson or planning ahead for emergencies. I would definitely go back to this school if I ever had the chance because they provide you with everything you need.
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